Iran Election Fraud: 5 Reasons to Doubt the Results

Good morning Hank, it’s Sunday. Today I’m going to tell you five reasons why I think the presidential election in Iran was fraudulent. But first, we have to have an election of our own. Nerdfighters, the beard: Should I keep it or shave it? Vote in comments. I realize this isn’t an important election, but unlike Iran, I will at least adhere to the results. [Music] Okay Hank, so first, two sentences of background on Iran. Iran is an “Islamic Republic”, which means that while the position of president is important, it’s not that important because ultimately, Iran’s domestic and international affairs are always decided by a council of religious leaders, which is led by the Ayatollah Khomeini. Every time Iran has a presidential election, like 37,000 moderates try to run for president, but they are barred from doing so. Which has historically often led to low voter turnout because people don’t show up to vote for guys they don’t like. Okay Hank, so a couple days ago, Iran had a presidential election and as you may know, the incumbent president of Iran is a guy named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who, to use a somewhat technical political science term, is a bit of a douche-nozzle. And in this election, there were 37,000 moderates who weren’t allowed to run just like usual, but there were also two quasi-reformist candidates including a former prime minister of Iran named Mir-Hossein Mousavi. So on election day, a stunning 85% of eligible voters voted, and a couple hours after the polls closed the interior ministry announced that Ahmadinejad was winning with 63% of the vote. Which Hank, as least as far as I’m concerned, is just the little, tiniest bit impossible. I maintain that Ahmadinejad, and possibly supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini, stole the election. [Sniffs] Is that a fatwa I smell on me? Hank, I’m not saying that this election was invalid because a douche-nozzle happened to win it. Douche-nozzles win elections all the time, all over the world. What I’m saying is that there’s just a lot of things that don’t add up, like #1: Tabriz. The reformist candidate Mousavi is from a city called Tabriz, and historically, the city of Tabriz always votes for Mr. Mousavi or whoever the guy is from his ethnic group who’s running. And yet, inexplicably, in this election, they apparently voted 2 to 1 for Ahmadinejad. I mean, Hank, its the equivalent of John McCain winning Chicago. Reason two: 2005. Hank, the last time Iran had a presidential election was in 2005, and even though a ton of people didn’t show up to the polls because they were mad about their candidates not being on the ballot, Ahmadinejad, who was less crazy and more popular than he is now, still wasn’t able to avoid a runoff. Which leads me to reason 3: Turnout. The turnout in this election was ridiculously high by Iranian standards. And in the last twenty years, every time there has been high turnout, a reformist candidate has won. All of the pre-election polls indicated that the only chance Ahmadinejad had was if the turnout was extremely low. Number 4: Superhuman counting. Hank, despite the incredibly high turnout, the interior ministry managed to announce the election results within, like, two hours of polls closing. Hank, they counted like ten million more ballots thirty times faster than they ever have in the past. It’s almost like they weren’t counting them at all. And number 5: The possible acknowledgment. Hank, because the Iranian government is starting to kick out foreign journalists and shut down websites, it’s a little hard to get reliable information, even for people like me who have spent the entire day reading Iranian Twitters. Link in the sidebar. But many people from inside Mousavi’s campaign are reporting that the interior ministry called him to say that he had won the election, shortly before that same interior ministry went on TV and announced that Mousavi had, in fact, lost the election. Hank, we still don’t know the whole story about the elections. It’s possible that somehow they weren’t rigged. But I do hope that the government of Iran has the decency to honor the will of its people. As it says in the Quran, “Truly, God does not guide those who transgress and lie.” Hank, like I said, I have links in the sidebar to the Twitters of young Iranians who are tweeting though all of this. You often hear that nothing interesting can be said in 140 characters. Obviously the people who say that aren’t following the young Iranian woman who just wrote: “If Iran sleeps tonight, it will sleep forever.”

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  1. Seriously? I know you are probably doing this to start a flame war with Nerdfighteria, but it isn't going to work. John has an amazing wife. I think you should relax and actually learn about this amazing person 🙂

  2. If you watch more of the videos, you'll come to understand that nerdfighters aren't fighting specifically against anything except what we call "worldsuck." We are, however, nerds fighting for nerds and nerd culture. Also, we are not fictional. Every group of people is bound by an idea. We have many ideas that bind us, making us a coherent group of people who wish to tolerate and love others. If you don't like that idea, feel free to not be part of it.

  3. John Green does not run America's elections and if he did we would probably run them a great deal differently….so I am not sure why you are saying he is responsible for them and therefore is a pot calling kettles black.

  4. Wow. What's with all the hate on this vid? Why are non-nerdfighters coming into the comments and being snarky?

  5. o.O
    So, like, he has a wife, first of all. Besides that, Nerdfighters are typically very supportive and polite and not at all like the filth you spout so I'm going to assume you're NOT a nerdfighter and are, in fact, a gaint squid of anger.

  6. There's a difference between fictional and virtual. Thousands of nerdfighters meet up in person every year in huge gathering.
    Nerdfighters are people who love the Vlogbrothers. We are nerds who fight world suck. And you are a troll.

  7. I disagree; I think you just don't understand. You say we're fictional but we're obviously not. We meet in personal fairly regularly and keep in contact through youtube comments; we admire the same Vlogbrothers, so we have at least one shared belief. We're a group.
    You don't know what nerfighters or worldsuck are because you don't listen, even though multiple people have told you.

  8. Aaaand he also has a bible, across from the islamic books by a wicker basket so that they don't fight.

  9. Nerdfighters isn't a fictional group. We use the internet to communicate, but we also use it to coordinate Nerdfighter gatherings to meet other Nerdfighters from around the world. One of our goals is to form a community where nerds feel comfortable being enthusiastic about literature and science and Harry Potter and become more informed citizens of our world. The other goal is to fight worldsuck, a term meaning "things that suck about the world" like poverty, cancer, lack of fresh water, etc.

  10. No, Nerdfighters is not a political group. Our cause is, as I explained before, to make the world suck less. We have a nonprofit organization called The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck that gives money to charities that we, the Nerdfighters, vote on. We also have a group on that has loaned $2.6 million to people in need of a loan on the developing world. Go check us out! Just google Kiva Nerdfighters and it's the first hit.

  11. I actually only just found this video or else I'd comment earlier, I know this is from such a long time ago but I appreciate the fact that you made this (even though there is a low possibility that you're gonna even see this comment) because I am Persian myself and we are going through so much shit here I have to use VPN to access Youtube. You're my favorite author and vlogger and I just am so happy I saw this video wow okay thanks.

  12. Praytell, why do the crazy extremist protesters with the 'death to americans' signs protest America, when their own government is so blatant about fucking them up the ass?

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  14. did anyone not tear up upon hearing that tweet? Maybe it's because I'm biased for ethnic reasons, but damn it, that was beautiful.

  15. Yo, so serious question. Where do they learn this shit? In depth information, and so many different topics. I'm pretty curious. lol

  16. "Douchenozzle". I love John Green so much. Perhaps the most glorious human being alive… Well, maybe not, there is always J.K. Rowling and all of that… But still.

  17. And guys, he doesn't hate Iran. He just hates what the Iranian government is doing to its people. Saying he hates Iran is like saying because I don't like the American government, I hate America and its people. (I'm an Iranian living in America, to put it into perspective.)

  18. The elections are always bullshit in Iran, the filthy regime in Iran doesn't let any other parties other than Islamic ones to run or participate in the government or elections and president doesn't even have any power, that son of a whore khamenei controls everything. Basically the only way to take down this oppressive government is through violence.

  19. the side bar is a thing long lost in the mists of time and myth. But it's fun watching John Green pointing repeatedly at two big breasted beach beauties advertising for a Korean adult game….^_^ 

  20. If Iran stopped forcing religion on it's people (much like America and many other countries) I would have much more respect for the country and I would try to hide the fact that my parents are from Iran.

  21. Yay now I know what my relatives are talking about and can have some input looks like I'm not completely westernized like they say!

  22. iranian government=american government.
    both complain on eachother.
    iran is saying to america is this democracy in ferguson?
    american complains on the nuclear program.
    same thing.

  23. fun fact: the leading religious figure in Iran, carries the official title "the fine work of god". (dat sexy form, they must have thought)
    That is literally a translation of what john thought was the first part of his name at 00:38 when he said "ayatolla kameinei"
    Also, the "ayatolla" part is the terrible one, not the kameinei =D
    one of the few perks of knowing arabic

  24. Its sad how many of the two million Iranians/Iranian Americans hate Iran..Yeah they came because of the regime enforcement but really? If the shah was still in power it would be like America but most of the business and etc would be owned by other countries and the families in Iran would be poor.The western government are evil just look at they're history with other countries.

  25. You are not Iranian unless you want to be Iranian and it does not matter if you were not born in Iran or born as a Iranian American. and it is sad how many Iranian Americans don't like Iran.

  26. Religion and politics should not mix today. Religion should be encouraged within the people, but not have the military come after you if you do not enforce it. Iran's government is just bad.

  27. Of the four Iranian twitter accounts John Green includes in the dooblydoo, only 1 is still active. We should all try to find a new set of Iranian tweeters/reporters/etc. to as alternative recommendations.

  28. one of the worst mornings of my life was the day i woke up and my mom said that ahmadinejad won the election. they said he had won on tv almost a few hours after the election was over that night.. glad we have someone we like and they didn't cheat this time even though the leader is the boss..

  29. John said twice that “khomeiny” leads the government and stole the election at 0:40 and 1:32
    Funny, because “khomeiny” is dead since 1989

  30. "Is that a fatwa I smell on me?"
    I choked laughing john ,that was hilarious
    Although a fatwa is any sort of order or instruction an "ayatollah" gives his "followers" regarding their religious outlooks and doings not just the 'kill this person at sight' ones.

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