Justin Trudeau: Into the Election-verse | 22 Minutes

♬♩ Election day, whose name will you check? ♬♩ ♬♩Know I’ve been bad bad, hope you forget. ♬♩ ♬♩Swing into a voting booth, mark it with an ‘X’ ♬♩ ♬♩First past the post need votes from Quebec. ♬♩ ♬♩Elizabeth May I’m keeping her in check ♬♩ ♬♩Crash in the polls, Jagmeet you’re a wreck ♬♩ ♬♩Andrew Scheer’s still polling neck and neck. ♬♩ ♬♩Calling me bad bad names in the press ♬♩ ♬♩Oooo who are the ridings gonna choose ♬♩ ♬♩We’re gonna find out on the news ♬♩ ♬♩I really don’t wanna lose ♬♩ ♬♩If I can regain your trust ♬♩ ♬♩I’ll be in Ottawa ♬♩ ♬♩Staying in power ♬♩ ♬♩Another four years ain’t too much ♬♩ ♬♩But when I make a promise ♬♩ ♬♩I’ll never stick by it ♬♩ ♬♩’Cause I’m in power ♬♩ ♬♩Staying in power ♬♩ What a bunch of losers they really are, Y’know what, I’m gonna buy Canada. All of it. The whole island.

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  1. I don't have 33k for the government neither does the other 33 million. They are spending all your money thats the exact opposite of it's sole purpose. You and generations to come have enslaved by the debt system. If this system stops moving for mere seconds it will be the greatest depression of all times.

  2. If women were Truly concerned about the inviorment they would be SCREAMING at companies like Nestle, Volkswagen, any Chinese company. Take VW the #1 car women will choose, due to the pollution defeat mechanism they designed purposely worst car on road !

  3. This guy, your prime minister, had sex with a 17 year old student. That is why he was fired for inappropriate behaviour. YET…some morons will still vote for the lieberal party…one can only assume it will be peoples who accept their "perfect man" having sex with his 9 year old wife.

  4. I normally hate 22 minutes but this 1 video in 10 years is good and it pissed me off that I paid for this and it was very expensive

  5. Anyone voting liberal thinks they are defending something but in reality that which they think they are defending they are destroying. You like liberal democracy and freedom and equality? Then conserve it instead of spending its capital like a drunk on welfare day. Once its gone it aint coming back.

  6. Andrew Scheer will gut the Universal Child Care Benefit and replace it with a cheapo, chincy tax credit making single moms and their kids homeless in high rent districts [any major city] and plunge families back into the depths of poverty just like under previous CONservative governments. Automatic denial of Employment Insurance claims forcing you to appeal the decision and dragging out getting a cheque for an extra month. Meanwhile the wife packs up the kids and leave and go on provincial welfare rolls and husbands puts a gun in his mouth. Thanks MR. Harper. aka Scheer.


  8. Dear mr. Pinky I agree with you totally this is why I feel that people should not not vote liberal all the scandals corruption he hangs with a lot of disgusting people Trudeau is disgusting himself just look at what he was doing at age 30 well teaching with 17 year old girls they're still chewing bubble gum and twisting their hair

  9. I and my family voted 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 People's Party PPC 2019!!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
    MAXIME BERNIER is the only sane candidate, the only one not been lead by a child screaming "The Sky Is Falling!!!" The Sky Is Falling!!!"

  10. Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party need to remind people why he got in the first place it's because he stood behind us medical marijuana patient,I suffer with chronic pain and because of the liberals I am allowed to grow my own medicine,and that why they will get my vote not to mention the jobs the marijuana industry is creating for alot of Ontario residence and BC residents

  11. Wow I have to give you thumbs up. It was cute. And I am truly sorry but can't vote for for Justin Castro. Haven't been a liberal since John Turner. The last honest liberal. Doesn't that suck.

  12. The only thing good Justin Trudeau did was Legalize Marijuana , Omar Ja'ali , we do not need 300,000 useless people that will turn in to millions one day every year . Thanks 🙂

  13. Wow. High production value, very sub par writing :/ … Watch 'Canadians are Gullible' on my channel for satire with meat on the bone

  14. https://stormhavendotme.wordpress.com/2019/08/22/moving-the-overton-window-how-canadian-media-was-used-as-a-weapon-against-canadian-society/

  15. Jihad Justin is the worst PM in Canadian history and an embarrassment to the world.

    Western Canada needs to separate from Canada and join the USA. No more, no more giving Quebec $11.7 billion dollars in equalization payments. The gravy train (poutine train) is over, NO more money from western Canadians taxpayers. Trump western Canada is for sale. Jihad Justin can chock on his Carbon taxes and Eastern Canada can freeze in the dark. Heat your home using carbon tax credits.

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