Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Democratic Debates, Tom Hanks & End of VEEP

[MUSIC PLAYING] – How are you?
– I’m good. How are you? I’m doing great, thank you. – So glad to see you.
– And you’re feeling well? Everything is good?
– Yeah. – Good, good.
– Why? Do I look sick? No, no, you know,
you’ve had some things. Yeah, a few things
here and there. Yeah, I’m good. – You last night–
– Yes. Got a shout– kind
of Elaine Benes, in a way, got a shout out.
– Yes. During the– well,
let’s show that clip so people know what’s going on. I don’t think the
Democratic Party should be surprised
that so many Americans believe, yada, yada, yada. [APPLAUSE] That’s Elaine, huh? That is so bizarre. I guess she’s going to pick
me as her running mate. Is that what that means? I think, if anything, she
would be your running mate. I mean, come on now. That’s pretty–
well, that must be– Yeah that was just– – Is that exciting?
– Well– No? You know, it’s bizarre. It’s kind of like worlds
colliding and then some, right? Yeah, when you become such a
part of the fabric of society– The culture, yeah. That you’re here now like
a catchphrase in a debate. Yeah, totally. It’s like, imagine
what the lady from the “Where’s the Beef”
commercial must have felt like so many years ago. It’ll be weird when
they say, no soup for you. [LAUGHTER]
– That will be weird. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] Definitely, you got half of it. So do you feel like
you have any kind of, like, extraordinary
insight into the election and what goes on in the White
House because of the show that you just did
for seven seasons? Yeah, I think, I mean, I’ve
learned a lot about politics. And I got a sense
of the true anxiety that probably a
lot of these people feel going in and trying to
sell themselves as a candidate, as a brand, and make a
stamp and a quick stamp, sort of as themselves,
but quickly. Yeah, right. Just to boil yourself down
and also to not do the– things you don’t do are probably
more important as we saw. I feel like I learned
what it’s like to be a candidate from your show. And then I go,
oh, wait a minute. I don’t know if it’s
really like this at all. It is, yeah. As a matter of fact, as I was
watching the debate tonight, I was– it gave me a lot of anxiety. I had to kind of
turn away, you know? When you would watch
a debate like that like a couple of years ago,
would you be thinking, oh, how can I use this for the show? Totally. 100%. And does that change the
way you watched it tonight? You could just relax and– [LAUGHTER] Yeah, yeah, I guess. I don’t know. I mean, I’ve seen it now a few
times, you know what I mean? You have, yeah. Boy, would it have been
great if CNN had just slipped one of you, one
of Selina’s debate clips into that program.
– I would have loved it. It would have fit
in really perfectly. – It really would have fit in.
– Yeah. That’s the thing that’s
crazy about the whole thing. Yes. What is the moratorium–
like, what kind of time period– like, I don’t know
what I can say about the last episode
of Veep even though it was months ago that it aired. I think we can talk about it. Can we now say what happened? Why not? Why shouldn’t we? OK. I mean, I think, unless
somebody tells me I’m wrong. But, yeah, go for it. – OK, all right,
– OK, go. So there’s the
ending of the show when Selina finally,
again, becomes president of the United States. Yes. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] You know, everybody
applauds, but she’s like– It’s not for real. It’s not for real,
number one, and number two, she’s a terrible person. [LAUGHTER] What the hell is wrong
with this country? Well, we did it once. Why not again? Exactly. But OK, then at the
very end of the show– Yes. So it’s 20, like
something, 4 years later. They jump ahead
24, 25 years later. That’s right.
– And we’re watching the news. Yes. And Selina Meyer has died. Yes. We’re at her funeral, the
coverage of her funeral. And almost immediately after,
kind of right in the middle of the coverage of the funeral,
Tom Hanks dies and steals her thunder completely.
– Completely. Yes. That’s exactly right. And that, incidentally,
I love that joke so much because we
spent a lot of time talking about his iconic career
within the context of the show. And of course, it is an
iconic career that he’s had. But it was a callback, in fact,
to the pilot episode of Veep in which we reference
Tom Hanks and what if something that Selena
did gets bumped out of the news cycle if
something bad happens, like if Tom Hanks dies. And everybody looks
at, actually it was Matt Walsh playing
the character, saying, why would you say
something like that? Tom Hanks is not going to die. And then of course, we use that
joke at the end of the episode, which was really great. What I was wondering
is if Tom knew he was going to die on that show. So get a load of this. We’re in the final
mix for the show. We’ve locked picture. So this is, you know, we’re
about to turn it in to HBO and then it’s done, done. You can’t touch it. And we’re listening
to the playback. And one of our
producers says, hey, who talked to Tom about this? And we all sort of
looked at each other. And we had all forgotten to
be in touch with Tom Hanks. [LAUGHTER] And so, I mean, we had gotten
permission to use clips from his movies and stuff. And so all of a
sudden I was furiously writing an email to
him, email to his agent, texting him, trying to reach him
because we were under the gun. I mean, literally,
really we had no time. And fortunately, while
we were in the sound mix, within about 20 minutes,
I heard back from him. And the first thing he
said was, absolutely. I explained to him the joke,
and he got it completely. And then his second thing
was he was complaining that he wasn’t cast
as the abortion doctor in an earlier episode. Oh, really? Yeah. So it was a lose-lose for Tom. Exactly. But he was a really
good sport about it. Well and that’s a
good sport when you’re calling somebody
to really to tell him that they’ve passed away. And they handle it well. Well, that’s why he’s America’s
most beloved, I guess. Exactly. When we come back,
we’re going to see a clip, well, it may remind you of what
happened on television tonight. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is here
and we’ll be right back. Tell you something
about justice, Senator. When I was coming
up as a lawyer, I didn’t have to
remind everyone I was a woman every 10
seconds because they never let me forget it. I smiled all through the
casual grabbing of my behind and all the secret
meetings on the golf course that I wasn’t invited to. So how about giving a little
thanks to the women like me who built the
ladder that you used to get up onto your soapbox? How about for once in your
life you stop whining, you stop complaining, and just man up? Because I honestly– [APPLAUSE] Yeah, that’s right. You heard me. Man up. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] And Veep, it’s over. There’s no more Veep to watch. But if you haven’t watched
it, go back from the beginning and watch it all the way
through to Tom Hanks’ death. OK, so I know this is
maybe embarrassing, but– All right. –you’ve got eight
Emmys for acting. You’ve got 11 Emmys total. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] You’re tied for the
most acting Emmys ever from any comic
actress or any actor, male, female, no matter what. You’re tied with
Cloris Leachman. Bless her heart. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] Who is 93 years old. Yes. And are you looking
forward to really crushing her in September? She’s going down. Remember Cloris Leachman
in “Young Frankenstein?” Oh, my god. Remember, (EASTERN EUROPEAN
ACCENT) “He was my boyfriend.” Yeah, oh, she was great. She was incredible. Yeah, and you’re
better, though. You know, you’re going– What? –to be ahead of her. No, no, no, no. It is the number of
awards that really– Matters? Yeah, it matters most. I asked where you
keep all these awards because you have so many Emmys. And there’s only one trophy
that you display in your home. Yes, yes. And that is this
one right here. Explain what that is. I’ll tell you what that is. That is I got a star on
the Hollywood Walk of Fame a few years back. And they misspelled
my [BLEEP] name. [LAUGHTER] And for true. It was the most
extraordinary moment. And so I had them– they had to fix it. And I said, oh, save
the misspelled part, the Julia Luis-Dreyfus. And so I have that. And it’s a prized
possession of mine. And it’s just a good reminder
to keep me in my place. Yeah. Yeah.
It’s good, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s great. They jackhammered
that up beautifully. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] You also– a really great award,
especially for a comedy actor, is the Mark Twain Prize
which you received last year. And that’s a big deal. It’s at the Kennedy Center. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] Everyone came to
pay tribute to you. Was that, did you
enjoy that experience? Well, let me
tell you something. I got this letter asking me
to come to the Kennedy Center. And when I first got this
letter, I misread it. And I thought they were asking
me to speak about someone else. And I was like, meh, I’m not
going to go all the way to DC and tout somebody else. Accolades.
– Right. And then I read it again, and
I thought, oh my god, it’s me. They want to– oh,
of course I’ll go. And so that was actually
how I opened the whole– telling that story on myself
which was kind of true. But it was it was really
scary, to tell you the truth, because you come
out and there are like 3,000 people sitting there. And they’re very serious,
kind of, for a comedy audience. Serious, yeah. Wealthy people, mostly. Yeah. And they put you in a booth. And you have to, you know– and
I sort of made an Evita joke when I was up there. But I was nervous
as hell because they say we’re going to give
you this award for comedy. Congratulations. Now speak for 15 minutes. So it’s sort of like you have
to prove that you’re worthy of it, which is how I looked at
it, which is kind of the truth. And so I was just [BLEEP] in my
pants, to tell you the truth. I was really nervous. How long did
you worry about it and work on what you
were going to say? Well, I worked on it.
I worried. Please, I worried about
it from the get-go. And I worked on it for a
number of weeks leading up. But I had an epiphany
on the plane ride there. Actually, the plane
ride from New York to DC because I’d done your show. Right you were with us, yeah. And I had this
epiphany which was to– I did this whole long
bit about considering myself a dramatic actress. And I was sort of put off
that this was only for comedy and that I had auditioned
for “Merchant of Venice” and I didn’t get it. And I thought it
was sort of a joke that I hadn’t gotten
it, blah, blah, blah. And so then I end up doing this
monologue, Portia’s monologue from “Merchant of Venice.” But I did it like Elaine Benes. And that was my epiphany
that I got on the plane. So that worked out. Well, that’s why
you’re you, I guess. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] Well, it’s great
to have you here. Thank you.
I’m so happy to be here. I hope you beat
that Cloris Leachman. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] She’s worn this
crown for too long. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, everybody. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] The final season
of Veep is on HBO. We’ll be back with
Steve Martorano. Thanks for watching. If you like that video,
click the Subscribe button. And if you didn’t like,
well, you hurt my feelings.

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