Lance Wallnau’s 2016 Election Update!

Hey I am Lance Wallnau and I want to give you the election update you know I’ve been working on a book that it’s going to be I think really consequential as we’re down to days in this next election process in the free chapter that I got available for you starts off with a discussion of the four crucibles of American history as I was working on the project I realized I was really stepping into a prophetic zone and that America is in a crisis which is really called the crisis of unraveling the name of the book is “God’s Chaos Candidate” Donald Trump And The American Unraveling we’re in the early stage of the fourth crucible the fourth being a period of time in which the nation is tested the first principle was in the Revolutionary War the second crucible was the American Civil War the third crucible was the Great Depression and World War 2 the fourth crucible could actually be a combination of those three wrapped up in one it could be global conflict, economic unraveling and division in the nation itself the person who is at the helm of government at that time is going to have to be somebody who is actually thinking out-of-the-box somebody who is thinking about all of America someone who is thinking in terms of how to adapt to the chaos in order to preserve the ship of state. I’m suggesting to you that the first chapter could be a real game-changer for you why don’t you go get it. It is a free chapter you can download it and it’s called I want you to go ahead and grab it we cover an amazing amount of content in that free chapter and what I gave you was just one-third of it

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  1. Lance………If I did not believe in synchronicity before,I certainly do now. I was browsing through the tons of info on you tube and ran across several of your videos,which then led me to order ,".Gods Chaos Candidate ". This is exactly what I needed at this time,as I sometimes felt that this election is hopeless. Your pep talk regarding how God will use common grace to intervene through others has cheered me up. I had a dream last night that it was the day after the election and I was walking on the Mall in DC. I had this huge smile on my face and I was far from being alone. Almost a hundred of us got together and decided to kneel and praise God for His love and help. Thank you and God bless you.

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