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  1. why are you COMPLAINING so much about bernie STOP
    WHY is socialism viewed in such a negative light? It means less income inequality and less profits for billionaires. do working people want that for billionaires? NO then elect bernie

  2. I was willfully blind when Trump pointed out how corrupt CNN was. This whole experience with Bernie has shown me that Trump was right. Now I'm mad that I agree with Trump about something.

  3. I think Warren should drop out she will not be the nominee and fighting with Bernie will not help the the views that they do agree on

  4. Why are you assuming that Democratic party elites really want to defeat Trump at all costs? We've already seen MSNBC talking heads opine that maybe the Democrats should just resign themselves to the notion that Trump gets another four years and the elites can come back in 2024 with a candidate who is not Senator Sanders. This isn't about the presidency as much as it is about money and power — political consutants' money, weapons manufacturer's profits, big pharma's profits, and piles of donor's contributions that give the Democratic elites the power to determine who gets to run for office and who doesn't. And, most importantly, which policies can be pursued and which cannot.

  5. I lived in Vermont for 22 years, and I can say unequivocally that the great majority of Vermonters love Bernie. We love him for his authenticity, his compassionate world view, his unflagging advocacy for the working class, and his truthfulness.

    There are very real and important differences that's make Sanders' campaign unique, and important. First and foremost to me is his support of the Green New Deal. The climate crisis could not be more real. 11,000 scientists from 153 countries have just warned that our species needs to drastically reduce its carbon consumption now, not later. Only Sanders has adequately addressed this fearsome problem, which is the greatest threat in the history of humanity. The climate proposals of both Biden and Warren are woefully inadequate. If we don't wake up to this and get behind Bernie, it will very soon be too late.

    Sanders has the most individuals donors of any candidate, and the most donations from women, which sheds ironic light on the "Bernie Bro" myth. He also has more contributions from Latinos than any other candidate, showing that the "white" myth is wrong too.

    AOC spoke eloquently of why she supports Sanders. She reminds us that Bernie was fighting for someone he did not know–her, and millions of us–from before she was born, as he still does.

    Among the plethora of narcissists like Buttigrieg, Biden and billionaire Bloomberg, Sanders stands out as someone who is truly in it for us.

    His slogan is, "Not me, us." And he means it.

    I don't see us getting a chance like this again.

  6. I've been a Democrat since 2008. If Bernie loses the nomination fair and square, that's 100% fine and I will still vote blue. If the Democratic establishment works to hijack the nomination process, in any way, to push onto us a candidate that they prefer, despite all of our votes, then they will have to beat Trump without me. If we get to that point, the Democrats would become everything corrupt and unjust they claim the current GOP to be.

  7. Most enthusiastic…what a LIE…Sanders "won" in Nevada with 4000 votes. There are 1 million voters there. No one showed up because every candidate is a socialist lunatic. CNN won't tell the truth. They are socialist propaganda.

  8. I'm pretty certain Bernie has always been for what the people want regardless if he wins or not only democratic party shills endorse the process where the democratic elite get's to decide the nominee.

  9. Oh please screw the selling socialist idea. Richest country in the world yet no healthcare people are dying everyday. Please raise my tax but give me Medicare. Better than what I’m already paying to useless insurance companies

  10. Dear Tamara Keith, the reason Bernie is against what all the other delegates want, is that he wants the will of the people to decide the nominee and not some super delegates. If you are to have a democracy – then this is the way it should work. What is amazing to me is I don't see yourself or anyone else on CNN talking about how the other candidates are seemingly advocating to subvert the will of the people.

  11. I would not want a system where the candidate with the most delegates still could be passed over. What's with you Americans and your fear of the majority?

  12. Yup you said it pundits…if the DNC overturns the will of the people which is not democratic at all…then it will be R.I.P. Democratic Party. We have the numbers to start a Progressive Party of for and by the people. OR the Dems can allow us to reshape our party into the party of FDR and MLK. Because this is our lives that the elite are messing with. Every policy they pass affects us not living in that bubble. or the bubble of mainstream media.

  13. here you an see an american student expiriencing german health care for the first time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwantba05Y0

  14. Bernie is a fool with the support of the snowflake of the left he will make it easier for Trump to be re-elected I can't believe his supporters are so uneducated and are really as stupid as they post.

  15. Krystal Ball: Why establishment scramble to stop Bernie will fail •Jan 28, 2020


  16. A New Electorate Can the Bernie Sanders Campaign Alter the Course of the
    Democratic Party January
    3 2020 https://theintercept.com/2020/01/03/bernie-sanders-democratic-party-2020-presidential-election/?fbclid=IwAR10PDPxSDjn7FRNQsegwV8nUZNwk1o1BVOUjpFnP0QzGouOmYeYdhZcd1w

  17. 30 Years of Speeches……  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYxZfksAyco

    Sanders' Senior Advisor David Sirota: Lessons from 20 years of Bernie beating the establishment •Dec 26,

    2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXbcmUGTUFg

    Legislative Landmarks

    The Almanac of American Politics called Sen. Bernie Sanders a “practical” and “successful legislator.” In the House, he was dubbed the “amendment king” for passing more roll-call amendments than any other member. “He accomplishes this on the one hand by being relentlessly active and on the other by using his status as an independent to form left-right coalitions,” Matt Taibbi wrote in Rolling Stone.As the veterans committee chairman, Sanders was able “to bridge Washington’s toxic partisan divide and cut one of the most significant deals in years,” Humberto Sanchez wrote for Congressional Quarterly.


    What Has Bernie Ever Done? More Than You Think!


  18. Because all he wants is people to have guaranteed healthcare without being denied by an insurance, without going bankrupt, wages that allow people to not be working poor, education for everyone without making banks rich and burdening graduates with massive loans. Call it whatever you want, that;s all Bernie wants.

  19. "what voters don't want………. gay 27%"…. the fuck you doing 27% its 2020 if a candidate is gay who cares they may be a brilliant option for president… discrimination in plain sight and one of the many reasons Bernie needs to be elected.

  20. lol.. there is NO ONE that can beat President Trump..
    a billionaire against a limousine socialist…. pathetic !
    Trump 2020


  22. Dick Van Dyke net worth $50 Million
    Danny DeVito net worth $80 Million USA Dollars
    Susan Sarandon net worth $50 Million Dollars
    Jamie Foxx net worth $100 Million Dollars
    Demi Lovato net worth $33 million dollar
    Snoop Dog net worth $135 Million Dollars
    Gary Busey net worth $500,000 K Dollars
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  23. And we can afford to give the military one trillion dollars we can afford to waive all School tuition and get people Health Care

  24. They are lying about Bernies numbers in SC! They are always lying about his numbers. They said he wasn't going to win just about every state so far and he has so far. He is going to crush Biden in SC!

  25. He's always supported the idea of throwing delegates to the curb anyway, he doesn't say it because he's winning. He says it because it's the actual truth.

  26. They keep telling the people he can't win don't elect him and people just ignore them and vote Bernie anyway. wonder if he gets the nomination will they continue to say he can't win trying to help trump the most dangerous president in us history real traitors if they do

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  28. This Senile Idiot, really thinks,we are all stupid. This is not Cuba 1959? This is USA 2020, no space for lies after lies, to implement Communist Agenda! Either Trump, or face Full Scale Civil War and coming after you, You Fidel Bernadette Sand Paper. Time for you to check into your local Nursing Home in Burlington Vermont and explain them about your 1959 Fidel Castor's regime, in how to get free Jail Time and Free Registration in Fidel's Concentration Camps! Brainwashing College Kids, with Lies, will not work either. (TRUMP-2020) Is all is left over to save us all from your dangerous play pen. 🌹👀🌹😜🌹

  29. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UQMASjwi6k

    Do yourselves a favor and actually LISTEN to the greatest orator of the last century…

    Yea I said it…nobody wants to listen to a boring old stiff who has practiced public speaking his entire life in hopes of making sure nobody ever gets to see the REAL him…this guy speaks like a HUMAN BEING…not a politician…you know what he means…you know what he thinks…zero subterfuge.

    Entertaining, knowledgeable and grade A rockstar.

    If you've never watched one of his speeches all the way through…you have ZERO business having an opinion on the man…and ANYONE who doesn't at least give him credit for being charismatic…is lying if they claim they've listened to him.

  30. It's amazing how many Trump supporters are on here saying how Trump will beat Bernie lol they seem worried maybe because Bernie is the only candidate that has support in all states and continually beats Trump in polls.

  31. Forget about it CNN its to late . Berners are going to drive you into oblivion. I already canceled my cable . CNN is on its way out with its founder . You are dying of old age and dementia.

  32. Fact Sanders apparently seemed to be taking issue with the audience here. Took me back a bit as why is he criticizing them instead of his opponents?

    If Sanders cannot control his temper Trump is going to have him for dinner. Sanders is looking more like a bit of a loose cannon in this debate. :/

  33. Amazing how so corrupt and distorted the views of some people and especially American journalism Health care for all is Communist….. 12 years ago
    Major banks in the U.S we need Tax payers money to help us and from what i remembered the banks gave there hedge managers and other staff bonuses

    I hope Bearnie wins and can do some major changes.
    San Francisco homelessness was crazy my uncle who is rich said this to me "America is the greatest country in the world….. if your rich."

  34. Crazy Bernie is going to be road kill antichrist trump will roll all over him and leave him for vultures to pick apart.

  35. funny how bernie had so many BOOOOs i think tom almost got 1 booo. i dont think any of them cant win against trump but 70% of america closes their eyes and ears when they hear theres a hugs and kisses socialist. warren doesnt identify as same party as bernie but they have and share the same stances swimming in the same spa. like me others dont put alot of confidence in pete, such a young inexperienced candidate. i think it leaves bloomberg the best option if winning is the soul purpose. i think if we act so radical as to humor the concept of undermining the foundation of america and the system that made us the youngest nation to become the most powerful most favored location on planet to elect a puppy's and bunnies socialist then not only will trump win but by a number so large it may stain the democratic side so badly the republicans will walk into office in 2024

  36. Bernie is going to be president because he cares about the people and America every other candidate is in it for themselves and their corporate donations.

  37. Wake Up media! Get out of your bubble and look the reality of the american people. We have been lied about a system that let us behind for so long now. Is deeply corrupted and we are going to make our voices heard.

  38. Thank God that last women spoke some truth in this. If the DNC tries to crown one of the losing centrists as the nominee they will indeed be burning the party down. The DNC will evolve now or it will not survive.


  40. Listen DNC we tried the middle of the road it doesn't work! Obama went half way we need to go all the way and settle issues that have surrounded the American people for too long. So stop trying to convince the people that Bernie is too far left, he can do the most for all of us. We need his honesty we need his strength, and we need his confidence because trump or Biden or another of the other do not elicit any of these qualities. Too much petty BS going on in this country. We need to fix what is broken and we can with Bernie.

  41. Why does Tammy Keith look like a young Amy Klobchur??? Or is it my imagination? I'll have to do some research on her and where she came from…gotta remember this is CNN…so, expect the unexpected.

  42. Well, I could find no connection between Keith and Klobchur…but…life is stranger than fiction. The resemblance between the two is very striking. CNN is the most un-trusted name in news of all the cable channels…it's not news anymore…it's pure propaganda…goes far back to the first Gulf War…reporters pretended to be in Israel under scud attack with sirens other sound effects, when in fact they were in their Atlanta studio…CNN viewers have not idea how they are being gas lighted.

  43. Keith, talking about titanium, so, how did the 6 ton titanium engines at the pentagon vaporize…it takes over 4,000 degrees to melt titanium…? Come on smart girl, lets hear your fancy answer…I'm sure you have some bull shit to sell me…I'm 100% sure you do.

  44. Abby, you are right that the DNC will burn the party down if they don't honor the majority. However, we DO already know how a centrist Dem plays against Trump. That's been done.

  45. I will not vote for anybody else than Bernie Sanders. I'm done with corporate Democrates who do not care about ordinary Americans. They all defend the corporations. CNN, CNBC can say whatever the fuck they want, if Bernie is not the candidate, most young Democrats will not vote.

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  47. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYaYk09kEDs

    A Brit and an Australian explaining Bernie Sanders indirectly.

    If you want some great stuff to use while defending Bernie…make sure you watch the whole thing.

  48. These polls they speak of are loaded questions with a lot of word play to confuse and guide answers. Can’t trust anything anymore. bernie 2020

  49. He feels this way because he is the only one on that stage that doesn't hate democracy, and CNN fails to identify a true ideology over personal benefit. It's no wonder since that predicting on the basis of personal motive has historically worked with every other psychopath politician in history. It's time to elect the first non psychopath for god knows how long.

  50. He'll take away your co-payments he'll take away your deductibles he'll take away the high cost of your medication. How can we vote for someone like this. Very easily!

  51. 5 reason’s why God didn’t created us:

    We are not born of light/air.

    We were sculpted, by another physical being.

    To human being’s, light is a destroyer.

    Mind, is a destroyer.

    The more light/information we receive, the more
    we can’t handle.

    The Bible was meant to be a destroying book, and to use for
    leverage over human’s. It’s opposite, because it a cover up for Earth, for

  52. I love how CNN hates Bernie however they dont have anything ammo against him. Fuck you corporate sluts its time to pay for your sins. The people are tired of picking up the bill.

  53. We the GOOD People of America WILL make certain that Vladimir Putin's Angry Communist Comrade Bernie Sanders gets Fully Rejected in November. We WILL NEVER ALLOW a Mentally-deluded Communist like Sanders to Hijack our government and turn our country it into another Venezuela. NO WAY!!! Let's make this Perfectly Clear to ALL you Liberal DOLT Socialists and Communists: The Intelligent People of America WILL NOT give any of the Incompetent Liberal Political HACKS vying for the Democrat nomination the power to raise taxes in order to fund their Radical Liberal agenda. NO WAY!!! Let that sink into your Brainwashed heads.

    Prepare yourselves for President Trump's Massive and Overwhelming Landslide BLOWOUT Victory this coming November. The Silent Majority of Smart Voting American Citizens WILL RISE UP against this well known Evil of Socialism and Communism. It will be politically DESTROYED. Make Absolutely NO Mistake about that!






  54. Sad day for you idiots .. you will never get it. You are loud mouths for your corporate masters. You will pay taxes my vote is with Bernie..!!

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