Jeff Weaver: When Biden Campaigns On Electability, He Must ‘Win Elections’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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  1. It's super cute that democrats thought hairy legs dog faced pony soldier could ever win an election! It's almost as cute the democrats believed for a second that Donald Trump felt he was a threat lol!

  2. all Trump has to do to win…………… Is make sure Bernie does not get the nomination. I refuse to vote for anyone OTHER then Bernie, I know Others are as stubborn as i am on the subject and let everyone know it too.

  3. It'll never happen. African americans aren't falling for it anymore, that's why all of ya'll Democrats are hustling for the latino vote. You are finished,trust me.

  4. I'm a Trump supporter who is actively donating to Biden. Its not because I think the guy should be president, oh to the contrary. I just really want to see Trump demolish old crazy Joe in the debates. It will be a slaughter!

  5. Democrats aren't trying to run healthcare. Medicare already exists, and has as the most popular and most fiscally efficient health plan in America for 60 years. It was successfully created in only 1 year, before people had home computers. You're telling me that in the year 2o2o we can't expand it for all Americans over 4 years?… please MSM, just f off

  6. Jeff Weaver is the guy who always screams that Bernie was CHEATED!!!!!!! when ever Bernie loses.
    Bernie loses nearly all of the time. If you look at his record in Congress, it sucks.
    But Bernie supporters don't care about that sort of thing. Why should they? All their friends like Bernie, so……

  7. Jeff Weaver, love the offensive strategy. I'm sure there are many Bernie supporters, still on the fence over electability. Not caucusing is one way to avoid confusion.

  8. Bernie is unelectable. Too many people are thoughtful and educated enough to recognize that socialism married with an attitude like his is very soviet like. Won't happen.

  9. He said Trump is dividing the country…. Its us thats dividing the country. Not the Republicans. Its us. I mean, just hours ago I flicked some lady's hat off her head because it red. And yesterday I spray painted over a Trump bumper sticker. With pink spray paint.

  10. As soon as the cameras are off Andrea Mitchell she goes into her Andrea 'chainsaw' Greenspan persona growling and hissing She talks like a demonic Cavemen "I HUNGER!!! Give me tastee Yummie Illegal Alien!! Where my Illegal Alien Need now Give Awghh awghh!!! awghh!!"

  11. Everything that you just said was false. Democrats think they're going to win on false narrative. They got another thing coming. Trump 20/20

  12. WOW !! I am so impressed with the EINSTEIN who wrote the title for this BS video clip !!! (Ive been waiting to see grinnin criminal, feel ya up Joe, go to prison, since he tried to get the military votes disenfranchised in Florida in 2000..😎👎. )

  13. I want to here from the other candidates and supporters will they back Sanders if he is the Nominee? Will they? I get the feeling they rather have 4 more years of Trump than Sanders.

  14. Biden & Budie have no plans, just business as usual.
    dump the trump, we need a President with a brain and a plan to fix or replace capitalism.
    DEMAND democracy in the work place,,,,,,not slavery to profits Go Bernie. Time to empty
    the Washington trash can, it is overflowing with rotting GOP bodies.

  15. He shouldn't start off the program lying about President Trump. You can dress the Democrats up with silver bells and gold ribbons and they going to lose.

  16. I like the last part, he never denied that there was an antibernie group on the party and that they are trying to stay in power.

  17. Trump is a traitor and a mobster all he does is show how much hate he has to say the least, he seems to be a very unhappy person, please people can you see what his doing? he don't care for our country, Trump is all about power and money that's it , vote blue please

  18. Who are these African Americans supporting Bloomberg? He specifically targeted them with his 'stop and frisk' policy. Oh and there's new leaked audio of him specifically saying that.

  19. Bernie bros attacks, their militant behavior and bernie's lack of controlling them are turning me into an 'anybody but bernie' person. I don't want any kind of trump person in the WH for another four years and bernie has shown that he's just like trump.

  20. TRUMP wants to EXCLUDE those who have preexisting medical conditions, he has cut Social Security from hundreds they depended on to Survive

  21. Biden or Bernie's chances of winning in 2020 is less than their chances of
    stopping a snowstorm in Antarctica in mid winter. ZERO.

  22. Trump and the Republicans make me sick. He's so disgusting! ! I Wouldn't put it past this Amdstration to cheat on the primaries.

  23. Donald Trump Tell The Truth The UnDemocratic Party Is Rigging This Primary Giving Bernie Delegates To Deval Patrick And Tom Steyer #Fact

  24. He's terrified of Bernie he wants this to happen he knows Bernie has the generation of X and Y the future of the country's demographics. Please all college age people vote for your future in this else. We need you to be there at the polls. Demand your voice to be heard. Military enlisted men and women do the same you fight for just cause or die for nothing, you make our lives possible by protecting our people not the political interests of corrupt politicians who are destroying the world for their own personal political agenda. And young black men and women vote please we need to vote. We will never get another chance at becoming a part of this nation.Bernie and Klobuchar need to run on the same ticket for us to win

  25. When the people lead, leaders will follow! Bernie Sanders has the most diverse, well educated volunteers ever put into place for a Presidential election. With over 7 million individual campaign contributions averaging $18.50, has proven a peoples lead Campaign can make it without establishment Lobbyist, Corporations or PACS buying influence. Bernie will be the Democratic nominee and the de-facto leader of the Democratic Party! Time for Americans to clean House!
    – Occupy All Streets

  26. can't wait to see Joe's fake smile after tonight….kinda reminds me of Pelosi….turns out he's not as popular as he thought he was…..looking forward to him getting sworn in and take the stand

  27. Andrea here the ghoulish mate of Alan Greenspan who WRECKED your economy 6 ways to Sunday in 2008 says wha….Blah blah Bernie Bad Blah blah oink burp. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. Hey Andrea, why didn't you protest when Chuck Todd called Bernie supporters "Brown Shirts" and like the "MAGA mob outside"? Sorry you lost me. we all know who pays your salaries.

  29. When he was talking about the anti Bernie movement and saying they will become irrelevant if he wins. He said it right to her stupid face. She will become irrelevant.

  30. Just like the last Election, the Media will play again… forgetting that "The Media"" is no friend of this President… Imagine loosing your voices if this; My people have said that Russia was the culprit… Here I have Mr. Putin beside me and He said he did not… I believe mr. Putin…? Russia, are you listening? if you can find the e-mails…..

  31. I personally like Bernie. BUT a lot of my middle-of-the-road dem friends are scared of his extreme leftist ideas. They might not even vote if it is Trump vs Bernie… shades of the past – the lesser of evils?

  32. At this point, I still have not seen any realistic coherent idea or set of ideas that can Keep me voting for this democratic party any longer. Two time Obama voter, and one time Hillary voter, BUT- really… with the economy as strong as it is and without any real messages that are not socialism even borderline authoritarian style fascism(government control of industry), I do not have any reason to continue to support this party. I have seen nothing positively American. The only person I saw myself supporting was YANG, however, in response to switching the Impeachment agenda away from the Russian issue to the "anything" issue, and I have never considered myself a "socialist," I'm an American!, I don't think that I can support the party until it's offering something more reasonable and fair for everyone, especially the guy who wants to work everyday to make his life better and have a family.

  33. 40 years a lone voice in the wilderness and Bernie never changed his message. Systemic change to the system is needed, no more half measures. I'm 64 and seen it all Bernie 2020!! Andea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan enough said.

  34. It is Bernie's affiliations with RU that drives the #NeverSanders vote within the Dems, not a question of OUR relevance.

  35. Here’s another one among the thousands of women practicing
    journalism on television, complying to a unwritten guideline, is culturally
    condemned in a mandatory requirement to appear hair dyed as in some monstrous
    ‘couture’ vision well into their sixties and seemingly beyond…

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