Jamelle Bouie – Assessing the Third Democratic Presidential Debate | The Daily Show

So here we are. It is officially the third -presidential Democratic debate.
-Right. You saw the ten
strongest contenders. People were really focused
on the four up top. When you look at this debate,
though, fundamentally, do you think Democrats are
getting the right message, across on the, you know,
on the screen on the night? I think that for
the Democratic primary voters who just really want
to beat Trump, that’s the only thing
they care about, um, kind of, right? The first 20 minutes of
the debate was spent arguing about health care and
health care is very important. But we’ve kind of rehashed–
we’ve had that debate before. It’s rehashing past things,
and I think what a lot of Democratic voters
just want to know is how capable are you gonna be
on the debate stage with Trump? How able are you gonna be
to beat Trump? And some of that was discussed. A lot of other stuff was
discussed as well about policy, but I’m not sure
the Democratic voters are all that invested
in these policy conversations. That’s interesting, so do you
think the Democratic primaries should be more focused on, like,
who looks good on stage, who sounds good, who has a
feeling of being presidential, because it’s mostly
Democratic voters who are gonna decide
what’s gonna happen? So the crazy thing is
Democratic voters really want to beat Trump,
and they have firm ideas -about what being electable
means. -Mm-hmm. But the fact
that Trump is president means that literally anyone
is electable. Um… So it’s hard to figure out exactly who on that stage would be best for that task. Is it Biden,
who polls very well, consistently high against Trump, very conventional,
former vice president? Is it Bernie Sanders who also
polls very well against Trump, has much more left-wing views
than Biden? But, again, does well
in the head-to-head polls and a lot of Biden voters
really like Bernie. And a lot of Bernie voters
really like Biden. Or is it Warren?
Or is it Harris? -Right, right, right.
-And I think part of the trouble for Democratic voters
is that there’s no clear-cut way to actually determine
who is gonna be the best up against Trump.
Who is the most electable? And, so, part of what we saw
at the debate, uh, was them trying to figure out
ways to position themselves for this particular task while also trying to criticize
on the issues where each of them
sort of have their niche. You know,
what’s interesting, as well, is people want to pitch
themselves as a president, and, at the same time,
they want to pitch why they would be
a better president than Obama without, at the same time,
slamming Obama for anything that he did. -Right. -This seems to be, like,
this weird balancing game between each… “I loved Obama,
but this is what I…” “Now, Obama was great,
but this is what I would do.” How much more progressive do you think this field is
than Obama was, like, when you… when you look
at them holistically? And do you think
they have to find that balance, or should they just be like,
“No, I’m doing it differently”? I mean, I think overall, the field’s quite a bit
more progressive than Obama. I think things have moved
to the left. Even the centrist candidates
are embracing policies -that Obama wasn’t quite ready
to go for. -Mm-hmm. I think this is really acute
on immigration. I… You saw this
during the debate when, um,
Vice President Biden said, you know,
“We didn’t jail people.” -And Julián Castro was like,
“Wait a sec.” -“You did.” I-I recall a very different
immigration policy, and I think
immigration specifically is gonna be this issue
where there is an attempt to create distance with Obama because a lot
of Democratic voters want a more liberal,
humane immigration policy. But there’s also this thing
of wanting to show that, you know, “I’m with…
I’m with the Obama presidency. I recognize Obama was a great
president. I support him.” And that’s a thing
that I think they’re trying to figure out how to do. It seems like on health care, you know,
that they have their arguments, but people agree
on the universal aspect of it. You know, the main issue is, uh, private insurance,
no private insurance. But otherwise, people agree. People seem to agree on guns,
background checks, et cetera. Immigration
seems to be the place -where people
are getting tripped up. -Yeah. Is there a win for Democrats in the space of…
do you deport people, or do you say
that all immigrants who come into the country
undocumented can stay? I don’t hear anybody
with, like, a clean answer whenever they’re asked
that question. Is there a clean answer? I think… I mean,
I think there’s a clean answer. I think that, um…
some candidates– I think Castro’s one of them–
has made the case that you need to decriminalize
certain parts of border entry to make it so that you’re not
throwing people into jail for what are basically
civil crimes. Um, I think
what Democrats should embrace is the fact that public opinion is what political scientists
call thermostatic. It moves
in the opposite direction of the person in office. -Huh. -And, so,
Trump is very anti-immigrant, and the public, since 2017, has become increasingly
more pro-immigrant, more pro-immigration, more pro sort of more humane
immigration policies. -Right. -So, I mean,
these are all politicians, so they should try
to be politicians and be a little vague
but also embrace the fact that Americans have swung
in the opposite direction and really do want a change in terms of the kind
of immigration policy -the government’s doing.
-That’s an interesting… You say be
a little bit more vague, because there was one point where they were asking
Elizabeth Warren, “Will the taxes go up?” Specifically, “Will taxes
on the middle class go up?” And then
they specifically asked Biden, “Would you increase the number
on immigration?” And specifically Bernie, “What
would you do with the numbers?” I found myself asking myself
one question, and that was
does Trump have an advantage because he will just
blatantly lie on a debate stage? They go like, “Who’ll pay
for a wall?” “Mexico.” “What are you gonna do
with ISIS?” -“I’ve got a secret plan.”
-Right. Does that give him an advantage
in a debate? I think it does. I mean,
one of the strangest things, to me, about al of this is
that Trump has no policy ideas. Like you said, he kind of
just says what’s on his mind. -Right. -He will give you
whatever answer he needs to get to the next question
or get out of the interaction. And the press treats him
like that, whereas everyone knows that Democrats actually care
about stuff, -so the press…
-Right, and they have policies. And they have policies,
so the press treats them -like they care.
-Huh. And so that creates
an automatic asymmetry, because when you care, you do actually want
to get the details right. You want to make sure you’re not
doing something terrible. If you don’t care either way, if it does not matter to you
what happens, if you are just trying to pander
to the greatest number of people like President Trump often is, then, yeah,
you can just say whatever. And it’s hard to deal with that
in the context of a 30-second response
in a debate. Well, tonight was
an interesting night. We’ll see how the numbers
start rolling out. -Thank you so much for being on
the show. -Thank you. Thank you. Jamelle Bouie, everybody.

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  1. Every time a talking head says “beat trump” they don’t know what the6 are talking about. Cuz in the same breath they pitch the same stupid corporate democrats THAT CANNOT beat trump. America wants a progressive candidate. Not the same old bull. Bernie will win. Biden would 100% lose

  2. Very good discussion and love Trevor’s questions. Why can’t he be asking the questions at the Democratic debate instead of those blood sucking CNN reporters?! 🙄

  3. Actualy I think voters are interested in policies. Clinton had no policy other then "Business as usual and not as bad as Trump". People want an alternative, a real one, working for them for once.

  4. That's a very interesting way of looking at the debates. I mean especially with his thoughts on immigration. The voters are always swinging the opposite way of the person in office. That would explain why he's president in the first place because they were thinking the opposite of Obama. That actually makes sense! Wow! Now on the matter of Trump not really caring by saying any and anything, my next question is should the democrats be somewhere in the middle of caring and not caring or should they stick to their formula?

  5. Wrong Bernie Sanders is the only one , Tulsi Gabbard is the second !! Nothing else and Bernie Sanders voter's never vote for Biden ore anybody else and Trump has his second term !!

  6. Nobody should forget this….. If the DNC had picked Bernie Sanders in 2016, there would have been orange dust all over Bernie's shoes. He would have curbed stomped that orange clown.

    The same thing will happen in 2020. If Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Nominee…. He will SMASH Trump.
    If the DNC picks Warren, then she will almost certainly win.
    If the DNC picks Milk-Toast, Handsy-Uncle Joe Biden, then THAT is almost the ONLY way that Trump stands a shot at victory.

    Anyone, any THING other than Biden will smash Trump in a landslide that we've never seen in our lifetimes.

    All the DNC has to do is NOT nominate Clinton 2.0 and the Democrats will CRUSH TRUMP by a hideous landslide.

  7. So…voters don't care about policy. Didn't Trump lie his way into office like so many others before him? He told people what they wanted to hear…ain't that policy?

  8. What Nonsense! NO Bernie Sanders SUPPORTER "Likes Biden". That's Mainstream pundit CENTRIST talk – LIES! #Borikuas4Bernie2020.

  9. Dude your wack bernie voters ABSOLUTLY do NOT like biden. Also biden cant string 3 sentences togeter witjout spunding like a casual racist old privilidged white guy who reps the status quo vs trump who cant speak eiter but trump has no shame, lies and is not the status quo so he would win against biden. To win we need somone who can shake up trump and make voters enthausiastic and willing to stand in line in the cold just beating trump is not going to cut it we need dems disingtanshised gop independents and progresives and everting inbetween also the black and latino vote maters and biden is wack if he keeps talking black people will realise he made vited for and suppperted every bill that kept racist institutions in place. So bernie tulsi yang would exite and if the fucking petty coward at the dnc and dccc msnbc cnn and other msm stop black listing and smearing tulsi for standing up against the dbc righing of 2016…she would exite a large portion of all sides add that to bernies massive apparatus and base they would win and fight for the environment for peace for poor and working class for healtcare etc. Waren take corporate pac money and would fold and bend to big pharma also whe knows shit about foreign policy and would have war with iran the rest is on important . Bernie tulsi and yang together campainging as presotend vp and cabinet menbers and you have a mix that has 70% of the votes easily.

  10. it's incredibly presumptuous to say that democratic voters only care about beating Trump. We want a better future, not to beat Trump. Some of these candidates (cough cough biden) are basically just Republicans in a blue tie

  11. It is mind-blowing how stupid democrats, liberals, progressives, and other leftists are on virtually every issue. You are so poisoned with hatred that you would be willing to elect socialists to office in this country and destroy the economy just to satisfy your intense hatred. Just listen to the morons who are running is this democrat primary. They are talking about spending 10's of trillions of dollars to give your money away to people who can't take care of themselves. What has happened to you people?

  12. Y’all need to talk about Andrew Yang more. He’s a viable option for defeating Trump and making America better economically!!!

  13. Not all Democrats are worry about defeating trump . I’m worry about health care and many other topics , not trump. And if you give us another centrist you will get trump again

  14. absolutely true. it has been proven over and over, the republican voters want to believe in and trust their candidate. i'm a democrat but also an optimist so can understand the general premise. this goes way beyond that though. republican voters have been shown over and over when their candidates are elected, that the candidates lied to them. yet they still want to believe. it is hard for them to face the truth of having been suckered. it is known as 'pie in the sky', that is what they are promised. unfortunately, this hope and dream has almost never been delivered upon. look at any number of political races, like nixon vs mcgovern, reagan vs dukakis, reagan vs mondale, bush vs gore, etc. the poti have always let them down in some fundamental way, yet they continue to hope…

  15. Fivethirtyeight did another one of their panels where they ask likely caucus/primary voters about the candidates before and after. The general agreement seemed to be that Warren did the best on stage, but most still seem to feel Biden has be best chance to beat Trump (67.4%) followed by Sanders (55%) and Warren (53%).


  16. Bullshit. The corporations behind the media including the news dont want people to like Sanders. His "far left" statement is evident.

  17. Immigration while a big important issue is more of a "smokescreen" issue at this time simply because it's more to visually demonstrate progression while not really changing the status quo. That's why I liked Bernie Sanders since the last election because of his consistency in getting his healthcare, education, prison reform, ect policies passed and not so much grandstanding on more "aesthetic" political issues. Because going after the top 1% like he claims is going to be extremely difficult, and a very decisive talking point hints why very few other candidates Democratic or Republican blatantly make those claims. Hints why he doesn't get as much press coverage AND why the press he does get focuses so much (this program included) on making fun of him as opposed to just covering his policies and what he's ACTUALLY trying to accomplish.
    Bernie Sanders 2020!

  18. Yo please stop. People dont care about if they're good against trump. people want someone smart, with good ideas, and knows whats going on. Andrew Yang plz

  19. One of the most interesting and well developed political talks that I've seen in a long time. Never considered this angle before. The asymmetry between how the press treats serious candidates as opposed to populist clowns is inadvertently leveling the field, which is terrible for US politics when one of the sides sports a pathological liar.

  20. 1:41 let me put this out there Bernie voters……do not like Biden he is Hillary 2.0 we like Bernie period. And for good reason, his policies and plans to implement those policies will help the poor and middle class and overall make America a better country.

  21. Andrew Yang polls pretty high with Trump supporters just like Bernie (only two at double digits), polls second highest to beat Trump in NH only after Biden, and he's attractive to moderates and conservatives, not just Democrats…

  22. wtf is this guy talking about? Warren/Sanders have the most crossover of any democrats. Most Sanders/Warren voters don't like Biden.

  23. Another dumb ass telling us we're too stupid to be trusted with the vote, apparently. No, we don't care about policy. We should pay attention to who speaks pretty words or looks good in a tan suit. Fuck outta here with that horse shit.

  24. Biden is not aging well. And complacent Dems thinking he's the "best chance to beat trump" are either asleep at the wheel or not paying attention. Biden is borderline feeble, interrupting himself, and physically & mentally falling apart under the pressure. He would be destroyed by Trump.

    Our best shot is Yang. Not only do more than 10% of young Trump voters support Yang (which means that Yang is guaranteed to win vs Trump), he's only 44 and in great physical shape, intensely smart, great under pressure, and is the only Dem that can land a good joke even in hostile circumstances. Bernie is fine, but he's older than Trump. Warren is good too with almost as many good plans as Yang, but Warren could perhaps be rattled by Trump's school yard insults.

  25. Wow, he is way off…Yang can take Trump to the cleaners. He can not rattle Yang. Warren will look soooo weak and Pocahontas will resurface ( as it should…she's been benefiting from her fake indigenous identity for decades and voted the Cherokee tribe in the Senate), Bernie should have won in 2016, but now his ideas have aged. Biden just needs to go home

  26. Come on. The first step for each candidate is to secure the Dem nomination, and that is what determines what they say now: each is competing against the others.
    The debate against Trump will be the next step; whoever becomes the Dem candidate will then have to adapt his style and emphasis accordingly.

  27. Yang Gang! Yang would MURDER Trump in a debate oh my god! The FACTS guy against the guy who doesn’t believe in facts and lies all the time?! LOL 😂 I NEED TO SEE THIS

  28. IDK how Trump has brainwashed his base. You can’t have a logical discussion with them. My parents and bro (in the army) are pro-Trump and they don’t seem to care about his lies, hypocrisy, or lack of follow through

  29. The policy debate amongst the candidates is really just academic because we won't be able to get the Senate away from the Republicans. Who we nominate is more about making a statement about who we are as a Party to the opposition and who we are as a country to the rest of the world.

  30. The democratic party need a candidate who can win based on policy… they're going to overthink their way back to 2016.


  31. Policy proposals with substance are what matters. Who cares if the elderly population of this country thanks Joe Biden is the best pick. He isn't he doesn't stand for anything and his policies are about his right-wing is Ronald Regan.

  32. American polls hv never really shown what true Americans feel like… They hv been wrong with Bush re-election and also trump.fake media

  33. If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, then I hope it’s Warren, Yang or Gabbard, in that order. If none of them work out, I’m gonna get the F out of America. I’m really so sick of this country and our stupid political system and ignorant electorate.

  34. Immigration, immigration, immigration. They can spout it all they want. Illegal is the key word they seem to leave out. I love immigrants. I dislike criminals, regardless of where they come from.

  35. Democrat Candidates:

    Biden: typical establishment dem
    Sanders: anti establishment who has all the millennial votes
    Warren: Basically Bernie Sanders but a woman, so wouldn’t be suprised if she gets the ticket

  36. Why is immigration such a big issue? I mean we have laws already in the books, follow them, no party is doing that it seems.

  37. Haha hahaha haha the media is a fixed corporation the real person the media is afraid of is Tulsi Gabbar why do think she's not stage critical thinking think

  38. The solution of immigrants is simple just ask business to not employ undocumented people … If they say do employ them then they will go to jail or have a big fine on the thing

  39. If immigration was taken off the table and we could focus more on American citizens, it would make it easier for me to pick a democratic candidate.

  40. The Democratic Party is an absolute mess. I want to take a moment to thank god. Thank you for blessing me with this wonderful brain. This brain allows me to actually think with facts and not feelings, and is why I’m a sane conservative.

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