In 386 Seconds You Will Vote For Bernie Sanders!

You can’t (Weeping) Buy presents for your children It’s really, really hard and I worked 3,4,5 jobs sometimes
always minimum wage I have a degree Divorce It’s just It’s just hard Bernie: Thank You Thank you (Clapping) It is not easy for people
to stand up and say that But the truth is… that I told millions of people who are experiencing what you guys
are experiencing DO say that! We don’t make change So I thank you for saying and for telling us what is going on
in your lives because the truth is… You can’t make it on 12,000 You can’t believe in dignity on 10,000 or less alright, let me talk a moment about something
I know everybody in this room especially the other people are concerned about, that’s education. I think everybody knows that to be educated is part of what makes us human But in addition to that We are in a highly competitive global
economy And common sense suggests that when you have got to have the best educated workforce
in the entire world, 30 years ago in the US, 30 years ago The US led the world in terms of the percentage
of our people who graduate in college Today we are in 12th place Today all over this country in every state in
the Union We have young people who are saying you know what Yeah I am smart Yeah I would like to go to college But I don’t want to leave school $60,000- $70,000
in debt in an unstable economy I’m not going! So think of what that means to our country In that where wasting intellectual capitol of
so many bright, young people! and then on top of that, you have
millions of people Who have graduated college and are now deeply in debt And then the next month I will introduce legislation That will make every public college and public university Tuition FREE! (Crowd clapping) Sometimes I think that the people in this
institution and in the White House are really losing contact
in not knowing about what’s going on with the American people. In case you don’t know and you haven’t seen the latest polls The AMERICAN PEOPLE hold the President of the
Unted States in contemp They hold THIS institution in contempt! They hold the republican party in contempt! They hold the Democratic Party in contempt! They think that maybe give it all of the crisis facing this country it’s about time That they were leadership here
and that this institution made some hard choices! And this is what the choice is about! WE are spending $270 Billion a year! On the military! But we don’t have a major enemy! I know it hurts your feelings! I know your upset about it! I know your hoping and praying that maybe we will have another war Maybe somebody will rise up! But it ain’t happening The Soviet Union doesn’t exist! The Warsaw Pact is through! Who are you worried about? Iraq? Who are you worried about? I’ll tell ya who I am worried about! I’m worried about the fact that our workers are seeing a decline in their standard of living! They want to see our industry! be rebuilt! That’s that’s they want to see! No more V-2 bombers! No more Star Wars! Let’s make the quality products we need! Let’s invest in the American industry! The American people want to see our kids educated! They want a head start program! They want their kids to be able to go to college! They want to wipe out the fact that 5 million
children in this country go to bed hungry! They want child care for their kids! They want decent education! Lets have the guts! to give some LEADERSHIP to this country! The cold war is over, lets reinvest in this America Lets support this Amendment! I think what our campaign is indicating is that the American people are tired of
establishment politics Tired of establishment economics They ant a POLITICAL REVOLUTION! In which millions of Americans stand up,
come together and not let the Trumps of the world And say you know what in this great country,
we need a government that represents all of US!!! Not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors. (Cheering)

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  1. He is like Mélenchon in my country, France. The only hope towards a better future. I hope the western world will wake up. I am a leftist who loves both my country and the American culture and people although I seriously cannot bear your government. I seriously hope this great man gets to win someday

  2. I saw this 2 years ago. This is one of my favorite videos of all time. Bernie’s Speeches are extremely powerful, and convincing to anyone. These speeches would of easily got Bernie Elected because he reaches out to us and not big banks and the “1%”. We are the 99%. And I thank Bernie for standing up for us.

  3. Watching this… I remember the fight is not over. Its just beginning. One man alone cannot do it. The greatest trick those with money and power have performed is making us believe there is nothing we can do.
    "They have too much money, too much power, they have been in control and planned for so long… How can we win? What can I do?"
    I have heard this so many times. My response? If that were true, why do they fight so hard to make voting so hard? Why do they fight so hard to quiet people and stop protesting and boycotting? If we had no power, why would they strive so hard to convince us we dont have power? Because we do. Because we can. Because we will.

  4. I cried countless times during the primaries. I live in Iowa, busted my ass here and went on to Minnesota and Wisconsin. When he was robbed out of New York I cried like a baby. Theres something special when a politician makes you so emotional.

  5. All we need to do is point guns at the right people and we can extract a better society— one with free government schooling, free government healthcare, and government-controlled pay.

    The state is violence; let's use it to make a better America.

  6. I graduated from a public university and I paid back my student loans because I studied a field in which people are hiring and paying well. I don't want to have my taxes raised to support pot smoking teenagers to study art history and gender studies only for them to not find jobs and raise kids they cant afford only to tax us productive people who don't study junk sciences in which their are no jobs to support those degrees

  7. Anti American Commie scum
    Make Democrats cry again 2018 & 2020

  8. The immense loss we suffered really hurts me. Even now. Bernie got me into political thought and he made me have hope in American democracy.

    It hurt to have that snuffed so quickly.

  9. I don’t like Sanders policies, because I’m a 100% capitalist guy, little gov intervention, but I respect Sanders. He is a honest guy. Not corrupt like Clinton, he genuinely cares about America’s people and believes he’s pushing for Justice.

  10. I love Bernie, but I had to stop watching this video halfway through because I couldn't hear him over the music you put in this video. I watched it to hear Bernie, not your hand-picked soundtrack.

  11. The way I see it, Bernie is the leftist version of trump, standing up for the little guy, while I hate Bernie, he’s better then many other democrats

  12. You can just tell from his response that Bernie is a person with deep compassion. He's fighting for working people.

    BERNIE 2020

  13. I love how Bernie can be bought off, throw aside is ideals for a house by the beach. He is a millionaire, while telling other millionaires that they are wrong and evil.

  14. My god, look at all the bernie hoes. Why do you want the goverment to be your suger daddy?
    Don't you want jobs? actual progress ? no, you don't, that is why you want a millionaire communist that praised the Cuban regime to become your president. and guess what ? he got backstabed, by his fellow democrats. he knelt to hillary clinton and here you are, blind as a fucking bat. trapped like a fucking rat.

  15. Sounds nice what he says, but we need to remember at the end of the day anything a politician says, ESPECIALLY in campaign ads is total and complete bullshit they will never follow through on. That goes for Trump, Hillary, Bernie, Obama whoever it doesn't matter.

  16. The video is nicely done, but knowing the effects of what his policies will do, and the stances he's taken in the past, namely thinking bread lines are a good thing, the video hasn't convinced me. I have no ill will against him, or anyone that chooses to vote for him, I just don't feel I can support him with how he wants just the "top 1%" to pay for everything. Need a much more solid plan to convince me.

  17. In 386 Seconds You will Vote For Bernie Sanders! No I don't think so. Not even in 386 years would I vote for the Pied Piper of Burlington.

  18. Too late!! I made up my mind a long time ago!! I will vote for Bernie again! These companies that pay minimum wage to the people who bust their asses every day to make huge amounts of money for them should be ashamed!! And people who work in the huge fast food chains bust their asses also, don't think they don't. I did it for over 20 yrs. they deserve a living wage also. And if you don't think these assholes can afford it, I'll give you an example. Pizza Hut, who I worked for for most of my adult life, in 2017, grossed 6.5 BILLION DOLLARS, Domino's surpassed them this with around the same. They can afford to pay their employees a decent wage!! Bernie is one of the ONLY politicians who care about us!! FEEL THE BURN, 2020!!! And just one more thing, I now work in a warehouse, and we have shipments come in from Canada every day, I know some of the drivers very well. Most of them pay an average of $500.00 A YEAR FOR HEALTHCARE!! I asked one driver if Canada was going broke because of it, you should have seen the look on his face. They don't even get bills, copays, nothing like that.

  19. If Bernie will winn everybody will cry. Bernie is the ram of DNC to destroy USA. After him they will come like saviors but the state will be almighty.

  20. I would of considered voting for him until he came out and supported Hitler AOC green New deal. Any Dem or Rep supporting that bill I'm not voting for.

  21. 2:46–4:55

    How can ANYONE watch that and still believe Trump or Hillary or anyone else is a better candidate? How can there exist people who watch that and are not convinced the he's the GOAT? I just do not understand

  22. I figured this was satire… Yeah, sorry to burst your bubble, but… Socialism doesn't work. He's telling you what you want to hear to get votes.

  23. Are you for:
    $15/hour minimum wage
    affordable college tuition
    Medicare for All
    fixing climate change
    free child care
    taxing the 1% more
    avoiding endless wars?
    If so, you're for Bernie.

  24. He knows we live in a capitalist nation how is he going get free healthcare without raising taxes he'll make minimum wage 15 but half not going be yours once you pay more money to cover the free stuff he offering. how stupid can you be to think this guy is going be helpful to the working class

  25. I am a victim of communism, socialism, marxism, Leninism or however you want to call it. I will never let this country turn into what I lived. Stop envying people who are more successful than you. What is not yours is not yours. Work hard and make good decisions, be careful with whom you hangout and don’t do drugs.

  26. Socialism kills. But Bernie would do great! He might even buy a fifth house for himself. I don’t see his wife’s corruption in this video. I also don’t see the video clip of him partying with Russians during his honeymoon. If he took it up the arse when the DNC screwed him over, imagine what he would do when a foreign influence has him over a barrel. Think about it. He ran like a mewling kitten when Hillary flicked him out of her way. No backbone.

  27. Why the fuck do Americans always need shitty music to set the mood? Keep seeing this in every documentary, TV show, and here. No wonder you guys are so deranged these days that you have to bring pronouns into Politics.

  28. I lived a pretty damn good live with 12k a year. But then again, I actually put thought into how I spend my money and plan for the future.

  29. Young people, you need to make sure the background music is softer than the softest speaking person. As you get older, you will lose the ability to
    hear certain tones. This means that this music will distract people with hearing problems, and what the elderly are trying to hear. EVERYONE needs to hear Bernie's message, and the voice of the people. Thank you.

  30. Sometimes I come here to feel hope. I come here to believe in a better future. I come here for humanity. I wish nothing more than peace and happiness for this world. I come here because I believe it can happen, maybe not in my lifetime but some day. ☮️☮️☮️☮️

  31. We want to hear the mmanetalk, not some shifty music. Voted for him in 2016 and will do so again in 2020. 4 more years of Trump and this country is finished!!

  32. Really love all the highlights of how hard Sanders has worked (40 years) for all, from blue collar Middleclass and all the Workers of America and about the HOMELESS FAMILYS AND VETERANS to the Racial Violence to Cultural Violence and NEED FOR GUN CONTROL ! From Dark Money Corruption in The Whitehouse (OUR HOUSE) to helping local honest young politicians START a Political Career to remove corruption in OUR HOUSE ! But lol dude the music is a bit much !

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