Macey Hensley Encourages People to Vote by Going Door-to-Door

Macey Hensley, how are you? Good. How are you? I’m good. Good. It’s good to see you. We just finished shooting
this over the summer, your second season of RVing. Yep. And– for our digital series. Where did you go this time? This time we went
to San Francisco. We went to Las Vegas
and Tombstone, Arizona. Uh-huh, and what
was your favorite? Probably getting to
go to San Francisco and going to Alcatraz because
they gave me a prison warden uniform. And– [LAUGHTER] –I got to open and
close all the cell doors. So it was pretty awesome. Wow. All right, and so you look good. I would ask you if you
were that for Halloween, but I know you weren’t. What did you dress
up as for Halloween? I dressed up as Charlie Chaplin. Yeah, and this is a
good– look at this outfit of Charlie Chaplin. Look at that. [APPLAUSE] That’s really good. So how do you even know
who Charlie Chaplin is? Well, I was watching videos
with my grandma Marsha. So he was an actor
from the ’20s. And he was a silent
actor because they hadn’t figured out audio yet. Right. So– Yeah, it seems easier. You don’t have to memorize
lines or anything like that. Right. Yeah, now most kids
really wouldn’t be paying attention to this. But you’re very excited about
the midterm elections, right? Right. A lot of kids can’t wait to
drive, but I’m really excited and can’t wait till I can vote. [APPLAUSE] Good for you. I don’t think
people realize what a big deal that is to be
able to have that right. That’s an amazing thing. OK, so last week we
sent you door to door– Right. – To try to talk to people
and encourage them to vote. So let’s see how
that turned out. All right. Hi, Ellen. It’s me Macey, and today
we’re going door to door to encourage people to vote. Let’s go. This election is
really important because all seats in the House
of Representatives are open and some people in the Senate. I don’t really
care if people vote for Democrats or Republicans. I just want people to
get out there and vote. Hi, I’m Macey Hensley and
I’m here with the Ellen Show. That’s why we’ve got
all these people here. But I’m here to encourage
people to vote in the midterms. Oh, well that’s great. Are you planning on
voting in the midterms? I’m a little nervous
about voting. Well, here. We have some practice
ballots here. Oh, look at this. We’ve got a ballot. It’s pretty easy to vote. You just check your choice. Dogs or cat? I’m going to go with Cats. Cake or ice cream? Ice cream. Dinner, breakfast? Breakfast. See, that’s how
easy it is to vote. If you promise to vote,
I’ll give you this sticker. Oh, yes, I do. I promise. And then I am also campaigning
while we’re at it, too. You mind if I put
it outside on your– Sure, go ahead. [APPLAUSE] [CHUCKLES] Planning ahead. Yep. We got to get more people
to promise to vote. Hi, I’m Macey. And I’m here to encourage
people to vote in the midterm elections. Can I come in? Sure. All right, thank you. Come on in. Richard Nixon gave
18-year-olds the right to vote. So how old is he? He’s 16 months. For him, we have one of these. How cute. There you go, buddy. Future voter there. Thanks, Macey. [INAUDIBLE] We have some of these. I’m also campaigning for 2048. Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? If my two-year-old daughter
turns out as smart is you, I’ll be really happy. [CROWD AWWING] I’m also campaigning
for president in 2048. God willing, I
will vote for you. Absolutely. [LAUGHTER] You mind if I put
this in your yard? Oh, that is fantastic. I’d be proud. [MUSIC – DOLLY PARTON, “9 TO 5”] (SINGING) Working 9 to 5– I should have gotten
a bigger wagon. Well, it looks like I’m not the
only one that’s campaigning. (SINGING) They
just use your mind and they never give you credit. So 9 to 5– Get the wagon. Let’s go! (SINGING) Working
9 to 5 [INAUDIBLE].. Hi! Since you drive for Uber,
here’s one of these. Bumper stickers. I’ll put it right here, OK? Hope that comes off. [LAUGHTER] Can I take a selfie? Yeah, Yeah. All right, cool. Thank you. But make sure you don’t
take them at the polls. It’s actually illegal
in some states. I’m going to run for president. So I can’t have
that on my record. [LAUGHTER] That house looks nice. I’m going to make
that my headquarters. Hi. Hi. Mind if you join me
on the bench out here? This house looks pretty nice. It looks something like what my
headquarters would look like. Can this be headquarters? Absolutely. I need to make something
official first. Here we go. [CHUCKLES] Macey, 2048! If you could just keep
this out here until then. No problem. See you in a few years. Hey, Ellen. I think everybody here in
Burbank’s going to vote. This is Macey signing off from
the campaign headquarters. Love you, Ellen. Bye! [CHEERING] That’s great. So you have a new hobby. Tell everybody what it is. So I love LEGOs. They’re basically
my life right now. They’re your life? Yeah. So I saw that you
built little sets– Yes. –of like my set. Yeah, so I made
one of when I got– when you gave me that picture
of me at the White House. I also made one about the
time when I played a game with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Uh-huh, all right, well, since
LEGOs is pretty much your life, we got you a bunch of LEGOs. Look at this. Come over here. [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] Wow. So obviously, these
are the big ones. But there’s like a whole
box full of things. You can do anything. You can build the White House. And also we’re going to send
you to Legoland as well. So [INAUDIBLE]. [APPLAUSE] Wow. I know, right? Wow, this is amazing. You can watch
season 2 of Go RVing with Macey on Ellentube now. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball-peen-hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SCREAMS] [BLEEP] God [BLEEP]!

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