Local Body Elections 2019: Tim Young

Kia ora, ko Tim Young toku ingoa. I’m
running for the Hamilton City Council on the East ward. How did you find the
courage to stand? I guess they don’t mean literally! I just really felt like there
was lack of urgency around issues that I care about, about technology and
transitioning to green technologies so definitely an uncomfortable decision but a necessary one. Describe your campaign platform in five
words: Transition, prepare, green, disruptive, technologies. What are three new things
that would make your city great? Having solar panels on all the council
buildings and having a city that is carbon neutral. I would love to see more
autonomous electric public transport that made its way around the most highly
concentrated routes I would like Hamilton City to lead the
way with new technologies like drone deliveries, e-scooters and other new
technologies that are coming through like machine learning. This has
been Tim Young, thanks for watching my answers and make sure you vote between
the 20th September and 12 October.

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