Johnson claims newly elected parliament ‘vast improvement on its predecessor’

But I mean, absolutely no disrespect
to those who are no longer with us, Mr Speaker, but I think that this parliament
is a vast improvement on its predecessor. [cheering] Mr Speaker, I would say is one of the
best parliaments this country has ever produced with more
female members than ever before, with more black and minority ethnic
members than ever before. And it is also, Mr Speaker, incarnated in
your person, Mr Speaker, a vastly more democratic parliament,
because this parliament is not going to waste the time of the nation
in deadlock and division and delay. On Friday of this week, this parliament
is going to put the withdrawal agreement, – Friday? – in the the popty ping,
as we say, in Wales, and then this new democratic parliament,
this people’s parliament, is going to do something, Mr Speaker. I wonder if you can guess what it is,
what this parliament is going to do. What are they going to do? Is Mr Speaker not paying attention? Mr Speaker, I wonder if you can guess
what this parliament is going to do once we put the withdrawal agreement back?
We’re going to get Brexit done. I think that even your even your parrot,
Mr Speaker, would have been able to cite that one by now.

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