Lindsey Graham’s Senate Seat Is In Danger As His Challenger Catches Up To Him

The latest round of polling has some really
bad news to offer Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who has held his current seat in the
Senate for 16 years and is up for reelection in 2020 but according to the latest poll,
Lindsey Graham only has 47% of the likely voters. His democratic challenger, Jamie Harrison
has 45% that’s only a two point difference between Lindsey Graham and the Democrat running
against him in South Carolina. And to make things better, this poll has a
margin of error of 3% which not only means it’s reliable, but also plus or minus 3% for
either of those candidates flips the race. That’s the important thing that we need to
remember folks. Lindsey Graham right now is in a statistical
tie with his democratic opponent. Even though Graham is a 16 coming up on 17
year veteran in the United States Senate representing the state of South Carolina and he’s in a
tie. What needs to happen at this point is that
Democrats, the DNC, you know, whatever other democratic organizations are out there, start
pumping money into South Carolina. We can beat Lindsay Graham. We absolutely can beat Lindsey Graham, but
we can’t do it without some national attention on this race. Lindsey Graham out outside, outside of the
state of the South Carolina is universally hated, much like Ted Cruz was. That’s why Ted Cruz’s Senate race against
Beto O’Rourke was so expensive and why everybody in this country knew who was running against
Ted Cruz. Everybody hates Ted Cruz and that’s why they
gave so much money to his opponent who almost pulled it off in Texas, Texas, a little bit
redder than South Carolina right now, or at the time, not maybe any more, but South Carolina
is also shifting. So lots of things are different. There is no such thing as a state that refuses
to vote for the other party anymore. We’re seeing that across this country. South Carolina can be the next example, but
we can’t get there if Jamie Harrison doesn’t start getting some money from the establishment
of the democratic party, and I hate to promote the establishment or tell them, Hey, let’s,
we need your help, but we need your help. Everybody can chip in. All of us, a dollar, $5 $10 we can do what
we can because this is not just about maybe letting the Democrats take back a majority
in the Senate. It’s about sending home forever. One of the worst people to sit in the US Senate
in my lifetime. Let’s make this happen folks.

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  1. Don't kid yourself. It's South Carolina where they would start another civil war if a democrat won. They'll pull out every trick in the book before they let a democrat take that seat.

  2. The worst thing is that the GOP has a shot to rid themselves of this puss filled boil but they still back him. The GOP has lost it's mind, their new slogan should be "thank you sir may I have another."

  3. If you attach yourself to Trump you will die so like any lying politician Graham will change his tune to save his seat in the senate.

  4. I would love to see him lose his seat for protecting trump. Maybe he'll see then what it cost him to know as trumps butt.

  5. They should make ads with Lindsey talking about Trump, when he said publicly "He's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot". Repeat and repeat.

  6. tRUMP tells these idiots to just stick with him and he'll campaign for them then they lose and tRUMP says they were a bad candidate in the first place

  7. South Carolina 2020 Senate Democratic Nominee Fund (Against Graham)

    There is a Nominee Fund for every Congressioonal Seat held by a Republican on
    Including some the pundits are not looking at, such as the Senate seat from Kansas ,

    For seats held by Democrats there are Candidate funds where you donate to the candidate or,, if he tends to vote a bit too often with the corpratins, he may have a challenger, who will also have a candidate fund. This is also where you can find funds for your state officials and a few local ones.

  8. Mc Connell and Graham needs to be retired. LIKE NOW! I'm not from either of these corrupters state but I will get behind Anyone that is running against these two.

  9. Graham is a piece of the rump swamp that needs to go out. SC is waking up to all the lies, denys, and supporting a criminal. Vote blue SC.

  10. Just 2 yrs ago lindsey was talking about how F—ked up trump was now he sucking his nuts, Get rid of that ass kissing no good SOB, take Mitch McConnell to hell with him.

  11. The guy who called tRump a kook, crazy and unfit to be president, but then supports that criminal in the Office, it's no wonder Lindsey's on route to losing his Senate seat. Keep it up basket of deplorables, the GOP will self-destruct in time.

  12. What a delusional video. Food for the rabid left to feed their haltered. There is no way Graham is in any way somehow in trouble. You can use your fake polls to try and sway public opinion but we have proven that tactic is useless. You people never learn. Next year John Durham will expose the corrupt left. Look for indictments then. Brennen is being investigated as I type and he should be thinking about which country to flee to.

  13. McConnell has to go!! VOTE BLUE, NO MATTER WHO! Seriously people. Except for a few, the GOP is complicit. Time to really drain the swamp.

  14. take a look at him – what is he doing? What he is doing is cowering down for his "$175K" salary.
    How many lies does he tell to keep the money? Look at the republican party and it's members – do you want to say they believe?? HOW WOULD YOU MAKE "$175K" – do you see them getting their hands dirty?? Note none of them are under oath of any kind ….. Did Trump testify before the Mueller Report? He would have to be under oath – – sorry no testimony – no truth..
    It's an interesting game – pulling to wool over your eyes

  15. I'm not American, but Lindsey Graham should be ashamed of himself from now to eternity!!!!! Lies have an incredible way of coming back to it's owner!

  16. And with Lindsay Graham going on record saying he has already made up his mind and he will be on Trumps side even though the trial hasn't even started. He has to swear he will bei impartial. So he admitted on camera when he does , he will be lieing in court

  17. Jaime Harrison is a very solid individual. He speaks with both sense and reason, with truth and conviction, as well as a resolve to serve the people he will be representing, the people of S Carolina… his people. He stands for everything Graham doesn't, basically. The people of that State would be out of their minds to send Graham back to the Senate for yet another term of Graham serving only himself and his Party Before Country agenda.

  18. Lindsey Graham, 2015: "Trump is a 'race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot. He does not represent my party, he does not represent our values."

    He's sure come a long way from those days to the self-serving lickspittle Trump Toadie he's morphed into these days. S. Carolina, really? Isn't it time you did something about this waste of oxygen?

  19. It's Disingenuous to keep using the wrong talking points of things like it's the money, when the People who are already entrenched and know the issues they want changed just need a politician that will stand with us the working class!
    Not with the moneyed interests or with who the media celebrities say we should! Congressmen and Congresswomen have already accomplished as much with massive voter support by appealing directly with the public on in a person by person level. In other words we all need to get out the vote and the politicians need to represent us the people. Period!

  20. You are such a liar. Quit spreading vicious lies. Yiu people are so sad. Still and will continue to be blow me

  21. South Carolina you know what you need to do…America is behind ya!! It's time for ALL Putin's puppets to be BOOTED OUT!! #BlueWave2020

  22. That’s what these traitor republicans need to see! If you don’t put your COUNTRY above trump then you will be voted out!

  23. Waaaaay past time for these civil war holdouts in the Republican party to go. This includes Graham, Mcconnel and a host of other dusty, wrinkled, confederate bigots! And some of the women too!

  24. All these war promoting assholes need to be out of our government as rapidly as possible. They can join Jon Gruden when he is back
    announcing and promote the Military to the uninformed youth
    created through brainwashing.

  25. Graham and McConnell, by declaring they have already made up their minds and will not be impartial whatsoever, have pissed all over the Constitution. FOX News and its viewers are okay with that.
    "Trump is a 'race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot. He does not represent my party, he does not represent our values." ~ Lindsey Graham, 2015. —- oh what interesting tales hypocrisy weaves.

  26. The republicans are converting democrats with bribes. Check out how they will switch parties after the impeachment dismissal. Trump and McCarthy have both mentioned they will win in 2020 by flip flopping representatives over to their side, THUS, they will control all three branches of government.

    So what do you think of this dictatorship being formed?

  27. Thats funny all that Lindsey Graham and Mitch hve done for this country now because of Trump they are no good fake ass news again !

  28. Trumpty Dumpty sat on his wall!
    Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall!
    All the White House efforts and all Republican Congressmen,
    Couldn't put Trumpty Dumpty back on his wall again!

  29. I hope that dirty little queen is left out in the cold. Send a donation to the challengers of Trump, Graham, Nunez, Cruz and McConnell.

  30. America is on the fast track of becoming a single-party state…and spoiler alert it won't be republicans calling the shoots.

  31. 🕛Times up‼⌛

    🤔and now times
    to ends all🎪🌊🌊🌊🗽yep💬
    GRAND OLE Repubicons ‼
    #MISFITS.‼ and

    Greediness within America already.🧢‼☻

  32. I would love to see Lindsey go, but he will win re election. too many white republicans in SC are brain washed into believing the conspiracy theories on Fox News. if Lindsey loses, it'll be because of the black vote. African Americans in SC NEED to register to vote

  33. Drain the swamp….where in hell did Dipshit-In-Chief get all those sewer rats? Now's the time to flush 10 to 15 times and REALLY get rid of the Trump-turds! The prisons are filling up with his buddies.

  34. He does need to be beaten… Across the head so that his brain is shifted back into a normal position, never thought I would see the day when senators run scared from a president.

  35. No matter who the Democratic candidate is, just get out there and vote for him or her and clear the Senate of these close minded, obnoxious people.

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