Joe Biden, Warren Leading 2020 Field In Separate Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. This the Democrat that faked Native American heritage.
    This is Not the Democrat that sports the Nazi tattoos.
    Not to be confused with the Democrats that wear blackface.
    Or the ones that think all black people look the same.

  2. BERNIE2020! WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO CHEAT HIM AGAIN?? Y'all think we're stupid. You'll do ANYTHING to slander Bernie, to ignore him. If Joe is so hot now, why is he begging for money? You think we don't see what y'all are doing, you and your billionaire owners. You are DESPICABLE.

  3. I like Bernie but I really don’t like his supporters. They supposedly liked Warren when she was polling very low but now that she’s polling higher than him they hate her now.

    Y’all need to chill, seriously.

  4. Corporate-owned media telling us that we should be voting for the corporate-owned candidates. Give it up, no one will vote for Joe Biden. It will be 2016 all over again. If you don't pick a progressive candidate, then you won't get the majority of the voters. Let America keep burning down. DNC learned nothing.

  5. But how will PMSNBC spin the Russian Origins Probe becoming a criminal investigation? Attack the messenger as usual? Good luck. Justice WILL prevail.

  6. You know it would be just great if Hillary would enter race and stick it to all those other Dems running for office, just like she did to Bernie to get the Dem nomination. I would just love to see and hear the crying that would come from all those Dems that had been campaigning and stuff to get shot down.

  7. This is the best the Democrats can muster. Sad. Very sad. The progressive left have destroyed the party. Some know this and are begging Bloomberg and Cuban to run. Even Hillary is thinking about running. Desperation is not very attractive.

  8. LMFAO Guaranteed… if Status Quo Joe wins the nomination, the Democrats will lose to Agolf Twittler, or any other Republiklan that runs against him. His past history in government doesn't read like a progressive, or a real democrat, and the alt right will rip him to shreds.

  9. Can't wait to see you talking heads somewhere we can spit on your headstones. So unAmerican and divisive…under 1rst Amendment protection. The bankers use our constitution against us.

  10. The only thing faker than Fox News are the polls that put Biden in the lead.

    Srsly please show me a Biden supporter besides the media or corporations.

  11. Lol!!! This is the best that the new socialist party has to offer? The blue clown party is a sinking ship!!! Ilit is beyond corrupt when they create biden the "winner." Wake up sheeple

  12. Democrats are bought and paid for by the Chinese. A vote for Democrats is selling American to China, and enslaving the American people.

  13. I love how all the bamboozled sheeple still hang on to the lies and corruption of the msm and newspapers..5 year old children out there are smarter than this…LMAO!!!

  14. LOL !!!! A pole shows joe in the lead instead of 3rd and falling.
    Here they go again.. Completely ignoring the results in 2016… IF an establishment candidate is the Dem nominee.. Dems WILL lose!!! Go on, way out of touch, establishment corporate for profit news… Keep Ignoring us.. you ignore and Dismiss Bernie… who speaks for us!

  15. biggest rallies..Sanders, …. most donors,…Sanders….most money…..Sanders…….most foot soldiers, Sanders….most popular politician in the country, Sanders

    no more pre-election polls, they are nothing but propaganda, however exit polls must be mandatory

  16. NEWS FLASH!!

    ANY candidate polling in single digits or just barely into double digits, Nationally IS NOT going to be the nominee!
    Mayor Pete? no. Harris? no. Tulsi? no. Yang? no.
    That's not to say ALL of them are horrible choices that's not true… BUT, ONLY a TRUE progressive will win!! STOP trying to recreate 2016! Hillary, the establishment candidate LOST to Trump a reality tv moron BECAUSE she was establishment! Joe is Hillary 2.0 and excites NO ONE! He offers NO CHANGE!

  17. These MSNBC talking heads contribute very little to the growth of the global economy. That's why they are talking heads. Real business men and hard working people don't have time to sit and talk and speculate about some cherry picked Polls!

  18. Trust me democrats No women will be elected by the Iowans or by the people in NH , Warren will never be elected by some liberal website fans, that's it end of the discussion, Therefore don't waste your time supporting Warren, nothing against women but there are many democratic men are not well educated enough to elect a women president,

  19. Warren will be supported by the  liberals from liberal websites , that's all she will get, no one else. Does this mean Joe Biden will elected in Iowa or NH ? I don't know?? I think there will be a chance for another candidate from the democrats , I wonder who that would be??? you dems figure out that, When the election heats up in Iowa and NH everything will change, Trust me democrats

  20. Morning Joke still propping up their corporate owned candidates to influence voters. No policies, no solutions, no regard for human life, profits before people. MSNBC, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  21. Joe Biden is getting the shaft from his lovely caring Democrat friends.. easy to tell he was stupid and not capable of running
    the United States… trusted Democrats

  22. Oligarchs doing all they can to protect corporate Joe.

    Donnie is a trust fund baby who got his hundreds of millions from his daddy. And Micha also comes from a establishment politics family.

    They are grossly out of touch. Nominate Joe and watch millions stay home. People can see through your bs.

  23. The media has fallen out of love with warren now that Biden has risen in two pills. I have yet to meet one Biden supporter….it’s pretty obvious most people want Bernie

  24. Joe Biden leading? That's why I don't know a single Biden supporter. On the other hand, I know a shitload of Bernie supporters.

  25. What a choice – a senile old groper or a fake Indian who would need to raise income taxes 48% to even begin to pay for her insane policy proposals – Trump is a lock in 2020 folks

  26. not voting for no biden the father of the crime bill that targeted blacks to this day. I'm not a bot just a concerned citizen

  27. Andrew Yang is the only one worth voting for. Big fan of Biden, but Yang understands where we as a society are headed with AI and tech taking over jobs.

  28. i have an orange suit for rudy giuliani with 'prison's mayor' written on it!
    as for trump…is it wise for an orange ape to wear an orange suit?

  29. He's doing everything he possibly can to become UN-ELECTABLE. @#$% I'm just waiting for him to call the BLACK COMMUNITY that support TRUMP " The Basket of Black Deplorables " I still bet that Kamala Harris wouldn't call him out for it cause she hates them even more than TRUMPS white supporters.

  30. Joe, retire already, you are a grumpy old man, stupid also. Only ranting, raving, using tired liberal talking points, no fresh view, no value for viewers. I could get the same level of Trump hate stuff on Twitter. It's just exhausting, your show. When you are off and Mika is the anchor,it's so much better, so much more of valuable information and analysis. No stupid jokes, no rants, no showboating.

  31. I would argue it is irresponsible to skew things in favor of an unpopular candidate because that causes civil unrest.

  32. OMG, it's going to be 2016 all over again. Polls don't mean anything, if Warren or Biden is the nominee, you might as well not even hold an election and just let Trump be in office for another 4 years.

  33. I get tired of the oh i just cant see anybody that supports biden is getting old my whole family supports joe biden LOL so stop lying.

  34. I would vote for Joe. I won't be super happy, but I would vote for him over Trump. I will not vote for a socialist vs. Trump.

  35. The Russian trolls are in full force here. It's great that the majority of Americans are for impeaching the orange con man.
    He needs to resign and be jailed.

  36. How could you feel comfortable with this abortionist,people who view abortion as he and Hillary do remind me of those duriing The American Civil War who believed black people not to be human beings.I recently viewed the nonhuman victim of a late term abortion and it sickened me.I feel a great sadness for a human race that would allow such evil ! When I look at Joe Biden s face I see a person who believes this to be right.For this reason I am sickened upon seeing his image.May God forgive him .

  37. Gotta love the fake polls too.. I don't vote on those things, so it's just their viewers polling, and they want us to believe it's everybody lol

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