Local elections 2018 – this year will be different…

Did you know that this year, the local
elections are going to be different to previous elections? You might have had
your polling station changed. Here’s what you need to know! The major difference is
that you’ll be able to vote for three candidates. So you’ll have three votes
instead of one. There have always been three councillors per ward, but in past
elections, you’ve only needed to vote for one at a time, because each one was
voted in to represent their ward for a four-year term. This is called “electing
in thirds.” So what’s changed, and why is it different this year? We’ve recently
had a review of our ward boundaries, and this is meant that some of them were
changed. The reason for this is that the boundaries for the wards have now been
updated to reflect the changing populations in each ward.
It’s important that each Ward has a similar number of people in it, so that
they can each be proportionately and fairly represented by their three
councillors. The review was conducted independently by the Local Government
Boundary Commission. For more information about that please go to their website:
www.lgbce.org.uk. How will you know if your ward or polling station have changed? For most people,
there will be no change. But some people will live in a place that has been
affected by a boundary change, which could mean a change to: the candidates
they can vote, the ward they live in, and the location of their polling
station. If you intend to vote in person, then you’ll need to double-check your
polling station’s address, which will be printed on your polling card. How will
this affect voting? How will we decide the winner if there are three votes? Your
ballot paper will include more candidates, and you’ll be able to select
up to three. You can only vote for one candidate once though ,so please don’t
use more than one vote per candidate. If you choose to you, don’t need to use all
three of your votes up. To decide the winner, all votes for each candidate will
be counted up, and the three candidates with the most votes will be elected to
represent their ward. However, the length of term awarded to
each winning candidate will vary depending on their position. First place
will be awarded four years, second place will be awarded two years,
and third place will be awarded one year. Assigning different term lengths in this
way will enable us to return to only voting for one candidate
each year in the future. One final note! Due to councillors representing their ward
for four term, and there only being three per ward, there is always one year
in four where we do not hold a local election. This is called a fallow year.
For more information please go to www.leeds.gov.uk/elections

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  1. don't let the tories sneak in through the back door by being complacent and not voting against them in this years local elections, unless you are happy knowing your wages will be reduced and your rates will go up.

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