Jimmy Kimmel on Midterm Election Results

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  1. Jimmy actually gave equal time to both political parties to make jokes about. I'm proud. It must be the first time in years.

  2. The audience chooses the better looking person to be democrat and it turns out she is republican.
    The audience chooses the brown guy to be democrat and it turns out he is republican.
    The audience chooses the black person to be democrat and it turns out she is republican.
    The audience chooses the most Hillary-like looking person and it turns out she is a Democrat.
    I think we all know what this means….

  3. You're wrong about Beto. He lost Texas by 3 POINTS! That is unheard of for a Democrat in the deep red state. If he ran for president he would do very well

  4. My brothers used to party with Beto in Northeast El Paso. Lots of coca and beer. Shot out to the Gangster Disciples and Killa County Crips 11X3 Northside El Paso

  5. All you have to do to see where Mitch McConnell's priorities lie is glance at the statistics about the state he has helped govern since the mid-1980s. By any measure, Kentucky is a mess*. It is poor, unhealthy, under-employed, non-competitive, poorly educated, addicted, and despairing. While Mitch has been off playing tactician, his state has continued to sink. McConnell is a heartless, cold, ruthless man who is out for himself. Maybe the chickens are finally coming home to roost.
    * Kentucky:
    / #46 in Educational attainment..
    / #46 in Poverty.
    / #43 in Employment.
    / #43 in Medicare quality.
    But #1 in obstructionist politicians.

  6. You're wrong about Beto Jimmy. Beto obviously couldn't have won in a deep red state like Texas but the fact that he lost by such a close margin is fantastic. Outside of Texas he has an incredible surge of popularity. Keep in mind Lincoln and Bush both lost before getting the Presidency. Now would be a great time for him to start his bid. Strike while the iron is hot.

  7. Is not a single talk show news station republican ? Jesus Christ. It’s like the media loves splitting the country on purpose

  8. Man I hope that Pelosi doesn't become speaker again. We need new leadership. She is too ready to get back to business as usual; she is already talking about working with them, and her easily caving in is how we got here. We need someone who will fight for progressive ideals, not a corporatist centrist. She is also a liability, because it is not only Reps that don't like her- plenty of Dems like me dislike her too. We need to build on this momentum and keep pushing forward, and she would be a step backward. Sure, Cortez is fairly young and says she doesn't want it (and we might want someone with a bit more experience), but there are other progressives we can choose for speaker. Please don't let Pelosi represent us again- that would be thumbing your nose at the new voters and energized progressive wing that helped flip many of these red seats to blue.

  9. Beto O'Rourke lost because of the overwhelming number of stupid people in Texas.
    The fact that slimy Cruz won is proof.

  10. We act like Jimmy didn’t actually contribute to Cruz winning by talking about him al the time and playing a televised basketball game with him

  11. Beto has not taken a dime from corporations, unlike many democrats and republicans in the senate. Its a real shame that an honest man lost an election to such an unlikable lair. I hope Beto runs for president in 2020, because I think he has a good chance of winning.

  12. Its funny how not once did jimmy made fun of obama, even though, obama created ice, obama didnt get us out of lower unemployment rate. Facts speak and regardless of your feelings trump has spoken louder then obama

  13. I have never been as excited about a candidate as I have been about Beto. Jimmy, you're wrong. The election was very close! Beto might not be able to win Texas but he can absolutely become President.

  14. The fact that a democrat candidate like Beto came THAT close in a Redest state in the US against a president candidate like Cruz from previous race makes him a president worthy candidate. I was shocked by the outcome honestly and hope to see him more soon.

  15. Why are Dems still complaining.. You won, shut up and focus on coming up with ideas and solutions.. I guess they spent too much time on crying and complaining they don't know what to do.. It's like, OH NO, Well now what??

  16. VOTE FOR MEEE!…lol…this guy does more with my hispanic name in one hour than i can do in two life times…hahahaha…im sad now

  17. Election fraud were perpetrated by Democrats in states to get the 227 seats over the 198 Republican seats in the HOUSE and now Democrats want to extend this electoral fraud to the Senate where Republicans got 51 majority seats over Democrats 46 seats. Gingrich: Democrats have long tradition of election dishonesty; they only care about power over the system. Democratic Electoral Fraud is a crime, as Gingrich said "Democrats have long tradition of election dishonesty; they
    only care about power over the system," statement confirmed by facts such as the project VERITAS caught Democrats staff admitting tons of illegal immigrants vote, that Democrats manufactured thousands of votes, that hundreds
    of Democrats votes used fake identities and so on of schemes fraud, so some judges cites this as a ‘VIOLATION’ OF STATE CONSTITUTION BY ELECTION OFFICIALS.

  18. Recounting votes is extending and legalizing the Democratic Party Election Fraud because hundreds of
    thousands of Republican Party votes have been destroyed by Democrats Election Officials, Democrats have manufactured votes, Democrats staff have admitted hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, challenging the signature process
    over the inconsistent way counties verify signatures on mail-in ballots that are dropped off at the polls on Election Day, etc.; therefore, because the elections are married by corruption and massive fraud, the ballots must be recast under direct supervision or the SENATE and GOVERNOR ELECTIONS should be NULLIFIED in ARIZONA and FLORIDA STATES.

    States where Democrats get the 227 majority seats of the House, mainly in ARIZONA, COLORADO, ILLINOIS, IOWA, MICHIGAN, NEW MEXICO, NEW YORK, PENNSYLVANIA, VIRGINIA and WASHINGTON States, because rampant ELECTORAL FRAUD where Democrats staff have  manufactured votes, have admitted tons of illegal immigrants to vote and pollution of ballot box, have removal or destruction of ballot box  poll lists or ballots, have obtained voters’ signature by deception perpetrating criminal impersonation, trafficking of identity, have perpetrated fraudulent schemes or artifice of fraud schemed and computer tampering, unlawful actions and felonies directed by Democratic Party leaders Nancy PELOSI, Dianne FEINSTEIN, Kamala HARRIS, Maxine WATERS, who together with Arizona-Maricopa County Recorder Adrian FONTES, must be ARRESTED, PROSECUTED, IMPEACHED and REMOVED from OFFICE because they have and still perpetrating felonies punished by Arizona State Legislature: 16-1016, 13-2005; 13-2006 ; 13-2010; 13-2310, and 13-2316. The same crimes apply to Florida and above mentioned State Elections Officials, under those states legislation.

  20. Dear God, Kimmel's audience is stupid. The fact that they don't even know who Tammy Baldwin or Mia Love are shows their seal-like laughter and applause whenever he makes a Leftist joke is just groupthink, not actual appreciation for politics.

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