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  1. As long as they don’t support these electronic voting machines without paper ballot accountability!

  2. Reset PW
    List + Id confermation

  3. I thought the title was "Making Electrons Smarter". I thought this was gonna be some deep talk about how to push back against entropic forces. Let me know when you Google people figure out how to make electrons smarter and I will be your biggest fan.

  4. DO NOT DO ELECTRONIC VOTING! PLEASE NO!!! There are so many potential problems, with the primary one being the point of failure being centralized!! Electronic voting is absolutely a no-no!!!!!!!

  5. Up until you mentioned "electing a 'good' winner". What is YOUR idea of a good winner; I bet it is not mine. You lost me early with this bullet point. If you have a solution offer it up at election time as a straw vote (just a vote, no impact) to test your system. I'll bet it will match exactly because you or someone like you will be running the straw vote.

    Please return to your academic haven and SHUT UP.

  6. Electonic referenda are necessary. First for local issues. Paul Cockshott has already developed the technology

  7. Google should stay out of elections and be a platform not a publisher if they don't the should be regulated like a publisher, stop meddling in our election.

  8. Thank you Aaron for coming out and giving this talk.

    Note to the other commenters: Tech talks are organized by employees, not endorsed by Google, the company.

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