Joe: President Donald Trump Trails Joe Biden Badly In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. So trump comes into office and rides the economic train that Obama set into motion, and of course takes credit for it. He rolls back regulations which protect the environment of American citizens, passes a giant tax cut for wealthy individuals, as the national debt mounts. He attacks everything Obama worked on…. healthcare, the Iran deal, and the Paris accord, with no cogent plans to deal with the problems. Add to that his ignorance, his childish behavior, his disrespect for everyone who does not agree with, and of course his misogyny and overt racism. Why does anyone support that man? America is in serious trouble, not because of trump, but because too many support what he stands for.

  2. The media is obsessed with Trump and he’ll win again because of their sick, twisted obsession with Donald J Trump. They just can’t help themselves. TDS is truly real and alive more than ever!

  3. The polls were an embarrassment in how incorrect they were in 2016. They said Hilary was gonna win by 10 points. In other words, polls mean nothing and the media knows it. Liars

  4. In 2016 the polls said Hilary was going to win by 10 points….how’d that work out for y’all in 2016?

  5. Trump is delighted to be the president of the DIVIDED STATES….And he is working hard to keep it that way. We need to appeal to the UN for help with this dictator who stole the presidency and is holding the county hostage. He is addicted to controversy. He is an archon who uses his base to feed on the embarrassment and pain of those he deliberately tries to humiliate.

  6. Lol, it is amazing watching these people try so hard to elevate others against Trump. Trump is a winning machine, and with his momentums Dems don't have a chance, to funny.

  7. I'm not sure if any one is seeing this the way I am, but is it me or maybe I'm wrong but the president seem more worried about loosing than anything else cause of the legal battles looming over his head if he is out of office

  8. Let's see hitlliry was going to be beaten bye 9 to 13 points??? Yet you brainwashed idiots keep be lie ving this crap!!!!

  9. Those are the most ridiculous polls ever made. Morning joe, you and that chick gotta be the dumbest people on the fake news circuit.
    I live next to orlando, the president comes here and people camp out to see him, the place is overpacked, theres literally thousands of people outside, and tons of people who came in town because he was here. Then I see biden, maybe 40 people, mayor pete looked like 200 tops. pocahontis A little more, maybe 250. Trump..WHO KNOWS, THERE'S TOO MANY PEOPLE TO COUNT. It was the most watched declaration to run as president ever even though the fake media turned off their cameras, STILL the most watched ever.
    And after the shameful specticle of all dems pres runners willing to give "illegal immigrants" health care when 30 percent of Americans dont have it? (prolly mostly liberals because for the most part they dont have jobs). Oh, and dood this show is aweful. Do yourself a favor dont ever try to be a rockstar again, people are still laughing at that. Jeesh! Have some pride you weird looking guy.

  10. “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States
    undetected, undocumented, unchecked…” Barrack Obama, 2005

  11. ⚡️ President Trump is destroying cultural Marxism.

    ⚡️ President Trump is ending the war on coal.

    ⚡️ He's nullifying common core.

    ⚡️ He ended the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    ⚡️ He's de-regulating a bloated bureaucracy.

    ⚡️ He's bringing factories back to the U.S.

    ⚡️ He's ending illegal immigration.

    ⚡️ President Trump has busted 10,000 pederasts & pedophiles.

    ⚡️ President Trump rescued America from the job-killing Paris Accords.

    ⚡️ President Trump revoked N.A.F.T.A.

  12. Trump is packing stadiums and this guy can't pack a girls bathroom. Tulsi or Yang is your only hope. Keep spewing your fake news…

  13. Why are these two so fake? Don't they see how obviously fake they are? Maybe a lot of people buy this BS. Facts are Trump is helping the real American people more than anyone has in a long long time. God bless Trump.

  14. Beaten badly by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Of course Joe S likes corporate Biden. Republican lite.

  15. Andrew Yang! Biden supported dismantling the American people's ability to file bankruptcy. Super deceptive if you ask me!!!

  16. Obama controlled the border far better than Trump. Trump created an unprecedented flood, and then mistreated them.

  17. I suspect turnout will be massive too, with a Blue Wave. We'll be fine no matter which Dem gets the nomination, but the main thing is to flush the toilet on the Orange Sphincter and MAGA.

  18. Trump is a facist like Hitler with the fat body of Goring White house is the 4th Reich. Theres no republican party but the NSDAP aka Nazi Party Pompeo is martin bormann, Stephan miller is Joseph Goebel, William barrstard is Rudolf hess, mnuchin the seaurchin is wilhem frick, Kushner is Adolf Eichmann, kellianne conman is Oskar Shindler, mike pence is Heinrich Himmler mulvaney is albert speer.Bolten is wather funk.

  19. Bernie 2020. These corporate pundits are pushing any other candidate. Mika with her softball questions to Biden. Yeah Mika, that's what Americans want to know " bla bla bla Obama bla bla bla."

  20. Come on people!!!! The only reason Trump won is that Bernie supporters couldn't vote for Hillary. Now that those people may have learned their lesson by not voting or voting for Trump the next election will be a lot different even with Republican voter suppression and manipulation.

  21. Look at the number of views. Fox news has 10 times the numbers over the same period of time. My point? You keep throwing your fake poll numbers. We don't want communism. Every democrat committed political suicide when they all said they wanted free healthcare for illegals.

  22. My cynicism about polls is boundless. We got burned last time, and if we’re smart there won’t be a next time.

  23. Nationwide polls are useless. He is not trying too win the popular vote. He is on a 270 campaign because electoral votes, which is what counts. He lost by around 3 million votes in 16 and still won. The number of votes no not count, but where those vote do.

  24. Greetings from The Dis-United Kingdom !….Please Democrats do not become complacent ! I don’t believe America is ready for “Socialism”
    You must pick a “Centrist”. Candidate who can unite the right & left, do good for minorities, scale back the power of corporations,
    Sort out the health care issue, reduce military spending & expansion, basically do good things for Americans & clean up your environment.
    That will create the “Re-United States of America “ the world watches in anticipation !
    Now, can anybody tell me how to sort our mess out, over here ? !!


  26. All these rallies just feeds his monumental ego. When things go wrong – he throws a tantrum. He's just a little child – with a low IQ – who HAS to seek attention and put himself at the centre stage. PATHETIC!

  27. Trump is still the favorite.The Whole party is with him. How many Bernie and Warren voters will stay home? The 3% unemp,…

  28. Trump has nothing to worry about, he has the corrupt racist republicans in every state suppressing minority votes closing polling stations, using identity politics to win. He will win easily! The republicans own every media outlet, own the voting machines & will do any vile racist trick to keep poor & blacks from voting.

  29. Clinton and Biden enslaved hundreds of thousands of blacks with the 1994 crime bill Which is racest and unjust. They are working for 38cents an hour, can't vote, or own a gun, no fair trial, and a million families destroyed. And black people keep voting for these clowns. Why? Hasn't anyone read the new Jim Crow.

  30. Pussygrabbing withdrawals are going to be the worst for America to endure from Our Lord LittleHands.

  31. If there is so much crime committed by our president, why hasn't anyone done a thing but only rant about it on media platforms to spread hate?

  32. Who said anything about color and his tweet you f**** dumbasses quit being fake news why don't you be real reporters. Did ilhan Omar not talk about Al-Qaeda as if they were something to be proud of to stick your chest out about? Did AOC not compare the detention centers at the border with concentration camps associated with World War II? He is only referring to the radical left where was your denouncing of Nancy Pelosi would she also referred to just those four as being a small fraction of the democratic party that has no support? You guys are all a bunch of fake news referring to fake polls who aren't pulling the people who support Trump they're only pulling the people that they think they can get the numbers they want so when you do a real poll and include all these Fly Over States then you'll get your truth or you could just wait until 2020 election.

  33. I wonder if Trump will walk around and stalk Joe as he speaks during the debates like he did with Hillary. Creepy!

  34. Oh wow the polls. You know you can count on them, their so accurate. Trump is gonna lose re election. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  35. Typical liberals… never reading the fine print. Poll taken from a measly sample of 1000 registered voters with a total marginal error of 6.92%. Considering there’s roughly 240,000,000 adults who can register to vote, 6.92% is a garbage tolerance out of only 1000 samples, I call BS on this fake news. Seen it before in 2016. Trump takes 2020 in record numbers.

  36. So this is where the liberal and democrat fish hang out, living off the scum in the MSNBC pool, pathetic. More BS fake polls, you people are pathetic for watching them, I would feel sorry for you but hey you cannot fix stupid, broken at least has a chance.

  37. This reminds me of the polls before elections. Trump was lagging by what 15% against hillary? I don't trust these polls. This will create complacence.

  38. Hahaha tell me again who is doing these polls? HAHAHAHA. Trump isn't going to lose. It's going to be a blowout.

  39. According to the Polls… Clinton Won the 2016 Elections! Wait a minute… let me check out… No, People By Far VOTED for Trump…. Trump 2020!

  40. trump will tear biden's hair plugs out. that will be the end of Biden smelling women. thy will laugh at the liver spots all over his bald pate.

  41. more b.s….. gee, do you remember 2016 polls??? hahaha – showed Clinton winning easily… believe nothing from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ETC…

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