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The 2020 election has 538 electoral votes
up for grabs and it seems like just as many
candidates trying to get them. But with all this choice, some voters are having
a hard time narrowing it down. The problem right now
is also there are just too many candidates,
and the field is so wide. So, I know some folks
who are really not committing to anybody right now
because they feel like there are
so many candidates. Are you waiting for one
to say something where you’re like, “That’s it”? Yeah, I guess I am.
(laughs) You have it narrowed down
to a couple you like or you’re just wide open? I don’t know. Oh, they’re so coy. “I don’t know.” But this is
a really good question. How do you decide which
candidate deserves your vote? Do you go by policy?
Do you go by charisma? Do you go by
who’s got the best abs? If only, if only there was a service
that could match you to your ideal candidate without
you having to do all the work. Well, luckily,
we at The Daily Show found one. I’ve always been curious about
what candidate to vote for, but how am I supposed to decide? With my brain? Gross. It’s so wet. And “reading policies
to help me choose”? What do I look like,
someone who cares about the future of the country? I just wish there was a test
to tell me who to pick. ANNOUNCER:
Now there is. (bleep) yeah! Introducing 538andMe, the only DNA test
that matches you to a candidate on the politico-genetic level. Your 538andMe kit comes
with everything you need. First, spit into your vial. (hawking loudly) (spits) Then use the rectal swabs
as directed. What? Just do it. Next, seal up your kit
and send it to our labs. You should get your own mailbox. There, we’ll analyze
your sample to find out the candidate you should vote
for based on your DNA. It says here that I’m two-thirds
MAGA on my dad’s side. That’s why I’m prone
to “economic anxiety” whenever I see immigrants. Apparently, I carry the gene
for socialism and uncombable hair. -Let’s go, Bernie.
-(chuckles) Wow, what a fun way to think
about who I might vote for. Oh, no, there’s no thinking
with 538andMe. Upon completion of your test,
you are legally bound to vote for whatever candidate
your genes dictate. Oh. Uh… I don’t– I don’t know
if I’m comfortable with that. Too late. Using your DNA, we’ve created a clone of you. So you can sit back and relax
on Election Day, while your double goes to your
registered polling location. I think it’s my civic duty
to cast my own vote. Don’t worry about it.
That’s what I’m here for. No, I think I’d rather. I said,
that’s what I’m here for. The terms and conditions
you agreed to were very clear. You’re not going anywhere.
(chuckles) Any attempt to deny the results
of your DNA test will result
in severe consequences. ♪ ♪ 538andMe. Let your spit do the voting. (cheering and applause) Desi and Jaboukie, everyone.

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