Impeachment inquiry polling has stabilized. A majority of Americans are for it. ..

Impeachment inquiry polling has stabilized. A majority of Americans are for it. .. Poll of the week: A new shows that 51 percent of voters nationwide approve of the Houses impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. That compares with 45 percent who disapprove of it. The Quinnipiac poll is the latest that shows a majority of the public supports the impeachment inquiry. Whats the point: One of the biggest questions when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared an impeachment inquiry last month was whether the American public would get behind it. Back in August, only 41 percent of Americans said in a that an impeachment inquiry would be a good idea. Thats clearly changed. Yet a closer look at the polls suggests that while there was quick movement toward Americans supporting the impeachment inquiry once it was declared, that shifting has likely stopped. Support for the inquiry seems to have stabilized or stalled in the low to mid 50s. You can see the lack of fluctuation when you look across multiple pollsters. When about the inquiry from September 27 to 29, 52 percent approved of it. From October 4 to 7, 53 percent . Now, 51 percent approved. shows a similar trend. On September 26 to 27, 55 percent approved of the impeachment inquiry. From October 8 to 11, it was 53 percent . did a one day poll on September 25 and put support for the inquiry at 49 percent among all adults. When it from October 3 to 8, that jumped to 52 percent . All these polls showed movement within the margin of error. Across them, 52 percent supported the impeachment inquiry at the end of September and 52 percent support it now. Indeed, when you look at every single pollster that has polled about the inquiry multiple times since it began, we see the same picture: 52 percent approved of it in September and 52 percent do in October. This 52 percent matches the average support for the inquiry in all October polls regardless of whether a pollster had previously asked the question. In these same polls, 43 percent of respondents disapprove of the inquiry. Why has support for the impeachment inquiry seemed to have stabilized? Its because now the split is about the in Trumps approval versus disapproval rating. If you were to look at the average poll, about 42 percent to 43 percent of Americans approve of the job Trump is doing as President. About 54 percent disapprove of the job hes doing which is within the margin of error of 52 percent who approve of the inquiry . If approval of the impeachment inquiry is to rise further, one of two things needs to happen. One is that more people have to start approving of the inquiry than disapprove of Trumps job performance. That seems unlikely. Alternatively, more people need to start disapproving of Trumps job performance. This seems plausible, but approval and disapproval ratings of Trumps job performance have been steady during this impeachment saga just as they have been during his presidency. People seem, for now, set on Trump as they are on the impeachment inquiry. A clear majority of Americans disapprove of Trump and approve of the impeachment inquiry into him.

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