Karnataka election: Is this the end of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty? | IN 60 SECONDS

Does India’s oldest political dynasty face
oblivion? A defeat in the crucial southern state of
Karnataka suggests that it’s possible. The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty has stayed close
to, or at the summit of, Indian politics for nearly 100 years. But for the 47-year-old Gandhi—the son,
grandson, and great-grandson of prime ministers—the path to power appears increasingly steep. Over the past eight years, battered by a series
of electoral defeats, Gandhi has plunged in the public imagination from prime minister-in-waiting
to shaky underdog. Each defeat amplifies questions about his
inherited privilege, warmed-over policy agenda, and lack of political skills. The loss in Karnataka will also hurt Congress’s
ability to raise funds. In Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his well-oiled
Bharatiya Janata Party, Mr. Gandhi faces a foe both popular and ruthless. As the 2019 general election approaches, Congress
must grapple with arguably its greatest challenge since Indian independence seven decades ago. The big question about the party is no longer
“Will it reclaim power?”, but “Will it survive?” What do you think about Rahul Gandhi’s political future? Let us know in your comments. Also, let us know what other topics you’d like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds, and be sure to like and subscribe for more research and videos from AEI.

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  1. Congress is gone. Rahul Gandhi is like a kid who weilds his ancestors guns. He can't even compare with the likes of Modi, Amit Shah, and the BJP leadership in terms of political knowledge and experience. The elderly Congress members are now retiring and their Reign is over. The people of India have made it clear since 2014, and continue to do so with each state election, like UP and now Karnataka, that majority supports BJP.

  2. Rahul gandhi is one the biggest dumb fucker indian politics has ever seen and he want to become PM of the country. He even got elected as party president , even when some of his own party worker didn't want him to be . My uncle is an congress party worker, he said Rahul gandhi is one among those who are responsible for demise of congress . My uncle don't go to party meetings anymore in town.

  3. He is fucking stupid and Congress Party should have been disbanded.
    We need a new political startup.
    KCR's Federal Front is an interesting idea but the other supposed leaders like Mamata are nothing but Crooks.

  4. What does it take for real political transformation in India in today’s age of interconnectedness and social media? Is BJP purely winning out of minute electoral management?

  5. Rahul Gandhi is as unscrupulous in his heart as he is stupid in his mind. It's something that is overlooked along with the fact that he is dangerous. This Congress (not the same as one in 1947 and before) is unapologetically corrupt and has gone rogue. It's acting like a radical insurgency. I wish to see it voted out completely.

    Modi is a strong and hardworking leader with loads of integrity in governance. To expect him to be a gentleman at leisure while dealing with filthy thugs like Sonia, Rahul, Lalu, Mayawati, Mulayam, etc. is unreasonable. To call him ruthless is misplaced. He's a good politician when he needs to be but he's mostly a revolutionary, transformative leader. Anybody looking to transform India will have to deal with a maze of thugs like them. I love it that he's giving it back to them. I'm loving it.

    From scholars I would like to see longer videos. In recent times, it's not that Bengal's panchayat elections weren't bad, it's the silence of the supposedly mainstream media that is beyond criminal. These are fascists in waiting. Blatant propagandists positioning themselves as the voice of public consciousness. Rogue journalists in power with next ro zero democratic accountability. Endless criminal behaviour.

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