Jake and Amir: Donald Trump

– [Jake] Hey you’re
watching Jake and Amir. – [Amir] I thought we got fired. – [Jake] Right, don’t over think it. – [Amir] Okay. (keyboard clicking) – Oh no. – Oh yeah, oh hell ya actually. – Please don’t do this. – Why, who are you voting
for, ya ya ya frickin Muslim? – Shh! – Oh my God, oh sorry, gosh. (chuckles) You left leading liptards
are so politically correct, this is why we gotta Trump that– – Shut up, do not obviously say that. Shut up, stop it, don’t
even mouth it to me. What makes you like Donald Trump? – The pussy video was pretty funny. – So you think that’s a positive, he’s bragging about sexual assault. – It was locker room talk, you
know how locker room’s talk. – Locker room’s don’t, do
you think a locker room was saying that on the video? – Yeah, exactly right and by the way, Trump wants to put a lid on immigration, illegal or otherwise, which I actually like as a moron with high standards. – You remember you weren’t
born in America, right? – Bite your tongue. – It’s not a bad thing, where
do you get these opinions? – I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve, said a lot of things. – That’s one of the worst sentences I think that’s ever been said. – Joke’s on you, it’s actually
a Trump quote, verbatim. (laughing) Caught. – I think the joke’s on you. – Let me ask you this,
what do you like about crooked Shillary Rotten
Rodham Rodham Clittorno- – Stop, she’s the most
qualified candidate. – Wrong. – [Jake] She cares about women’s issues. – Rotten. – She believes climate
change is a real threat, not a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. – And the um, um, the emails. – The emails. – Yeah, the (stutters) emails. (laughs) Ya stuttering dumb. – I didn’t stutter,
you did, and it’s fine. – You’re okay with her
sending secret shit about me and you and then archiving them for later or sending them to the trash– – You think, sorry, you think
we were the subject matter of the emails, I don’t
think you understand what the email issue was. – I’ll tell you what the email issue was, voter fraudulency. – So not the emails. – Donald Trump is gonna
knock the crap outta ISIS, Hillary Clinton, erstwhile,
won’t even say radical Islam, I mean that right there’s enough for me to grab my pussy with joy. – Do not say that word anymore. – Hillary is actually ISIS, and Benghazi, and furthermost, she is in jail. – She’s in jail? You realize there was already a congressional hearing, right? There was an investigation but– – Bill Clinton. – What does that have– – What dat dat do do do, I’ll
tell ya what da dat do do do, – You know I’m not
talking like that, right? – He’s a disaster, and Bill
Clinton is Hillary Clinton, so. I don’t know if I mentioned that earlier. – Nothing you say is true. – It doesn’t matter what’s true, it matters what’s entertaining, okay? In fact lies are better than truths because people talk and
tweet about the lies. Okay, truths are boring but lies have Is, and the Is have it. Yeah, it’s not about who’s populist, it’s about who’s popular! It’s like you don’t even
understand how to win in Florida, and by the way, we’re winning,
we’re winning big in Florida. – No you’re not, Hillary’s
leading in Florida. – That’s because the
polls are frickin’ rigged. – Are the polls rigged or are you winning? Because you’re claiming both. – I really think that the polls are either rigged or they’re right
and it’s crazy to think, I mean because this girl, this woman, sorry, this candidate, this disaster, is rigging the whole frickin’ system, that’s why we call her lyin’ Ted. – No you don’t. – That’s why we call her low energy Jeb. – Never did that. – And she hasn’t done anything right, except for the fact that
she’s rigged the system, it gets to my client, and you know what, he’s still shellacking her in the polls. The polls are rigged, and he’s still winning in
a landslide. (laughing) – Why is your voice reaching
this octave, like way up here? – And guess what? SNL’s making fun of ’em too. Explain that. – Fine, you hate Hillary,
but what is Donald Trump, the rich business– – Deals. – Excuse me? – Sorry, I would let you finish but it– – You are gonna let me finish? – [Amir] The answer is gonna be deals– – What has he contributed to– – It’s gonna be good deals,
let’s see what the question is. – What has he contributed to society? – Deal, I will let you
finish your question. – You haven’t let me finish it yet. – [Amir] Well go. – Let’s see if you just
can’t talk for one second. – [Amir] Okay. – What has he contribut–
– Good deals. Sorry, continue. – Okay, you’re saying deals.
– [Amir] Yes. – Quiet, I’ve heard–
– I haven’t said it yet, I’m waiting for–
– You did say it. A lot of times, okay, what
he has contributed to society to make it a better place and make you trust his vision for America? – He makes good deals, he
actually makes the best deals, and that’s coming from him
so you know that it’s good. – He lost 916 million
dollars in a single year, how is that, how is that good at business? – It’s good at taxes. – It’s good?
– [Amir] It really is good. – It’s good to lose a billion dollars? – Nobody knows more about
taxes ever than Donald Trump, and he says it’s good so I– – You know what, fine,
what are your feelings on his running mate, Mike Pence? – He’s fine. – Paul Ryan?
– Disaster. – David Duke?
– Fine. A little right of center, but fine. – President Barack Obama?
– Muslim, Kenyan, Disaster. – Vladimir Putin?
– Strong, fierce, hot. – Hot?
– Strong, fierce. – What did you say though?
– Fierce and strong. – The last, you said three adjectives. – Hot.
– Got it. Hillary Clinton? – Disaster, Bill Clinton, Disaster. – John McCain? – Weak, I like heroes that weren’t caught. – 9/11?
– Fine. I mean bad obviously, but
compared to the disaster that is Bill Ghazi Clinton, it’s not that bad. – Are you registered to vote? – Registered to what now? – Okay, good. – Oh, I might actually be a Bernie bro! If you like that video
and wanna watch more, you can subscribe by clicking here. – You can watch more
videos by clicking here. – And since this is, this
is like a green screen, so we can be anywhere, so let’s say, we’re in outer space. – I don’t wanna be here. – Okay. (laughs)

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  1. Its like a great poet dying with beautiful last words but then a corporation resuscitates them for a party political message

  2. Looking back from the future this really was a cheap and irritating scam on behalf of Jake and Amir.
    CollegeHumor really dropped the ball with this one, at least if they made a return for a few more episodes, but no…

  3. How is this "Season 6 episode 47" Like they were still in New York for the supposed rest of the season. Does google auto generate those, or does Collegehumor make that decision, this is so fucking confusing

  4. Remember when this channel used to make original, funny skits & animations, and not just spew strawmen against anyone right of Bernie Sanders? I remember. I liked them much better then. To use a qoute: "I like when politics is used for comedy, not when comedy is used for politics."

  5. You can make fun of Trump all you want but you looking stupid cause trump is killin it right now. 62 million votes will definitely vote again! Nothing more pathetic than white guilt libtards that are like, "oh we're the good white people" stfu! Keep oppressing your own race fucktards. How stupid is that. I'm white so let me oppress and attack other white people while screaming fascim.. Makes sense.

  6. Wow. Good job missing all the points that amir could of had. Just show that it's good they ended it when they did! Also why do you show only the good opinions of your side and negative of which aren't even all true to amir's?

  7. Please bring back Jake and Amir it’s my and many others favorite series I understand that it was hard work but we all loved it please bring the show back to life.

  8. 00:45 not as bad as the time Hillary bragged and laughed about getting a child rapist off the charges

  9. Holy shit it could not be more obvious that this guy doesn't actually like trump I wanna see the same but for leftists

  10. I love that liberals have to create a video to make conservatives look bad, but all conservatives have to do is go to a liberal rally and you can find stupidity everywhere.

  11. "It doesnt matter whats true, it only matters whats entertaining" too bad this video is both, bullshit and not funny.

  12. I don't like when CollegeHumor shows it's political stance, because I love CollegeHumor, but I am an American and love capitalism over socialism.

  13. I guess it's good that J&A ended when it did, because this one is not funny. They could have made it funny, but instead it's just low IQ propaganda. They could have skewered both sides, with Jake playing a low IQ, poorly informed Hillary NPC to counter Amir as the low IQ Trump NPC. Or Amir could have just been totally ignorant on the issues. Lots of ways they could have done it better.

    Instead, it just comes off like the political cartoons where the opponent character effectively says "I am very stupid." Disappointingly weak, gay, and unfunny. Bad video? Nah – bad you.

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