John Ratcliffe on Russia trying to interfere in 2020 elections

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  1. Schiff's Leaks Are Anti-American… Disgusting democrats & main media are accomplishing Russia's 2020 election disruption campaign for them with their Russia-Russia-Russia Resistance Campaign. 2020 – Re-Elect President Trump & vote ALL democrats out of the House & Senate

  2. Dude, we've figured out the DemoRats LOSING gameplay from the getGO……"Everything and anything the LEFT accuse the President, or We the People of, it's all about THEM in reality.
    They're Coup continues to hobble along, like a moron stepping on a rake, believing it's gratifying.
    If ever the term "useful idiots " had a true meaning, the DemRats have embraced the process.
    As I continue to be entertained with the Buffoonery on the Left.

  3. If Democrats really were afraid of election meddling, they wouldnt be against voter-ID laws… Thats the only reason why they pretend to care about illegal immigrants, and why they want to give them drivers licenses

  4. Typically anti Trump leaks come from Trump's people. Weird every other Republican would say Russia had absolutely nothing to do with election interference. They all said it was a hoax so which one is it?

  5. I keep hearing about Russian meddling. Exactly how is being done? Where in the entire election system is this being done? Who is involved? Where are these accusation coming from? How are they being verified? If true, why is no one being indicted?

  6. The Russians (the Soviets) have been meddling in the US elections since the 1930s. And yet the Dems have never said a word about it until the year of 2016.

  7. America 綾詹. Small example; when Trump was impeached a few said things that made people think the country would lose it's feet. Enemies – America did NOT fall even a little. Small example; when Trump was acquitted our feet stood firm on the ground,waters and skies. Enemies – of those that hate the following and trust of God himself. America 綾 will continue to stand together as the family we are together we stand. The strongest country in the world and the most beautiful one both by sight and heart. We will never allow a brake of evil in our hearts. We stand together even when we disagree and we fight together even when some are scared. True Americans love all souls of this earth and together we will have the world; a better place a place where we don't always agree but we live in peace and live another day to fix any complications. America is America we have a history and we learn from it paving the way to a better tomorrow for everyone. 綾詹

  8. Obama, Clinton, Schiff, and Bernie are "Russian Assets".
    Obama, Clinton, Biden, Bloomberg, Pelosi, and their boss Soros are 'CHINESE ASSETS'.
    Follow the money. China has bought the Democrat party! Along with our athletes, celebrities, major corporations, and mainstream media.

  9. Remember " We The People" change 2018 Big Blue Wave Vote in "The House 2020 big tsunami Vote BlueVote Blue no matter who

  10. Adam Schiff needs to be ousted from the House Intel Committee and all security clearance revoked. Then indicted by a grand jury. American Justice don't work for traitors like him, Nadler, Pelosi, Shummer and the squad amongst others from the previous administration.

  11. Putin got trump in his pocket along with his bank , people you all is brain washed by one flaw leader that is for his self only . what it come to is this he say stuff you all wants to hear and for years y'all hadn't hear a higher up use the language he use . y'all know he hell hate dark skin people and y'all do to ,why he spray his face to get that color he wear every day he wants to have a med complexion .

  12. India is the largest buyer of Russian military hardware, having signed a $5 billion deal for Russian S-400 surface to air missile systems last year.

  13. They sure didn't mind RUSSIA when HUSSEIN was elected illegally. I have yet 2 meet anyone who voted for that foreigner? Wonder why the fake News 埠 didn't report on that back then. Because they were ALL N on it.

  14. This anti-Russian bigotry has now infected US Republicans too now? This cold war paranoia hasnothing to do with Russia, it's a symptom ofa sickness at the heart of America.

  15. So Maria ,after listening to that BS story, not only you just went along with the puppet but you even perpetuated his BS!Wow!The money must be so good from Fox!!

  16. Do not google:
    Who's voice asked "ooo. . when did you get it bleached?"

  17. Maria apologized to John Ratcliffe the moment she realizes she may have put him on the spot about confidential information. What a classy journalist. We need more Maria's in our news media!

  18. Funny, Trump believed the Intelligence agencies about Irans pending attack. However, according to Trump, when it comes to Russia, the intell agencies can't be trusted. I never thought I would see a president trust a former KGB agent (Putin) over our American Intell community. Pathetic and anti American

  19. I didn't know that all Donald Trump rallies were only attended by Russians there ???

    Seriously ? Democrats as a political party have become perfect IDIOTS.

  20. I believe not Russia interfering we see who interfereing who spy on Trump who hire British spies who lie American people who sale America

  21. They are so full of BS its funny. The russians are the good buddies of 45, who is getting setup so that when he is out, he can continue his deals with them. No American president has ever trusted Russia until now and most Americans still don't trust them. Security has never been this bad until now, the only person who stands to gain from this is 45.

  22. Trumps family tree shows not one individual ever severed in the military. Donny boy being a low life lying scumbag draft dodger wuss. Same for his spoiled kids. Veterans against Trump

  23. Right on John, the Demos have posse's its delirium expurgatory information. I wonder what is there strategy. I say put them in a thirty hole of nothing. Get rid of them!

  24. Why isn't any one going to Jail for the initial phony Russia scandle??? People need to be locked up, or else they will keep repeating this behavior.. SMH.. They lock people up for smoking a plant but these Dregs are obviously in the nobility class and will not be prosecuted..

  25. We may have the executive branch "Trump" representing the people of this country,
    but the judicial branch of this country has gone completely rouge and something needs to be done about it..

  26. Russia this…Russia that…..
    Russia, thanks for hosting USA astronauts (including military) to/from the international space station. The US NASA seems to be too busy spending billions trying to put a flag on Mars….and by a female astronaut.

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