Local Elections 2019: Thank you, Kentucky! We love you, Virginia! | Full Frontal on TBS

This week, we start with some good news:
Kentucky has a new Democratic governor! That’s amazing.
Democrats just picked up a governorship in a state as red as Trump’s face
when he heard about this! Now, to be fair, this wasn’t just any race.
GOP governor Matt Bevin was super unpopular. Even the GOP didn’t like him.
I just was texting with a veteran Republican strategist in Kentucky
who said the following: “Well, we found out that being an A-hole
is slightly worse than being a liberal.” Congrats, Democrats, you just found your new
slogan. Bevin fought the Medicaid expansion that Kentuckians
needed, and spent all his time making dumb Facebook
videos of himself like this: Weird choice, but that’s how he announced
he was cutting state education funds. When Kentucky’s teachers went on strike,
Bevin suggested that they were making students vulnerable to pedophiles.
Here’s what’s crazy to me. You know how many hundreds of thousands of
children today were left home alone? I guarantee you today, somewhere in Kentucky
today, a child was sexually assaulted that was left
home because there was nobody there to watch them.
I guarantee you, somewhere today a child was physically harmed
or ingested poison because they were home alone.
It’s crazy that Kentucky didn’t rally behind the guy
that guaranteed that their children would ingest poison.
However they try to spin it, this is still a hugely bad sign for the GOP.
Trump fought hard for Bevin. He even held a rally for him on election eve,
where he said this: “If you lose, they are going to say Trump
suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. This was the
greatest. You can’t let that happen to me!” Turns out they can.
This is Trump’s worst nightmare come true. Well, his second-worst nightmare after the
one where he gets chased by stairs and salads.
Bevin hasn’t conceded yet, despite being about 5000 votes behind
and the GOP basically giving him last rites. Come on, Matt, exit with some class.
You know, like… like… Nope, not like that.
Here’s some more encouraging news: the Democrats took both chambers of the Virginia
legislature last night! That’s huge.
They can now control redistricting, and keep the GOP from
drawing a bunny that gives them power for 10 more years.
And they can also do something even more exciting. “If Democrats can take control, they could
consolidate power for the first time in 26 years and work with
Governor Ralph Northam to enact legislation long blocked by Republicans.
That would mean a significant shift in policy, especially on issues like gun control, protections
against discrimination for the LGBT community, higher minimum wage
and passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.” The Equal Rights Amendment! Holy shit!
If Virginia ratifies the ERA, it would be the 38th state to do so,
which is the threshold to add it to, I kid you not, the US Constitution.
Now, it’s been almost 100 years since the ERA was introduced, and it would
face a legal fight to be ratified, so let’s not get ahead of oursel-
Unh. Too late, I just came.
Sorry. 100 years is a long time to think about baseball.
A lot of this good news for Democrats is due to voters in the suburbs,
where GOP support is cratering. Turns out suburban white ladies are starting
to turn on the party of the guy who is facing 2 separate lawsuits
from women this week who say he sexually assaulted them. Would have been nice if they had turned on
him when they first heard about it in 2016, but it’s a start. Keep it going,
Meghans! You can do it! But wait, weren’t Democrats supposed to be
doomed at the polls for impeaching the President? That’s what I heard from incredibly correct
man Chuck Todd. Turning now from the big news on impeachment
to the politics of impeachment, which gets its first significant test with voters tonight.
And it could bail out a few Republicans who were in trouble a week ago. They should win it. Impeachment is the only
reason they may not. If the Republicans sweep these 3 Red state
gubernatorial races, 2 tonight and the 1, I think you’ll have nothing but impeachment
to thank. Once again, Chuck Todd’s as wrong as his facial
hair. It appears that at least some GOP voters are
as freaked out by Trump’s shenanigans as the rest of us.
In fact, these electoral victories came right on the heels of major news in the Ukraine
story. One of President Trump’s most supportive witnesses
in the impeachment inquiry has changed his testimony to confirm a quid
pro quo with Ukraine. The ambassador to the European Union, Gordon
Sondland, now tells lawmakers that the Trump administration
held up military aid as it pushed Ukraine’s government to investigate
Democrats, including the Biden family.
The former Trump donor updated his testimony this week
with a 3-page written statement saying his memory had been refreshed. Looks like Virginia and Kentucky weren’t the
only ones flipping yesterday. Refreshed? Did he drink a really good soda
and think, “Wait a minute?” Obey your thirst, and Congress.”
Sondland’s testimony is very convincing. Partly because of his central role, but mostly
because his description of talking to Trump sounds incredibly accurate. He describes a phone call where he asks the
President whether the White House was withholding military aid to get investigations.
Sondland says Mr. Trump told him, “I want no quid pro quo. I want the president
of Ukraine to do the right thing.” Sondland says,
“I wouldn’t say he hung up on me, but it was almost like he hung up on me.” Yeah, he hung up on you.
At which point you said, “Thank you so much Mr. President,
see you next week, I love you! Oh no, I blew it.”
There’s even more fun election news today. For the first time in almost 40 years, Democrats
gained control of the city council of Mike Pence’s hometown
of Columbus, Indiana. That’s gotta be rough for Pence.
He was so distracted, he left his safety Bible at home.
What if his first-string Bible touches a woman? The turning of tides is great news,
though the pod that birthed Mike Pence still votes GOP.
What, you think sex made Mike Pence? Think again.
And there was more schadenfreude in Virginia, where
Juli Briskman, the woman who was fired for flipping off Trump’s motorcade,
beat a Republican incumbent to be elected to local office.
She’s cycling’s greatest hero, next to Lance Armstrong.
What? Oh no. All of them? And friend of the show Danica Roem, who made
history 2 years ago when she was the first openly transgender
person to be elected to the Virginia State House
made history again last night when she was re-elected,
becoming both the longest-serving and first openly transgender individual
to be re-elected in our nation’s history. 2020 is still going to be a huge challenge.
But it’s nice to be reminded that people do give a shit.
And aside from his core supporters, everyone is sick of Trump’s schtick.
It’s time for him and his cult followers to ride off into the sunset together.

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  1. Sounds like he's admitted that they don't pay one parent enough for the other to stay home with the kids but that's become everywhere since I was a kid

  2. I pray Pelosi cannot stifle the state of Virginia from working and installing and passig bills to help and aide the people of Virginia!! Pelosi and Shumer had control of the White House and congress and they did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! THUS PELOSI HAS EARNED THE LABEL ' THE DO NOTHING PARTY'!! PELOSI, SHUMER GET OUT! LEAVE!

  3. Are the people standing behind him getting paid to be there? I can't fathom anyone in their right mind supporting him, yet here we are, smh-facepalm

  4. The applause for a transgendered person success gave me goosebumps. I never thought I'd hear it in my lifetime. America is always late to the game, but still a beacon of light.

  5. I have zero doubt that trump is going to lose the popular vote by a greater margin than he did in in 2016. Unfortunately, due to the electoral college, the outcome of the election is still going to rest on razor thin margins in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, and Arizona.

  6. Don't get too excited about Virginia. If I've learned one thing about one party taking control we quickly learn how similar they really are to the party they replaced. Both political parties take money from the same special interests.

  7. To bad for Kentucky come to the west coast any where from Oregon to California to see your future under Democrats and I say this believing in the Democratic Party for over 25 years.I don’t agree with trump but I believe he will probably win again.

  8. I notice Bevin didn't mentioned everything a child could be harmed by except a gunshot wound. #RepublicanLogic

  9. 0:48 that was like a child pornographic version of “Brokeback Mountain,” and the fact that I was able to put those very words in a sentence is as scary, if not scarier than, the 2016 election.

  10. Check out the Healthcare Triage guys that explain all different systems of healthcare.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN-MkRcOJjYThe Healthcare System of the United States

  11. Voters are waking up to the fact that Republicans don’t have their interests at heart and that trump only cares about himself. A good number of us already realized that, but now some who may not have been paying attention are seeing it as well and voting accordingly.

  12. "Kentucky has a new democratic governor"

    meanwhile in the middle east, Kurdish Christians and children are being slaughtered by Turkey and no one seems to care

  13. And I am not surprised that Mike Pence's hometown, Columbus, Indiana, went majority Democrat. Columbus had a history of progressive activity besides its architecture. Pence is the one who is out of place.

  14. You're celebrating too early. The Kentucky legislatures' GOP supermajorities are gearing up to ignore the election results and declare Bevin the winner.

  15. The shameless conservatives/Republicans fight to NOT give women equal rights. Yet, the ignorant women in Red States still vote for them.

  16. Let's hope that Virginia now enacts a long promised 1,000,000% tax on all golf courses within 3 miles of the Potomac owned by Florida tax residents as well as making a public holiday every time the owner of such golf courses drives his motorcade to such course, so that all the local population can line the route to give their middle finger salute.

  17. On May 19, 2015, Matt Bevin won the Republican primary, defeating second-place finisher James Comer by 83 votes. This is a landslide in comparison for Newly exected Gov. Bashear! By the way I am a long time resident of KY.

  18. I am not from USA. This is the first time I watched Samantha and I'm loving it. Keep it coming please! This certainly shows there are many educated and sensible voters in USA. Oh, by the way I just bought a lot of KFC just to celebrate in honor of Kentucky win. Delicious.

  19. Even though I’m Democrat i don’t actually know of anyone else around here who was going to vote Dems. I am so surprised we won. I really thought we had no chance.


  21. KY & VA, your voting machines were safe then because the RNC and Russia wasn't expecting this turnout. You can believe they'll tamper with the elections in 2020 to keep Moscow Mitch in. Thanks KY AND VA, now let's keep the #BlueWave going!!!

  22. i wanted to see the most recent episode of her just to prove to myself that all she does is talk about trump, and it looks like im right.and how much you want to bet her next video will reference him


  24. The Republican party is no longer working for the American people they are working for their own agenda it's about time we need to defeat them send them all packing

  25. All the dems want President Trump to be impeached it's time to grow up Dems only want to just get richer in the blue-collar workers Trump trying to give a chance to have a nice you f**** dems

  26. Republicans attack cyclist, cyclist gets fired, cyclist runs for office, cyclist takes Republican job. Maybe if you did not campaign to get her fired… she would still be employed, and you would still have a job?

  27. This is where Democrats can’t be crazy if the go at all these liberal issues too heard it gonna back fire and set the republicans ahead for good, if the turn into a beto on gun control they won’t be able to get into power at all in the future

  28. Chuck Todd is a loser on MSNBC. Can't stand watching him or listening to his perception of what he "thinks" of what's going on or going to happen. He's so off base, he's on the football field.

  29. I am sure kids are safer @ home than the kid with you on the house, the only time you see a white guy on a horse with a black child  he will be wearing a hood

  30. The white lady suburban voter is not so much turning against Trump as she is turning against the white man she is married to or in bed beside her.
    These women know that the racist policies of the white privileged business world butters their bread and makes their lifestyles possible. That's why they went along in 2016, but enough is enough.

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