In A Focus Group, Donald Trump Voters Express Frustration | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. You the media totally missed this: In his Arizona Rally when he says in such ironic tone "I got everything in there, the nazis, the white supremacists, let's see…. what else should I get in there ah yes the KKK, I hit them with everything" he is really dog whistling. It's like seeing these of the words it wants me to say and I'll say them not because I really want you to believe me but to comply with the mainstream media. It is a dog whistle on this search it should be totally condemned.

  2. william martin just what I'd expect from a FAKE NEWS thread. The Democratic Party is the party of White Supremacy, the KKK and Jim Crow and they continue just like they do with eugenics where they supporting the ideas first pushed by Margaret Sanger and paid for by rich white democrats today. These people are not looking out for you William if your black and if your a white democrat your a party of godless liars and murderers operating under the guise of secular humanism.

  3. What can someone expect from those southerners and the so called bible belt. It feels so good to hate, keep it up you've elected a fine character. Nothing changes of nothing changes

  4. These people are shocked that an arrogant, self absorbed, stupid, petty, unprepared racist narcissist is an arrogant, self absorbed, stupid, petty, unprepared racist narcissist. You knew he was a snake when you picked him up. Now you want sympathy? Yeah…sure.

  5. Obama divided the nation not Trump!!! You can keep trying to brainwash us into thinking it's Trump fault but it's not going to work on us people who use our brains to think for ourselves

  6. Someone should make a list of potential 2020 candidates, people who already have said that they will be running, so there are alternatives, when saying someone stopped supporting DT. Stopping to support Donald Trump does not implicit mean supporting the opposition, but in the virtual 2-party system it appears people have a hard time to not say either or one or the other, so having the option to say, "this guy/gal sounds ok, so I may be throwing my wheels behind him/her" instead of Trump.

  7. Just more Fake News and Hate News. Ha Ha Trump will win again.
    We love Trump and all your Fake Hate news will not change it.

  8. WTF! The woman who said, "Everybody knew he was a nut"??!! Yes, those of us who voted for anyone else knew he was a nut and that's one of many reasons why we did NOT vote for him. But if YOU knew he was a nut, why in the name of jeebus would you want to vote for a nut??!!

  9. When they went around the room and asked them what they would whisper in Trump's ear, one of them should have said, "RESIGN!"

  10. I can empathize with Trump voters regarding their disappointment, but for the guy in the focus group who says he "hopes Trump will right the ship," it brings to mind a M. Angelou quote, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." This fellow unfortunately thinks Trump will somehow magically change who he really is, and sadly, I haven't seen any evidence from Trump that he has any self- awareness of a need to change. I suppose just because we bought a pig-in-a-poke doesn't mean we should keep trying to put lipstick on it and calling it a beauty queen, when in our heart, we know the truth. I think the best thing we can do as a country is find a candidate that appeals to both sides, and that can work together in Congress to get things done with compromises from both. Is that even possible??? I have no idea, but if we want to stop the pendulum swing every time the other party comes to power, it will be a must for our country in the long run.

  11. The Clinton years gave us one most memorable line: "IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID." Morning Joe can go on day in day out bringing on tunnel vision panels to hate on the POTUS. If the economy turns around, jobs created, extra money in pockets, individual hopelessness of post-2008 and Obama years replaced with renewed vigor – and the indicators point that way – Joe & Mika can continue leading their band of whiners till Trump wins his 2nd term – and he will. No one is asking anyone to love THIS POTUS. Transformational leaders are rarely loved in real time. DJT, who is only an instrument in the ongoing consequential corrections in the remaking of America, will be a historic figure. In spite of his atypical character.

  12. Be afraid if his voters decide to give him the tools to get things done in 2018 and elect more Republicans or replace the ones that obstruct him.

  13. You make good or bad decision based on the quality of information you get. Trump supporters listen to Fox news.What else his their to say?Ho yeah Russia …

  14. They just can't take the i-told-you-so we told you so they just can't admit they were wrong cuz if they admit they're wrong about this and it meant all those liberals they hate were right about this then they have to start looking at what else they were wrong about and what else those liberals that they hate so much were right about and they just can't do that they just can't admit that they've been living a lie their whole life

  15. Talk about the right ripe time to attack this country – now! It is so allover the place, nothing coordinated – an administration burned out on putting out fires – and no plan except the current moment. We're a country not a yoga class… we need leadership – a plan and follow-through. It can't happen with him in there. Right now it's only about Republican vs Democrats hate for one another. Trump just helps to divide them further. Republicans aren't half as nuts as you think they just don't want to lose because they went out on a MAJOR limb for this guy. And they're being embarrassed.

  16. Don't encourage him to act presidential because he ISN'T PRESIDENTIAL. At lease with people focusing on his tweets they remain critical of him. Because people keep saying he isn't getting anything done while ignoring the fact that is is, they're just awful things for constituents on both sides of the aisle. Most recently, signing into law that class action lawsuits are now illegal. Like the corporations needed MORE protection and power. Everything else is just distraction and smokescreens.

  17. Like big 🍊 said, I CAN STAND IN THE MIDDLE FIFTH AVE. AND SHOOT SOME BODY AN STILL GET VOTES!!! What a piece of snake 🐍🐍

  18. " I like his platform make America great" wow lol guys got the president you guys voted for so stop complaining.

  19. People make bad decisions we need to stop paying attention to the trumpers and mobilize and up the Dem numbers in ever district in every state. Make sure people are registering now finding a way to polls now – giving money to Dems "Now" small amounts $20 a Dem. Stop talking about them and concentrate on moving the Dems on a Grass Roots level. We cannot change the Trump voter we can change and work on the Dem voter the independent voter on the non voter . Vote do the work stop complaining and do the hard work.

  20. Why did these people think he would be different in office vs before he was in office? He was exactly the same unprofessional, rude human being before and now. No sympathy for anyone who voted for him.

  21. When not attacked (Face the Nation focus group too) DT supporters express frustrations indeed and see a lot of moral and character flaws. LEARN… attack them less and they themselves will start thinking. Attack them and they will react viscerally and defend him to death.

  22. No Joe, it's not a bizarre binary choice. It is the return to real democracy with actual options to choose from. Milton Friedman Ideology has been moving the Overton Window further and further to the right. And this extremist libertarianism has been disguising itself as centrist, neoliberal democracy, when it is in fact destroying the very foundation of our democracy. Unregulated capitalism has crushed the true center and eroded everything we have learned since the Great Depression.

  23. NO JOE. Hillary Lost the electoral college because Russia & Trump FIXED this election, stop w the Hillary bashing BS. She wasn't so 'awful' – America was CONNED by a Con Man and a Hostile foreign Govt and all the minions like Assange.

  24. Donald Trump wants to be a dictator and they voted for him knowing what he was and expected him to be different. Boggles the mind that they didn't see it before they voted for the con man. He is drunk on his own power.

  25. You can fool some of the people some of the time … Trump is a charlatan, a snake oil salesman. A nasty corrupt egotistical racist loudmouth.

  26. Adults don't insult each other. They don't insult their friends. They don't insult strangers. Trump does not go to sleep each day until he has gratuitously insulted at least five people. Not even two-year-olds behave like that. If you had a friend like Trump, you would drop him. He is a boor. He does not belong in polite company.

  27. Trump voters= spoon fed mother fu**ckers. They will believe whatever they're told by a man who believes whatever hes told by a self-serving media e.g. britebart, FOX, Hannity and Alex Jones

  28. The pres Trump needs to win a good war like NK so people can believe in his hero status he was pretending to have when we sadly voted for him.

  29. "He hasn't gotten anything done".  Well actually he has, Republicans have just passed a tax bill that will screw the middle class, add to the debt, and shower money on the wealthiest 2% of Americans.  Walla!  What a great guy!!!

  30. A properly trained parrot can articulate that doesn't mean he knows are even believes the ideals; it just means he can articulate. Also when someone has been who he is for 70+ years, short of an act of God, don't expect change or improved behavior. Enjoy the last remnants of Obama's last budget because recovery is over and stagnation will be a dream.

  31. They say he only sleeps 4 hours a night. Here in Washington state you are required to get 6 to legally drive. If he can't even legally drive, how can he preside over a country?

  32. Did they just say Tax Bill didn't pass. I thought this was suppose to be news. Bunch of morans and they never get anything right. Bevis and Butthead. Fake News and Fake Poles. Remember your polls said Trump would loss by a landslide. Please give up this job if you can't do it right. You work for the globalist child abusers and who knows might be ones yourself.

  33. Trump sucks all the oxygen out of the room. This is a technique taught to him by Russian intelligence via his mobster oligarch mates. The aim is to shut down debate, whether that be by literally overwhelming the media and institutions with deliberate misinformation or whether that means perpetuating Kremlin talking points. The effect is the same – eventually it all becomes white noise .

  34. Trump could have made a real difference but once he got power his racism, sexism, homophobia, ego and greed kicked in! Surrounded himself with white supremecists … a real chance for real change swallowed up by his ugly personality!

  35. Trump supporters should not live in a bubble, they should live in the Indian Ocean right next to Osama Bin Laden, that other terrorist.

  36. Trump supporters are the craziest people in America, what else did you expect from these losers and imbeciles whose own lives are in a shambles? Now they are trying to wreck our lives too by imposing their obnoxious minority beliefs on us with their Orange Orangutang. When will America get tired of being jerked around by ignorant racist bozos? There may be a lot of them, but we outnumber them. If they keep acting in a dangerous irresponsible way, we should take steps against them. Enough bonehead fascism.

  37. Baby boomers coming to the realization that they are their parents now is hillarious.. worst of all is they lump hillary with actual progressives

  38. So they are saying, it looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, it walks like a duck but it’s not a duck it’s a swan ! Ha ha ha

  39. I beg the differ. If you voted for Trump, yes….. you were stupid. If you couldn’t see through his lies,,,, you were stupid. If you believed he was for you,,,, you were stupid. If you thought he could fix your problem,,, you were stupid. If you thought your life was going to get better under his presidency,,,, you were stupid. Look in the mirror and say to yourself … “ I am was STUPID! “

  40. This focus group as no judge of character…reality show host…"they thought" wrong…& "they" hope is a poor mans retirement

  41. "I didn't want more of what we already had" –meaning what? Economic growth, job creation, lower unemployment? Well you're going to get your wish, no more of that…

  42. The voting public, had reasonably expected the repubs to bring a properly vetted candidate to vote for. Look at what they found!

  43. This is so false. 99% of Trump voters would vote for him again today. His voters love him and are VERY LOYAL. CNN/MSNBC, more just doing ANYTHING they can to make Trump look bad or make it look like he's losing support (he's not).

  44. Don't worry mika and Joe. U could not employ the guy as janitor at school based on his behaviour. It seems American politics has just become them and us. Roy Moore almost got elected and he is paedo

  45. He's a professional liar ok. in Asia he got a nickname as half past six cannot go longer to twelve remember d clock ha

  46. Another one mika if u ask stormie abt d stupid old Liar president she will see him no up ok ha old already hehehe 😂😂🐷

  47. They KNEW FULLY what they were getting into voting for Trump! I RARELY agree with him but I will have his back on this, he did NOT misrepresent himself, at ALL! But your HATE for "NOBAMA", "Killary", "liberals" (which I am NOT), the "left" and all of this other stuff that would be a HUGE deal in some of the nations I've been to in the military. Here, they're barely a HICCUP! Be careful of what you wish for

  48. Obama ruined the nation – we all know he divided the nation. The truth is the Trump Train has expanded greatly since 2016. Noone can believe Joe and Meka…nothing but liars for the elites. These people will be voting for him again because they know how what the alternative is and it's a no brainer vote. People who are not awake will not understand his tweets, for those who understands his comms, see his brilliance. We don't care about professionalism and delivery…we want a fighter…he's got the bravado and knowledge to get things done for the betterment of the American People and THAT'S WHAT MATTERS!

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