Joe Biden Continues Rise In Latest Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Fake disingenuous polls that only polled people above 50. Trump already told America the DNC will cheat again.

  2. BWAHAHAHAHA! The same polls that had Killary winning by a landslide? The same Poll that was deleted by Twitter when 70% picked Kavenaugh of RBG corpse!
    Thinking humans say NO to PEDO JOE! He's creepy no matter what your political stance!

  3. So Biden can give us four more years of Obama? Ummmm…no thanks I already fell for that once! barry's disastrous policies killed my Country!
    The DNC= a virtual serpent devouring it's own tail. Liberal, leftist lunatics like bubonic plague ridden vermin on a sinking ship. We are woke. We have their number. When Biden, Cortez,Killary,Bernie,Butti, Waters, Pelosi and PEDO Joe are the best they have to offer WE KNOW they're in trouble. BUUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    President Trump 2020 a WARRIOR 4 Truth and a HERO 4 humanity!!!!

  4. I don't mind when polls come out and it shows Biden in the lead BUT I would like to for these "news casters" to show who they asked, the age group, the number of democrats polled and so on. This is a complete vague poll. I fear that Trump will win it if Biden is elected. I know if he is the nominee I will vote 3rd party.

  5. This segment is really shameful.. not going into the details of the poll. I mean Morning Joe is a joke but old people who don't go on the internet WILL be fooled by this. So sad

  6. Bernie Sanders 2020 – Medicare For All, Green New Deal, reduce income inequality, affordable education, policies good for the American people
    I want Elizabeth Warren on the Bernie Sanders team. Maybe just a strong supporter and leader in the senate
    Sanders is going to do very well against Biden in the debates. He has strong well though out policies. Bernie can deliver a message of hope.

  7. Tulsi 2020

    Ain’t nobody want joe better Bernie Sanders is way ahead of old joe! The media needs to Stop pushing joe like they did Hillary or the dems will loose again!

  8. FAKE Ratings.,,Creepy Uncle Joe with ,,very very,, cold hands,,NOBODY votes for Biden .NOT even 1 woman.

  9. Hey white left-wing purists: Nobody cares if you vote for Biden. He don't need your vote. He's got 40%, 20 points over Bernie. This time you're not going to hand the presidency over to Trump with your crybaby protest votes, because Independents and Never Trumpers will vote for Biden too. If a black woman agrees to be his running mate, you're sunk.

  10. To the people pushing old man Sanders, we need a younger diverse candidate to speak for our POC, that's why I'm endorsing Joe Biden!

  11. Biden has no time to lay out his healthcare plan in detail, but does have time for stupid and irrelevant anecdotes about his father and non stop attacks on Trump? Joe Biden is PATHETIC.

  12. It’s amazing how almost every video which has Biden has a negative like ratio. It’s almost as if they skewed the polls lmao

  13. this is easily the worst news outlet, zero credibility accountability or even good content honestly. Why watch such biased news

  14. Biden is on film molesting young girls and has called for open white genocide. He and anyone who voted for him needs to die a very very slow and painful death from stomach cancer

  15. This is the guy that said he has no empathy for Millennials. Anyone under 30 isn't voting for this clown.

  16. The morning consult poll only showed a few states where Biden is leading, but didn't show states where Bernie is leading. I'm not voting Democrat, but Bernie is being cheated and needs to start talking about these rigged polls that are giving creepy Joe momentum.

  17. 25 n my vote goes to Bernie2020. I’ve got a lot people in Ohio voting Bernie. So idk who you guys are polling ??

  18. hahaha I love this! Joe Biden is in so much of a lead no one anyone knows is actually voting for him hahah

  19. 2020 Elections Cancelled
    Trump installed as…
    Supreme Ruler for Eternity

  20. Joe Biden!!! Yeah!!! Joe Biden!!! I can't wait for your 2020 presidency… I like your country, your TV, your Britney Spears, your Joe Biden and your Al Yankovic… Greatest show on earth!!! I can't wait to see your Trump and your Biden fighting hahahahha!!!!

  21. Sanders 2020 the kryptonite to corruption. Joe biden is a corporatists , and a puppet for the rich .
    Hilary was also in the lead when she announced .

  22. These corporate shills have should know that the polling has been curved (60+) to make Biden look more popular. They are just trying to change the narrative to make Biden look like he is the guy to vote for in the primaries. Hopefully Clinton 2.0 does horrible in the primaries against the other much more creditable candidates.

  23. Funny thing… hunter biden.. Joe's son is in cahoots with the Chinese government and imprisoning over 3 million Chinese Muslims. .

  24. Bernie and Joe, y'all don't have the black vote. We want people that are really for everyone, Black people included.

  25. Haaaah! I love how these major TV networks repeatedly, just come up with another fake 'new poll' out of absolutely nowhere… without naming the data group that did the poll, or the telling the viewers where the source of the data came from, or providing the viewers any proof that it was made openly and accurately. These major TV networks are soooo out of touch with the American people. The TV networks may insist on pushing their so called new poll (a 'new poll' that was taken by nobody, anywhere, ever!) and was thrown out into the universe, to confirm this ridiculous news story that they deliberately created, to manipulate public opinion and serve their corporate sponsors agenda. The American people are aware that this is a tactic by greedy corporations that are endorsing corrupt puppet politicians through their control of the American media. Americans simply do not believe any of these fake 'new polls' that mysteriously appear, whenever it suits these TV networks. These TV networks are going to look like complete idiots, (when Pete Butigieg is elected President by the American people) and they refused to mention Pete Butigieg in their fake 'new polls'. (The American people have finally woken up to your sleazy media tricks and they could not care less, about another one of your ridiculous fake new polls!)

  26. Anyone who votes for Biden over Bernie deserves to be punished w/ 4 more years of Trump. Happy to give that to you!

  27. Im just going to throw this out here. If Bernie receives the same treatment as 2016 and the primary goes to someone else. As Americans, we cant skip this election. Trump has to go for the sake of national security. We, as a nation, can work towards picking the most ideal candidate when the current nightmare is over. I desperately want Bernie to be the president, but if the obviously biased corporate media works to undermine his campaign again (which it clearly is doing….again), we must show up in November to truly drain the swamp of corruption and unethical monsters that control the white house, the senate and the house. Vote blue now to preserve the possibility of a vote for the future.

  28. I'm puzzled at how I havent seen one comment supporting Biden (and I've watched my fair share of political video's these past couple of days), but the results for this poll is saying otherwise…

  29. Left is going to implode they are not listening to their own voters. I dont want Bernie to win but he would be the lefts best shot for 2020 and then after regaining the faith of their voters

  30. Joe is actively fundraising with millionaires and billionaires. He represents the rich and elite, not the will of the people.

    Bernie is the people’s champ.

  31. No one should believe these polls after they predicted Hilary would win 😂.
    Fake news. Everyone but Biden please.

  32. Biden son is a coke head, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. His son was discharged from the military for testing positive for cocaine. Why the F would I trust a wors this man says he constantly gets caught in lies. Aka Margaret Thatcher called me … meanwhile she's been dead for years …. hello people this guy points fingers and accuses everyone else of diet meanwhile his whole family is dirty. His son was under investigation in the Ukraine old Joe flew over there and threatened to pull aid unless they drop the case against his son.

    I'm so f tired of flip flop politics. Don't look at this …. look at this. I don't watch this channel because they tell lies.

    Stop playing favorites with candidates and apply the same standard of reporting for EVERYONE!!!!!

  33. This is a liberal station and Biden is being ripped apart in the comments. DNC has picked the wrong person again. NO ON JOE!

  34. Goodness gracious, Joe. Your are to old. Please support a younger candidate with fresher ideas.

  35. If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination Trump will win again. I will NOT vote for Biden over Trump, I will NOT vote at all. In fact I will never vote for a candidate who is not progressive. Democrats will either go progressive or we will have Republicans era for decades

  36. If Biden wins we must declare the White House a no go zone for children. That pervert needs to keep his hands off kids.

  37. ugg corporate media – never changes. so glad I got rid of my cable. I will never vote for Joe Biden – another milktoast democrat. They never learn their lesson – Hillary all over again and you see how that turned out. Dems lose to a game show host, lost over 1000 seats and want to run another establishment democrat.

  38. Biden, no healthcare endless wars and corporations. Love the dislikes to likes to this video . Added my vote . May the mainstream media should start looking at younger people 😒

  39. The election is 18 months away and we aren't even close to a primary or caucus yet. All this polling is for naught and is basically masturbation by ratings desperate media firms.

    Biden has name recognition but he is going to plummet on account of his abysmal record, propensity for gaffes and total lack of message.

    Remember, at this point in the "campaign" season, Jeb Bush was viewed as The Inevitable. He raised something like $100 million only to crash and burn.

    I'm a Trump supporter admittedly (more by default than anything else) but I'd much rather see a liberal who actually stands for something (Warren, Sanders) in the Oval Office than that corrupt crony capitalist.

  40. He's going to reverse the tax cuts, a constant Caravan of people from Central and South America. Oh but at least the media won't be acting like the world is going to end every day

  41. Geriatric Joe's son was taking in 50.000 a month after he was dishonorably discharged from the military for drugs. Joe Biden also put pressure on a prosecutor to lay off the company Joes kid worked for. The company was being investigated for criminal activity.

  42. This should be illegal media lying and manipulating the people this is what people mean by fake news. Everyone at MSNBC needs a new job

  43. Media still controlling and force feeding Democrats the candidate they and the dnc want….someone that's not going to rock the boat or upset the status quo

  44. You know your credibility is in dire straights when Trump accuses MSNBC of being fake news and you prove him right by lying on poll numbers. How about showing Bernie's actual poll numbers and not lie. Here are the true poll numbers

  45. If that’s the case touchy Biden over sanders. We better be afraid of the idiots in the Democratic Party.

  46. Useless corporate MSNBC always makes me want to vomit, especially these TWO. Aren't you the guys who cheerleader for Hillary who lost to an orange game show host and rooted for the Iraq war! How did that turn out?

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