Ingraham: The desperate, lawless Democrats

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  1. Vote Out Every Single Democrat. Every single one! They are AntiAmerican and disgusting with their obstruction!

  2. I saw the writing on the wall back in 1993 and got out! Glad I did! A lot more "sane" people should have left a long time ago too!

  3. If California citizens don't want to be known as fucking morons, then vote out the idiots you have representing you in your state (and federal) government and maybe don't elect more morons in the future.

  4. California is insane. Good people may want to get out!! Put Jerry Brown in jail along with his other cronies!😂

  5. The Obama administration sent State Department officials to the board meetings of the United Nations’ Development Program and Population Fund in late spring and this month, a department spokesman said. The bodies are presided over by Iran, which is on the department’s terror list, along with Cuba, Sudan and Syria.

  6. EXACTLY RIGHT! Dems want a larger voter base — legal or not — as long as they get the votes, the Dems play the game.

  7. Nuts! Making false assumptions about the governor of California and acting like she's superior is a negative for her.

  8. looking as a foreigner living abroad into the us… U have a real media problem, but it is not so much msnbc or even less cnn but it is fox. There is a thruth and there are many people trying to confuse it…. just look at history, look for example to the iraq war – who was right?
    all this emotional appeal, all this crap. Don´t forget – we all need to work together for freedom and human rights. we all are in this together

  9. It's time for Republican Lawmakers to represent Republican Voters… We can't allow liberal democrats to win even ONE election and continue to corrupt D.C.!!!

  10. Jerry brown put cameras , fence, gate,doors with big locks on his house but NO fence, Jerry why not get rid of your camera, fence, gate's and your doors around your house and let these homeless people to live in your opinion you should get FIRE because your brain (if u have any) is not working.

  11. I can't wait until numerous members of the Left get attacked or are the recipients of violence from illegal criminal aliens. Let's see how they think then.

  12. and the rich elites from both parties want slaves – uniparty is killing america – praying for trump

  13. Laura, you're a sad joke. I hope all your advertisers abandon your fake news/pro-Trump propaganda show. SAD! Your god, Donny Trump, is going down FAST, and his reign of error will soon come to an end.

  14. Let’s get this straits. U r here illegally. (Breaking the law). Break a law (burglary or other) you broke the law. So why are these judges conspiring and not deporting the illegal who broke the law? So do I have aright to break the law Since they get to? Something to think about. These judges need to be fired if they do not go by the law.

  15. "Rules for Radicals" , Hillary's and all Marxist, Communist, Revolutionaries, is Dedicated to LUCIFER! THE DEVIL.

  16. The fact that these illegals are getting licenses? Hmm…voting too? No…Oh hell yes you know they are voting & receive more government money than the disabled that paid into the system and the elderly & veterans. Now they have tent alleys lined with feces and dirty needles. What a mess

  17. Except the Cayman Islands has explicit laws that a foreign person may NOT be hired for a job that a citizen can perform. It is a also a crime to seek employment while visiting the Cayman Islands. And don't try overstaying your visa. They take their immigration laws seriously.

  18. Speaking of "desperate," this propagandist whore always has that desperate rictus frozen on her face like someone teetering on the verge of suicide 😀 Just like those two douchebags on "The Five"

  19. Ironic that this deluded democrat, who has been ignoring Federal law in pursuit of his fantasy sanctuary land of illegals, is now seeing his State being torn apart by those wishing to act within federal law

  20. The question is asked over and over and will continue to be asked over and over.Whats the solution????..MONEY!!!!!…It will be the real problem till the end……….You gotta love it right??……..Sad….

  21. You running you mouth again ? You just don't learn do ya Laura! Don't forget what party wanted them here in the beginning.

  22. See how LAURA LIES??? He said " if you want to be safe from CRIME, move to the CAYMAN ISLANDS, because there's less people, which would mean less CRIME, (in his SARCASTIC manner). She twists it around to to say he said "" if you want to be safe from ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, ,move to the CAYMAN ISLANDS "" . That's what they do at FOX ""so called "" NEWS. PRETZEL LOGIC!!!! TWISTED AND DISTORTED.!!! WHAT A FREAKIN' MAROON !!!! ₩¥₩€£

  23. Been there tried that. The federal government is directly responsible for the infestation of California with illegal aliens. In 1994, Californians overwhelmingly passed Proposition 187 to prevent illegal aliens from getting taxpayer funded freebies such as welfare, healthcare, education, social services, etc. However, a Federal Judge by the name of Mariana Pfaelzer overruled it. Is it any wonder that the state is destination numero uno for illegal aliens.

  24. If illegals voted conservative the libtards would have a wall, minefields, machine gun nests and artillery on the border.

  25. Little laurie ingrate is a pimp for the Repugnican Parody and a pseudo-journalist. Like Putin, she pimps for Comrade Donald. In doing so, she is Putin's useful idiot.

  26. So much for conservative Gorsuch I can't believe he actually ruled against deporting an illegal felon out of the country………

  27. l,m starting to look for another country to live in. Taxes inflation useless congress on doing anything for the working class. (other than raise their retirement age ) let the immigrants have this place. it won,t last long as they send all their money home

  28. These liberals are so super retarded….it just leaves me speechless. In my old age I have lost my patients for the stupidity of people.

  29. I am 71 years old,and NEVER thought I would ever see the day, when a person can FLAGRANTLY BREAK a written law,and than have the judicial system put conditions put on the enforcement of" that "law.I would like to make a quick comment on the National Guard,NOT being allowed to enforce the immigration laws.What exactly is California paying these individuals for?
    I seriously doubt that North Korea or China is going to attack the West coast.I thought that the national guard was essentially instituted to defend this country against invasion and handle any large domestic disturbances.Make NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, this is nothing short of an invasion.If there be any doubt JUST LOOK AT EUROPE.

  30. Laura please go back on vacation and stay there. Listening to your nasty voice makes your whole segment unbearable. Thought I would let you know that… You need a vacation. Leave and don't come back please please

  31. Fox proposition? Is Fox News the only one with a level head? is there any other MSN that would call Brown out on this crap?

  32. They wanted him… they got him. He didn't elect himself. I just hope the majority of the crime victims are liberal snowflakes… but then they'd just say they deserved it anyway.

  33. Laura Stinkingham, You are a soul-less hack. Let's just imagine for 1 minute that Comey hadn't come out and thrown the election in your exalted one's favor, allowing Drumpf and the Russians to steal the election. The Reptilian congress would have started impeachment proceedings immediately. The Democrats have displayed an amazing amount of patience considering the overwhelming evidence that Spanky Bonespurs' campaign did conspire with a hostile power to undermine the American democratic process. How can you even manage to hold a straight face while calling the Dems lawless? This is obviously the most corrupt and lawless administration in US history, and you and your Fox Propaganda channel, along with the silent Reptilian congress are fully complicit in the crime of the millennium, robbing the US population of untold millions of dollars! All for a snake oil salesman who can't even run his own business without going bankrupt 6 times. I'm gonna go ahead and guess those bankruptcies were just another scam to get out of paying taxes, shafting the American taxpayers. That's what he does. How the hell can you people stand behind and abet such a phony and fraud? Do you realize just how ironic it is to hear conservatives use the term "Rule of Law" as the one they protect is transferring most of the wealth of the nation to himself and his donors? I'm not a Democrat, and dems aren't perfect, but, really, seriously? What is wrong with you?

  34. The Immigration and Nationalization Act, while outlining (and mucking up) the immigration laws, is aimed not just at illegal aliens, but aliens in the nation for any reason including legal immigration, visas and indeed illegal aliens.

    An illegal alien can be deported regardless of their having committed a crime or not. That is stated. This ruling was about expediting removal of aliens accused of an aggravated crime. There are two parts. Incarcerated and not incarcerated. If the alien is indicted, they go to prison for their term. The decision is made once the prison term is over for those incarcerated, and after the trial for those who aren't incarcerated.

    The ruling was that definition of aggravated crime and expediting deportation. The ruling is the vagueness of the wording so expediting is hard to judge and could be used without bounds.

    Notice this does not affect an alien who is incarcerated. That person still does their prison term. To be honest, this Act is the one from 1965 that mucked up immigration by allowing anchor babies and is the root of the chain immigration nonsense. By judging against the Act in this case opens the door to evaluating the entire Act. That is the first step in immigration reform and could lead to removing the bad parts mentioned.

    Story to be continued.

  35. A total fool! A spineless, useless, lame Governor who didn't do shit the first time around, is actually doing less this time around. Get rid of this moron ASAP!

  36. It's a federal problem- if Drumph wants them out, then the national guard should round "them" up!! Not a state problem.

  37. The Deep State is planning domestic False Flag attacks against liberal targets to blame Trump, ISIS, and Info wars on attacks. The Attacks will be from Deep State so they can blame their enemies. Deep State will say that Trump and is working with ISIS. This is a LIE. The Deep State is in death throws and are going to do whatever they can to stop Trump

  38. Jerry Brown should be jailed for Treason. Yes we have criminals, why import more. Our criminals are jailed to the max. The illegal criminals are let go to murder, rape again.

  39. I'd like to see your sorry ass sitting in old sparky .with sparks flying..and Brad Sherman second in line…

  40. .. #1…you don't have any friends. #2…you look like the desperate lawless one.. #3 …proposing new law in Congress to indict any news organization that falsely uses the word "News" in their title, when in reality the only "news" is right wing propaganda, and flat out lies…just saying…#4…you look kinda crazy…sorry!…oh forgot…no political correctness anymore!.. oh how I love Spanky Bone Spurs!…

  41. Type "Trump University" into your web browser. Read and learn. Type "Trump loses libel case" into your web browser. Read and learn.

  42. How sure do Democrats know these illegals, that can’t legally vote, can be sure these illegals will definitely vote for Democrats? Bet they’ll shit when the illegals go with President Trump.

  43. Another great show Laura your the BEST !!!!! Put these democrats in their place !!!!!! They could care less about us!! It’s very clear it’s all about money & power !!!!!!!! When are the three stooges leaving ? You know who I mean 👎🏻 🤨😤🤬

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