Le Pen vs Macron: French Election 2017 | IN 60 SECONDS

On the 7th of May, France will hold the most important presidential election in the history of the Fifth Republic. After decades of elections fought between nearly identical center-left and center-right candidates, the French have a choice between two political outsiders: the centrist Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front. Macron, who never held elected office before, claims to be neither on the political left nor right. He promises deep economic reforms, liberalization, supports the European Union, and he’s the only one of the four leading candidates to openly criticize Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. A Le Pen presidency would be very different. At home, it would mean a return to heavy-handed industrial policy and protectionism. Internationally, it would mean cozying up to the Kremlin, which has supported Le Pen’s campaign both verbally and financially. It could mean France’s exit from the EU and from NATO – essentially the end of the postwar political order in Europe. The choice facing French voters could not be starker. What do you think about the French election? Let us know in your comments, and let us also know what other topics you’d like AEI scholars to cover in 60 seconds.

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  1. Just like usa, when they had to choose between trump and hilary.
    Macron, a former Rotschild Bank employe, an aristocrate painted as a young leader. And marine le pen, another "bourgoise" right winger.
    Melenchon, as bernie, who empowers brave ideas have been cornered out.
    Rip democracy.

  2. I think that LePenn is what France needs. The French people need to take back their country from the Globalist and do what needs to be done for France and don't worry about the EUROPEAN Union. it's destroying the national identity of the French people.

  3. Germany couldn't take over Europe by force, so they're trying to do it without a war and just have everyone sign over their sovereignty because it's what The German Globalist Eleit want.

  4. you must support lipen because 666 coded on 1 $ and 1 euro and call you to hell. macron is system satanic candidateis homosexual, homosexual direct to 7 hell. macron is friend of satan and liar. we must, with help lipen, destroy eu -this is jihad on the way of Allah -destroy satanic dictatorship,and sharia laws-elect less evil, and we must less sin.

  5. Why do you call Le Pen a hard-right candidate when her economic platform (as you've described it) is hard-left?

  6. I live in Trumpdum, mission accomplished= take from people by distraction of hating Immigrants. Inadequate money, no good jobs, no access to opportunities, rampant racism. BUT the rich and the super rich happy as ever. I know, I'm here, I see it everyday.

  7. Le Pen will be the first female President of France. Be proud. She isn't Hillary Clinton, the Soros funded funeral march of her career is still affecting politics today and it may be over in the near future.

  8. I believe if France wants to survive as a nation the only choice is Le Pen. Muslim's are going to breed out the French in the near future if anyone other then Le Pen wins. In order to save France the refugees must be made to return home, there is no other way.

  9. What do I think? I think that the announcer is very biased against Le Pen and that bias does not give me hope for the future of journalism. If you are going to be so biased, please say that from the beginning and stop insulting our intelligence with subtleties.

  10. As an American there's nothing less I want to see than a Europe that isn't European. More over it would appear that the EU does not represent the will of the people's from whom it supposedly retains power from. I hope Le Pen wins in order to show the globalist forces they cannot have their cake and eat it to.

  11. This guy sounds like CNN. Obviously a left leaning shill. Why make Putin out to be the boogeyman ? When all know the real boogeymen are the banksters and the NWO Satanic Left Pedophiles. Putin is loved by his citizens, just like Assad is. Western Media is corrupted and stupid, but nice try. Viva LA Pen 🍸

  12. Please thumb down this video so the globalists running the establishment media realize what a bunch of sewer vermin they really are. vive la France vive Le Pen.

  13. what I learned about french election? That americans are more butthurt than the french themselves. Stop influencing other countries, its not VIetnam.

  14. I see a similarity to the US elections where there were so many undecided voters at the last minute. The media said that it showed people were still wavering, I think it shows that they are in support of the candidate that is being painted in the worst light by the media and they dont want to say it publicly as they are a little embarrassed. In the US it was Donald Trump. In France, I suspect it may be Le Pen.

  15. Really hope France gets a leader they need. I don't follow the election but I can see France is in a pretty unstable time. Hope they get a strong leader who can straighten the wonderful country out. Hope to visit soon without the hesitation of danger. Best of luck France 🙏🏼

  16. I am not from France, but Scandinavia. Please no NOT vote for him.
    Macron: Has said that Europe have to get used to a big immigration. Have praised Angela Merkel's open door policy. Nevertheless, supports language requirements.

    Le Pen: Immigration policy is considered one of her strongest political cards. Closing the boundaries is perhaps her foremost electoral promise. Have praised and supported Donald Trump.

    Europe will be destroyed so bad if he become president.

  17. Whenever I look at youtube comments it feels like the world is for Le Pen and I get anxious for nothing because in the end the rational people don't express themselves on youtube, but they still vote.

  18. Macron the man with ''no opinion'', a real neo liberal sneaky elite-boy,
    fooling the French people again and again…
    Wake up France!

  19. Do you want one in three people in France to be Muslim by 2050? Because that's what will happen if something isn't done. At a certain point, it ceases to be France if there are so few French people, doesn't it? And this isn't even mentioning the terror attacks problem. No, Le Pen must win. Fillon was my choice because of his conservative economics and solid stance on immigration, but now it's up to Le Pen.

  20. Why is there so much stupidity in this comment section?
    Is it so hard to inform yourself before literally posting trash?
    And if you do, do it versatile. Dont just follow the demagogue and pick up their opinion.
    Have your own, but most important, please, THINK.
    Yes, clearly I am judging, but mostly on the fact that some people have the urge to clutch on their opinion without even seeing another point of view or informing theirselves on important political issues.
    Isn't it obvious that difficult Problems most likely are not compatibel with easy solutions?
    There are enough that only follow someone, without any instinct of criticism. I am not saying you should criticise every single action nor speech, but you should think about the future. Not only yours.

    Thank you.

  21. This reeks of fake news. The sensible choice could not be clearer, LePen should be the first woman president of France.

  22. I know this sounds crazy. But hear me out…
    I think Putin is resurrecting 1938 Nazi party and is funding them to run for elections all over US and EU. Also omnipresent Russian hackers are rigging elections everywhere.
    Think about it… that is why you keep hearing about Nazi's all of a sudden.

  23. AEI- In case you couldn't tell, your viewers get their information from more than one source. Consequently, many of us have read or heard about the French Election from other places, and we know that your representation of the candidates is somewhat misleading. This is why the like/dislike ratio is so unfavorable. I don't appreciate it when the mainstream media spins a story, and I don't appreciate it when you do it, either.

  24. I don't know jack shit about French politics, but if Macron is a socialist and supports the EU, then Le Pen all the fucking way! WOOOOOO

  25. I remember watching Le Pen's interview with a French reporter, in the which Le Pen said "I am the anti-Merkel candidate, we couldn't be more different"
    Once I heard that I've loved Le Pen, Viva La France!

  26. Frenchmen dont be fooled, Macron is the biggest establishment puppet their is, he is an investment banker who cares only for profits and control, he will sell you out to gain more power for himself in the EU. Dont let you beautiful nation be torn apart, vote Le Pen!

  27. Hopefully Le Pen would win.
    All the female president supporters are now nowhere to be seen. Those who suggested misogyny played a role in Clinton's defeat now want the leading female candidate of France to lose. Now it's not about the gender but policies since the female candidate is not of their taste. So, they all want the male candidate to win. They should be similarly called out as sexist & misogynist for not supporting her. I'd like to see them defend that after drawing comparisons to their similar accusations & name calling of those not supporting or not voting for Clinton.

  28. Macron, France answer to George Osborne.
    The greatest regret for the French?
    The gigantic public deficit thats about to happen.
    Remember what happens when bankers control politics.
    Bye Bye France

  29. Macron from the House of Rothschild!?!? Of course he will fight the establishment and protect ordinary French!!!

  30. The French should vote for Marine Le Pen because she will not put up with any nonsense…and leave the EU. She will save France from the Burdens of Mass Immigration and bring France to its original National Identity.

  31. The frame of Le Pen holding hand with Putin is great.

    If I would report about the election for Russia, I would describe Putin as right wing politician like Le Pen. He really is one.

  32. Macron is a Rothschild servant.His job will be to help destroy France and make it even more a slave to the Rothschild New World Order!

  33. Le Pen means choice, Macron means more of the same misery for the next 6 Years. If you French don't vote Le Pen then you will never know freedom. It will be a faded memory.

  34. Let the French regain their liberties and freedoms as a nation.Let them regain  their right to control their borders, and  enjoy their rich cultural upbringing.Let the French be French again.

  35. France is so politically correct, they've become dangerous to themselves. Macron is a glutton for Sharia punishment..

  36. DO NOT BELIEVE THE POLLS with Macron ahead. He has the mainstream media on his side! Sound familiar??
    FUCK MACRON! Globalist sack of shit!

    VOTE LePEN if you want to see your country continue to be FRANCE!

  37. Blaming everything on Russia is getting old. Russia is going to have nothing to do with 99% of policies a western country pursues. It shouldn't be something that affects anyone voting.

  38. It seems to me, each European country (or any group of countries) should first, equally honor the voices of its tax paying citizens.  A pact (shared values) defines rules for participation and accountability for each country. Otherwise, an attempt of globalism, without such a pact, is nothing more than dictatorship such as; Catstro and Bin Laden.

  39. The Rothchilds have now got their own puppet in,that will stop the french from leaving the EU.

  40. Chatter all across the internet indicates that criminals, terrorist are planning to go to France using the Liberal Migration policies to rape French women who are prohibited from protecting themselves. and to commit other violent crimes. Ordinary French Citizens are unable to protect themselves with a personal defense gun. Ordinary French citizens do not care about their safety as the elite are able to hire the best-armed bodyguards. Viva France.
    The people with common sense are amazed at the ineptitude of their choice to Protect France.

  41. All you Americans just stop projecting your political views in your country into another country. You can't understand the situation in France cuz you people are so ignorant and ethnocentric.

  42. Hello our American / English / Canadian / Australian neighbors! I am French and Macron is just the worst candidate of all. Marine Le Pen was really a chance for France. She is a frank, courageous woman who fights her ideas, and who expresses herself perfectly in spoken form. She has also been a lawyer at the Bareau de Paris. Many accuse her of racism because she is against immigration, but people do not understand that immigration is a problem for us. The opening of the borders allowed the terrorists to enter our territory! There are also many reasons why we are against immigration. In the comments, you will be told that the National Front is a Nazi party, but this is false because Marine Le Pen is in a relationship with a Jew and his father, founder of the party, was resistant during the Second World War! Hoping that Marine will become president in 2022, because insecurity reigns and Macron has no counter-terrorism program! In addition, Marine Le Pen was 1000 times more democratic than Macron because it wanted to establish the referendum of popular initiative! In short, the French have been stupid!
    Thank you Google Translate !
    Good-bye !

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