Lewis Black: Black to the Future – The Longest Election Cycle

a survery from public policy
polling revealed recently
that 13% of potential voters would prefer to have
a giant meteor crash into the Earth
and destroy civilization than to see either
Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the White House. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Thank you…
and good night. Seriously, what–
what need more be said? Thirteen percent. That’s not
a small amount of people. That’s a lot of people saying,
“Fucking kill me.” This has been the longest
election cycle of my lifetime, and it began, I believe, sometime during the middle
of World War II. I truly believe that by the time
we actually have to vote, I will be unable to make it
to the door. I will have been
sapped of my will to live. The only good thing that has
come out of this election cycle, quite honestly, is that
it has made time seem longer. [APPLAUSE]

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  1. One of the 13% how about no president for the next 4 years. I'm sure just about every American and non American can agree with that.

  2. I hope that meteor hit us on election day or an Alien Invasion and for Agent Orange/ Evil Oompa Loompa Trump and his crazy supporters to be the first one get the probe up their asses. hahahahaha P.S Can't wait to see Lewis Black's new special.

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