Lola Flora is ready for the upcoming election | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

For goodness’ sake. Coun. G’s really
unbelievable. News got to her so fast. You see, Bubbles, they probably
found out that Lola’s running
for office, so they went to
the election agency. What’s worse is they told Lola
all sorts of things! Please! Don’t mind them. What matters is that I’m done filing my
certificate of candidacy. I’m now officially
a candidate. Lola, just know that we’ll
support you whatever happens. Gosh. Thank you, Bubbles. – Vote for Chairman Bart!
– Coun. G! – Vote for–
– Coun. G! I didn’t know
that Lola Flora’s also running for
barangay chairman. That’s right, Coun. G. You know, Cardo Dalisay’s
grandmother is such a
nice person. We totally approve of her! – Me too!
– Yeah! – Me too!
– Yeah! for a barangay
chairman to also be the grandmother
of a criminal, or a terrorist,
or a… – Convict!
– No, he’s not! – Or a…
– Vigilante! – Or a…
– Or a bigtime crook! – There you go!
– You’re wrong! Lola Flora is
a good person! And those are just allegations
against Cardo Dalisay! – You’re unbelievable!
– But still… As a city councilor
who genuinely cares for her
constituents, I will not allow someone like Lola Flora
to win as chairman and have a
seat of power! No, I will not allow the
grandmother of a criminal to be your
barangay chairman! – That’s right!
– Justice shall prevail! But don’t let your
guard down, Lola. I’m sure we haven’t seen
the last of Coun. G. I’m sure she and Chairman Bart
will be spreading lies until the end of
the campaign period. Let them do it, then. I’m sure that the truth
shall prevail in the end. Oh no, Coun. G! The campaign period hasn’t
even started yet, but I’m convinced
Lola Flora will win We just spoke to
four people, remember? Right. I’m sure a lot more
will vote for Chairman Bart. What’s your secret weapon
against them, anyway, Coun. G? You already made up lots of
stories about them before, but nothing worked! But I’m sure, Lola,
that you will be the next barangay chairman
of this neighborhood! They better get ready
for the return… – …of Chairman Flora!
– Of Chairman Flora! You’re so
silly! Lola Flora, I have
something to show you! What’s that? Wow! Who made these? The kids did. I knew those kids
were so quiet because they were up to something. We got all we need
for the campaign. Don’t we need
a slogan, Lola Flora? Something that,
when they read or hear it, will make the people
vote for you. – That’s right.
– Something memorable. What’s Lola’s platform?
Don’t you always say, “Don’t…” – “…Corrupt.”
– There you go! Don’t Corrupt with Lola Kap! That’s sounds good! Vote Flora de Leon for Chairman. Don’t Corrupt with Lola Kap! That’s right!
Long live Lola Kap! Lola Kap!

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