‘It’s A Hard No’: Sanders Rejects Bloomberg’s Cash In General Election | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. Thank you Eddie…..the rest of these fool have no clue. I’m sure Eddie will start to disappear from these programs for telling the truth.

  2. Washington crowd, when was the last time you talked to the working citizens at Walmart or Dollar stores. Bernie has honor, integrity, he is in it to help you, the working citizens.

  3. 3:13 so what you're saying is you have fair weather principle that predicable are a means to an end to be discarded when they are no longer favorable… you do realize its exactly that line of thinking that is why nobody trust a word you say right ? like no it is actually more important that Bernie loses to trump and retains his principles that it is that he wins without them … and thats aside from the fact that if he did accept pac money he would lose so many many more votes and disillusion so so many more … than he could possibly gain … and another thing … this isn't a game this isn't about winning this is an employer in search of an employee Bernie has the quantities in a candidate from a job you want

  4. Wow. It's staying true to ideals, not ideology. If you all believe standing by ideals like not being bought is wrong, your corrupt self interest is showing. There is no hope for self governance if there is no respect for ideals.

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