Majority Of US Approves Of Impeachment Inquiry: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Like we believe your polls, your "news" shows, your attempts to twist crimes that do NOT exist, but yet you ignore REAL crimes, with REAL PROOF, against Obama, Clinton, Stroyck, Schiff (TO NAME A FEW), and now it looks like Biden and his son, may be proven guilty as well. As for Trump where is the PROOF?

  2. Germany once had a Jewish Leader who build concentraton Camp's.My Father in law was imprisoned but coult escape when America  bombed the Concentration working camps.The prisoners had to make the Bomb's that Germany used to Shoot the American Bomber Planes.When America bombed these factory's He escaped to walk back during the night's.It took him almost a year to be back home in Arnheim Holland

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