Know Your Rights at the Polls

Hi, I’m Dan , an Indiana voter. My vote is my voice, so when I go to the polls, I make sure I know exactly what my rights are-both as a voter and as a person with a disability. As a voter, you can expect your polling place to be accessible. This means accessible parking spaces, ramps, or other assistance for entrances with steps, and accessible doors. If the main entrance is not an accessible entrance, signs should point to one. And all entrances should be open the same hours. Paths from the parking lot to the entrance, and from the entrance to the voting area, should be clear and free of clutter. If you have any trouble getting around, you can always ask the workers at the polls for help. You can also bring a friend or family member along to help. Once you’ve reached the polls, you can request to use an accessible voting machine. Every polling place must have at least one. These can be easily moved and adjusted, or even placed on a person’s lap. There are also attachments to help those who are blind or who have limited vision. And don’t forget that you have voting options before Election Day arrives. You can vote absentee by mail. You can vote early at your County Clerk’s office. You can also request to vote by travelling board, and have poll workers come to you. One more thing. If you’re told you’re not allowed to vote, find out why. If it is because you are missing your photo ID or your name doesn’t appear in the poll book, you can ask for a provisional ballot. But if you do have your ID and you are properly registered to vote, yet you’re still having problems, don’t give up: Request a phone call to the County Clerk’s office. You can also call Indiana Disability Rights. If you do have to fill out a provisional ballot, you have ten days to get any missing information to the county clerk. After you provide the proper information, your vote will be counted. It’s your right to vote! Don’t give it up. If you have any trouble voting, you can call Indiana Disability Rights at 800-622-4845. Or email us at We’re here to help!

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