Joe Biden Narrowly Leads Democratic Field In NH, Polling Shows | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Don't let them force feed you a losing candidate, yang is only chance to find some unity, lots to argue about later

  2. WELL looks like TG is getting pumped by the Russians.
    she won't place or win but will mess up any other candidates chances, just like the Bots want.
    she is nothing but a wolverine in sheeps clothing.

  3. I guess so , Joe's been proven to be the most crooked candidate of all the demon-rats, in that party the more of a crook you are the more the rest of them love you, it's an honor to a demon-rat to be considered the most crooked of them all.

  4. I don't think many people give credence to MSNBC polls, since their owner gave Joe Biden millions of dollars for his campaign.

  5. Joe Biden, !! you will have to start letting Americans know that you mean to run for the presidency,,,,,in a real way,,,,,,,put your foot down .

  6. Hey Joe, America doesn't need another CRIMINAL & LIAR in GOV.
    So if you REALLY want to HELP your COUNTRY !!
    Just GO home And take all those LYING DEMOCRAT'S standing up along side you HOME to. Specially Booker & Harris
    you nor they
    will never be PRESIDENT of
    the USA..

  7. MSNBC will eventually be charged with crimes against humanity based the the lies and corruption this networked has orchestrated.

  8. for anyone who thinks this poll is real quinnipiac is a liberal biased poll and MSNBC is a liberal biased media. it’s getting so hard to find a non biased media source these days and it sucks. please formulate your own opinions!

  9. If I HAVE to settle for a moderate in Nov. 2020, I hope it's Pete. Not Biden. Not Bloomberg. Not Harris. But still, I'm rooting for Liz.

  10. Campaigns with a more varied/colorful base of support (Sanders, Harris, Castro) are always gonna struggle in those traditional, white states.

  11. Go ahead and vote for Elizabeth Warren,,,, Trump will crush her, and then we get four more years of the idiot,,,,,,I know because I voted for George McGovern, Richard Nixon won 49 out of the 50 states!

  12. Your bias is showing again, isn't it, MSNBC? Considering that the owners of your channel, i.e. Comcast, are one of Buttigieg's biggest 'donors' / bribers then it comes as no surprise to me that you sing his praises at every opportunity, is it? I hope that Bloomberg does manage to buy / bribe his way into the race because you can guarantee that he'll split both Biden's and Weasel Pete's supporters and get those two corporate shills out of the race.

  13. Biden bragged about holding $1bln in aid to Ukraine if it didn't terminate the prosecutor who was investigating corruption at the company his son had been given a well paying board job. He had no experience, period, for that job. The prosecutor was fired. The video is on the web, look for it. This is corruption, nothing short and the Democrats are still supporting him. He did and bragged about what they are accusing Trump of. Difference, Trump did not do it.

  14. Lol poor pedophile Joe Biden. Losing to a woman who lied about being native American for financial and educational gains. Cheers from Toronto


  16. In 2003, I attended Howard Dean's coming out event in Burlington. He gave a speech on a warm day in late June, and when he declared "you've got the power" over and over again, the hair on my head stood up. All of us Dean supporters were so energized throughout the coming months. We gave money and support. And then the month of February came. Dean had been leading in the polls right up to the last week of the Iowa caucuses.
    Then the caucuses were held and Dean (who I thought was a sure bet) came in a distant third or fourth. He was done in an instant. Forget about the yell…he was done.
    Maybe that sort of thing doesn't happen every time but I will wait at least, until Iowa and maybe New Hampshire before I figure out who I am going to support. I am a progressive but have no idea what this new generation of "progressive" thinks of themselves. I will be whatever the Dems want me to be (and I am not a dem) because the right wing in America is far too scary. If you are not afraid of what is happening in this country, you are not paying attention. They call themselves republicans but they are a treacherous breed. These are scary times.

  17. Please select anyone other than Biden…Tulsi, would have my vote….even Yang, dang even Bernie…at this stage I’d vote for Pocahontas Warren….but if it’s between Trump and Biden…….I will vote Trump again. Though I live in California so it really doesn’t matter.

  18. Willy uses the phrase "the minds of voters". That put the fear of dopiness into my heart.  
    Buttigieg speaks in clear, intelligent and on the mark sentences. Warren speaks in intelligent but righteous outrage and she tells you what she wants to do about it…Bernie is straight out righteous outrage. I don't know what to say about Biden BUT the initial declaration on the part of America that calls itself the Democratic party will come in February. Trump has a limited vocabulary…"Build a wall", "fake news NY Times, Washington post, CNN and so forth; "NO COLLUSION, no obstruction ad nauseam.
    I would like if clear, Intelligent and on the mark will win the day but I guess I don't know the people of my country very well…we'll see what happens.


  20. If Joe Biden becomes the Dem candidate, we are DOOMED. He may poll well, but he won't motivate lazy voters to actually get out of the house and ACTUALLY VOTE. He's far too boring. He's also a corporate democrat. We might as wellelect Mike Pence.

  21. Yawn.
    Let's review a few of President Trump's actions & results:
    Pulled out of TPP.
    Record regulation cuts.
    Tax cuts.
    Empowering small business owners.
    Renegioationing Trade Deals to benefit Americans.
    More products made in USA, jobs & manufacturing returning to US in over 30 years.
    Pulled out of Paris Climate. Agreement Gov slush funds, globalist carbon taxation, gov contract & Climate Hysteria Ponzi schemes..
    Withdrawal from Proxy/Assad Regime Change War in Syria.
    Withdrawal from Shady Secret Iran Deal 1.8B in cash sent in dark of night, secretly laundered in Suisse Banks without notifying Congress or American public beforehand in exchange for a few hostages (thought we didn't negotiate with terrorists by Obama & his shady Admin.
    Decimation of ISIS in Middle East. Death of Al Quida leader's son.
    Lowest unemployment rates for blacks, latinos, women, Asians since 1969.
    6 million NEW jobs.
    Wall Street & DOW Record Highs.
    4.2 GDP rate.
    3.4 GDP rate.
    3% wage increases for black workers.
    Rebuilding of Military.
    Increase of Border Security, heightened awareness of illegal immigration & system abuse issues-huge leftists/Soros funded Caravans of illegals, & costs& drain on our systems & resources.
    Support of law enforcement & border agents, DHS, ICE.
    Building if High Tech Border Walls our own Security Agents requested to impede & styme illegal migrants & caravans from just walking across our borders jumping the line on legal migrants going through proper channels.
    Rebuilding of Middle Class.
    Fighting against PC Culture, Fake DNC talking point agendas & propaganda Media agents, Globalism, Socialism, Equality Acts which leads to more elitists & gov power & control of our daily lives.
    Met with NK leader & historically stepped into NK to descalate tensions & build a new working relationship with NK leafership.
    Canadian/Mexico new Trade Deals (waiting on Dwma on House to do their jobs & approve it).
    Japan multi billion Agricultural Trade Deals with US Farmers.
    These are only a few accomplishments in under 3 yrs. Full lists can be viewed at White House Sites.
    Hardest working PRESIDENT & Admin of my lifetime frankly.
    What are you waiting for? #walkawayfromtheDems

  22. They just gerrymander who they poll now. “Likely Democrat voters” that means they didn’t ask anybody that’s independent that votes in the democratic primary, and they use landlines 🤦🏽‍♂️. Which also means it skews older.

    Can’t wait to see the look on their face when bernie wins !

  23. Yeah by the time the summer comes Biden will be losing by a lot. Honestly, the only question is who needs to drop out for him for start solidly lose. I think when cody or Kamala drops out that'll. Do it

  24. Really do not care for this show or Joe , they are truthful , credible and present decent opinions
    they report on Trump honestly and truthfully '' Trump is a lazy nitwit and seems he does not even
    attempt to be honest or decent . Trump needs to be Removed from the '' WHITE HOUSE and be
    Convicted and Jailed for his Crimes against the United States of America

  25. Yea Joe, several things do stand out , and you fail to notice that Tulsi has doubled her numbers in the poll. All the stooges fail to even mention Tulsi.

  26. Corporate news spinning corporate news polls to influence voters. Sanders will win and win big that's what my poll shows. Solutions to issues not propaganda. MSNBC, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  27. Years ago, the day I watched Joe Biden on national television tell how a truck driver who drank his lunch killed his family in a car accident (this was when Mothers

    Against Drunk Driving were all the rage), I knew I was watching a liar and corrupt politician. Later the truck driver’s daughter came forward and disclosed the Biden

    lie. Her father had not been drinking, the state police cleared him of that. Biden's wife ran a stop sign and she and her family were killed in a tragic accident. The truck driver’s daughter said that accident haunted her father until he died. The state police cleared the truck driver of all wrongdoing. What can you say about a politician who would lie about the death of his family? What do you think about a man who uses his position as vice president to get his son a job on a foreign corporation making more in a month than most Americans make is 2 years? Joe Biden is one of the creepiest, sleaziest most corrupt politicians that America has ever produced.

  28. Wendell Potter, former health insurance executive, exposes the industry and explains why Medicare for All is the best:

  29. Check out Andrew Yang. He will interview with Ben Shapiro and other perceived difficult groups with ease. That guy can unify authentically without needing to go negative on a group whether it's left, right, rich, poor… he stays neutral which is the way it should be. Lastly, he's a model for what a president should be and can hopefully influence others as intelligent as him to get into politics. We need to be realistic that no president can make significant change in 4 years. But his win can be the catalyst of change that models what every politician at every branch level should aspire to be.

  30. Biden 2020! Joe can draw crowds of 10s of people. We are behind you Joe! You’ve done nothing in 40 years but this time you will do something.

  31. all of cable news is a criminal mafia= all these people are LYING SACKS OF SH!T!!! ACTUAL POLLS [and all these nazi newscasters KNOW IT] prove that if all 300,000,000 eligible Americans voted, the percentages would be: 1] BERNIE= 65%; 2] TULSI= 20%; 3] TRUMP= 10%; BIDEN= 3%; and, 2% Divided among all the others.

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