Majority Of White Evangelicals Still Support President Donald Trump: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. White evangelicals are devil worshippers and racists hiding under the cloak of the bible .Their cult leader Donald J Dump has violated every part of the ten commandments yet these godless buffoons called white evangelicals still don't care, little wonder majority of Americans call them hypocrites.

  2. Funny how they talk about how Facebook influences the dialog but forget to mention the biggest problem with interference in our politics and that is money. They never mention the bribery that runs rampant because they are wealthy because of it themselves.

  3. no more stupider people exist than evangelical Christians. Willfully following charlatans, murderers and fakirs is their history. Perversion of scripture warping into justification of murder is false worship. God knows what these people think God knows their confusions are profound and their delusions are dangerous. It is insanity.

  4. Only White-Rich-Far-Right Christians support Trump. Trump smells "money" so he blends in. Trump smells "full exposure" of his transgressions so he becomes a pseudo-believer. Trump smells "easy bate" so he does dirty trades. .

    Trump is literally a CAMILIAN!

  5. 'White" evangelicals, isn't that a misnomer. To be images of Jesus while not including non-whites doesn't seem correct. Oh! What? I see; Jesus loves us, including Blacks who have their own church. I see, Church of Jesus Christ (white edition) and Church of Jesus Christ (blacks and folks edition). Kind of a 'separate but equal' kind of equality. Now I remember, heard that before, must be true! It is all so confusing. Morning Joe really is a show about Morning Joe. Bye.

  6. First of all, God is not real. There is no God or Satan. It's an ancient belief system that needs to be abolished as superstition.
    There should be no religious rhetoric in politics, ever!!!!!!

  7. why do you guys think it's funny how he acts? he's wasting all of our time and our lives. stop promoting this monster

  8. Cuz Paul's letter to the Corinthians spell it out quite clear of what he said as people faith and how we are to be as a church and being the name of the Lord Jesus and how we are to live our lives. The Christian right are hypocrites they are serpents with forked tongues cuz that's what the Lord calls them and that is what they are.

  9. The truth is is Donald Trump is the tool of the Antichrist I believe that Putin is one of the four king spoken of in the Bible we all know that the Antichrist is not going to rule in a democracy that is why the enemy sends his minions like Putin to destroy democracy around the world you only have to look at what's going on in Turkey in Spain in France look what happened in New Zealand the hatred that is spreading. We are living in the end times we can bury our heads in the Sands all we want when it comes to Revelations but the prophecy will be fulfilled whether we like it or not. The lord gave us warning signs of Wendy end is near and you only have to turn on the Weather Channel to know and see that that part of the prophecy is being fulfilled. And it's only going to get worse

  10. I suspect there is a considerable overlap between the group of US white evangelicals and the group of US white racists who are deeply afraid of brown-skinned people and immigrants. Racists are willing to ignore criminality in a candidate if that candidate is the only racist running in a race for an elected office. After all, ignoring criminality is minor compared to a so-called religious person ignoring some of the tenants of their faith when they want to practice racism and other forms of hating thy neighbor.

  11. Those terrible hateful unkind religious: First free hospitals, first free schools/child literacy, numeracy, education; first founding of universities & colleges, first free university places for the poor, founding first free Victorian libraries, first free organised help (food, shelter, etc) for elderly, homeless, orphans, widows; founding of the first orphanages (free); first free social services…first free herbal/medical research (Monasteries); first western era writing and storing, historical written records & printing of books (monastries).
    Central place in the creation of UK/Western democracy by Magna Carta! (Church working with monarchy); first free legal help to the poor; gift to the Western world: judeo-christian laws & legal system ….and continuing. First trades unions and protection of workers by MP's, etc… are you bored yet?

    Did ATHEISTS or pagans do that in the US & UK/Europe, or was it the hated Christians?

  12. Donald Trump is the Charles Manson of the elitist Republicans, with his hypnotized band of “family” members, the radical evangelical Right, weaponized and committed to racism, misogyny, xenophobia, hypocrisy, hate, and murder.

  13. news is turning into childish attacks against religious beliefs? are you serious?…any individual has the right to believe whatever they desire…without you trying to stick your foot on their hopes..and dreams…keep your personal beliefs to yourself if you have any scruples at all…>>>so childish..not professional at all..

  14. President Trump and America First = Real importance = New Better Fair Trade + Border Security at open borders a wall needed to stop killing Drugs, human trafficking, terrorist, unreported crimes, illegal immigration coming into America + Better employment more Americans working, less need for Government assistance from fairer trade + More babies being saved from abortion. + less threats of nuclear bombs killing Millions of Americans.
    These are all good things it is a shame that you don't feel the same Media.
    America First and its voters. The important stuff.

  15. Evangelicals are not a true God fearing religion. To them it is OKAY to break any of the TEN COMMANDMENTS as long as it benefits their political agenda.

  16. But I've noticed is nobody says the reason of the special counsel investigation is because of trump of what he did has nothing to do with anybody else but what the actions of trump firing people this and that and doing other things he set himself up but he blames everybody else for it he never takes responsibility he's a little spoiled boy who wants his way all the time and that's it people are going to have to wake up and realize this

  17. Missing the point. White evangelicals did not swing the election. Some 6-9 percent of Obama voters switched to Trump. The biggest reason (according to Fareed Zakaria) was immigration. The Dems want open borders.

  18. Do we need riots to end this presidency, it may come to that. Trump likes power, he will divide us to keep it, he attacks a dead war hero and you'r good with that, than how about a riot on YOUR doorstep! Good people on both sides. . .your kids will suffer the tRump effect.

  19. Those who support him see him as their savior.
    Fools. Sad day in this country when lies matters more than the truth.

  20. So…. followers of trump also believe that CHRIST could have lied, could have commited adultry, commited false witness against others, and may tell them in heaven that all He taught was a big fat LIE!!!
    I dont want to read your VERSION of the bible if you believe that GOD can LIE.

  21. Of coarse they do.. Evangelical movement began in the Scottish Rite Freemason Lodge in London…That Freemason Scottish Rite Assembly is where the Dan 7:8 little Horn ( TRUMP) was instructed by his 33° Freemason Pastor Norman Vincent Peale… That's why almost all of Trump's campaign people were wearing that upside down purple & gold pin through out the campaign….?


  23. This is exactly why the 2020 vote is so important, he lost the popular vote by 3 million votes we can make it 6 million votes if we get Michigan a so called democratic state who voted for trump with all their big unions the most powerful in the world, and Ohio a farm state and UAW state now their both in trouble with the layoffs and the tariffs hurting the farmers. It's time to take a step back and just look at how everything is all about Trump not the American people.VOTE,VOTE,VOTE

  24. What our country NEEDS is COMPLETE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Period, NO exceptions. Take your religion elsewhere. This includes you Christians.

  25. The Founding Fathers explicitly left religion out of state/government affairs in an effort to escape religious tyranny, not bolster Christian theology in whatever flavor it presents itself.

  26. This has to tell you something about these "simple religion" feel good preachers. They are as Jesus said of the Pharisees, bright tombs with old dusty bones inside.

  27. It just prove Evangelicals are not following Christ. They are following hate. That is what the Apocalypse talks about occurring with fake prophets and the coming of the Anti-Christ. They support a man who had multiple affairs, was never a self made man, lies about everything and hates billions of people in the world.

  28. We will praise the Lord when the press no longer have trump face Kellyanne Ike’s in our homes , we are sick of that , wherever we turn is trump trump trump. David put it best unfortunately trump is where he is in the people’s house in DC . TRUMP HAS NO CLASS , NO CHARACTER.

  29. Thank you Mike Barnicle for your comm , it’s very unfortunate that … is where he is ,that’s disgraceful ,pitiful,sickening .

  30. Because they think Trump has been appointed by their god to turn this country into a theocracy.

    They are morons.

  31. Does it surprise anyone that the Westboro Baptist Church supports Trump? Rightwing terrorists support the traitor-in-chief.

  32. Mika and Joe, you gotta lot to learn. Now pack-up your talk show and replace it with news. Hint news knows the "who, what, when, why, how! If you don't have these elements then it's not "news"!

  33. the two commentators, susan del percio ("void of values" in his core) and mike barnicle (an "empty human being"). the the language of kiswahili is spoken in a large part of afrika a kiswahili proverb says "debe tupu haliachi kuvuma." its translation could be another way of saying trump in kiswahili as it means "an empty tin can never stops making noise."

  34. Aw ! Who said they know about Matthew 25 , they believe in Mamon , in gold they believe , trump said “ two Corinthian “instead of “ second Corinthian “ trump believe in Putin & 💰 .

  35. Evangelicals are well known for their hypocrisy. No surprise they still support the lying and cheating Trump.

  36. The evangelicals are no longer honest . God is watching each and everyone's acts . If they joint Evil. That mean that they abandind the truth and they joint evil.

  37. What do you expects from an old Lunatic. Evangelist forgot JESUS PREACHING.THE JOINT EVIL. TRUMP IS FAR FROM BEEN CHRISTIAN.HE IS PUTIN'S PLAY MATE.

  38. and a whole bunch of us do not…just saying. Don't talk to the leadership, talk to the folks in the seats. There is currently a large disconnect between the two.

  39. Evangels are misinterpreting several verses in 'Revelations'. There will be many 'false prophets' before the anti-Christ shows up . . . sent to confuse and separate the pious from the heathen . . . do not be deceived by unholy propaganda . . . when the 'Rapture' begins, we will all know truth . . . just sayin' . . .

    Changing subjects . . . Like tax evasion, trump thinks denying reality . . . is 'smart' ?

  40. Evangelicas support Trump. Yes and this has been explained why many times You just prefer to gossip and bare false witness Yet hold yourself up as a moral example. Don't take the word self righteous or hypocrite lightly. .

  41. Yep the hard core Christians support a man who cheats on his wife, lies about everything, steals from a "charity" he set up, only pretends to be of the Christian faith or attend church when it will work to his benefit, turns his back on children in need, admires people like dictators and killers, worships money, boasts about achievements that were never made. Sounds about right.

  42. Alternate title for this video: "Majority Of White Evangelicals Still Sticking Their Tongues As Far Up President Donald Trump's Fart-hole As Possible."

  43. I have zero doubt in my mind that if Trump were a 1st century Jew he’d be among among Jesus’ most vocal detractors.

  44. How can a known liar make a statement and half of America believe him is it not because of race it's definitely not cause of Truth

  45. Evangelicals, if true to the Bible are legit. If they are not true to the Bible then they are lyingelicals. So Joe claims to be a Christian, he needs to start telling the truth for starters. Stop deviding the nation. I have a problem with self-righteous Christians, they are the problem with our America. They choose to condemn rather than to stand up for the weak, help the confused, and protect the traditional family. Fake media still want smart people to believe them, that is foolishness.

  46. US "ethical values" is just a cover…. Their true values are the trump people. The us is such an excellent comedy- horror show!

  47. Religion is dying, people need someone to worship. Evangalist need to go back to jesus instead of worshiping trump. That or convert to muslim.

  48. The president perpetually uses profanity and they still support him. That is hypocritical. I've lost the little bit of respect that I once had for evangels after seeing their true colors and hypocrisy.
    I am so glad to be of a tradition that has access to so much information and was able to make a decision to leave this kind of life behind and never turn back.

  49. The ticket that could restore the Republican Party is Mueller, Duckworth. They are two American war heroes, who weren’t captured. Even tRump would have to support them.

  50. They support Trump purely for policy reasons, i mean how else would the religious right force their ways on us all?

  51. How can they even call themselves Christians, when Trump goes against everything sacred Jesus taught, and always violates the Ninth Commandment to no end?

  52. The German Evangelical Church (German: Deutsche Evangelische Kirche) was a successor to the German Evangelical Church Confederation from 1933 until 1945. Fast forward today trump has his own version.

  53. The corner stone of Jesus teaching is to repent and turn from sin. So, both the Republican or Democratic party don't fit into those teachings. I bet MSNBC won't be complaining if evangelicals were supporting a Democratic candidate haha.

  54. 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓White Evangelicals are the perfect examples of how racist white nationalist used religion and politics to control people of color and immigrants. White evangelical were out in droves against Obama a good decent man, who inspite of obstructionist Moscow Mitch turned out to be a very good president. Evangelicals support of Donald Trump who cheats on his wives and keeps company with wealthy pedifiles, white evangelical supported Trump in 2016 over 80% and they supported Roy Moore of Alabama even more. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT WHITE EVANGELICALS! They are delusional demonic people who worship Satan using God as a disguise. Trump is perfect for white evangelicals.😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  55. Because they are sheep and easily lead by those who profit dearly off of them..did Jesus have a luxurious home, airplane, yacht? Evangelical prosperity propaganda scam …give me money

  56. If you support any politician who display's the attributes of Satan "liar, thief, and murderer, ( ie hate)" you also support Satan. Not naming anyone, but if your faith is real then you know them by their fruits. Apostates cannot tell.

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