‘I wasn’t impressed’: party leaders react to ITV election debate

I think people at home will be forgiven for
thinking, surely we deserve better than this? There was a huge gap in that debate. Both of them want Brexit and yet the
voice of remain wasn’t there. There’s no question Jeremy Corbyn
is a better debater than Boris Johnson, but on the key issue of the day, Brexit,
nine times Jeremy Corbyn would not say as prime minister in a second referendum
that he calls whether he’d back leave or remain and that is a failure of leadership. I wasn’t impressed with either of the leaders
and I think the big takeaway for Scotland from that debate is that we shouldn’t allow
either of these men to determine our future. We’ve got Boris Johnson who wants
a hard Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn who can’t even tell us whether he’s in favour
of leaving the EU or remaining in the EU. I can”t believe that neither of
those two leaders brought up The most important issue that
we face alongside Brexit. I think it’s outrageous. Everyone must have been
at home crying out for Caroline Lucas or me or Jonathan Bartley to be there
to hold them to account to bring up this most important issue. The young people that are out on the streets
literally begging us to do something about this must be feeing so let down.

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  1. The working classes from northern and midlands town's, once dyed in the wool Labour Party supporters will not be happy with Jeremy.

    However the metropolitan middle class and the studenty hipsters in the big cities will love him.

    He might just pull a rabbit out of the hat this election…

  2. British Labour like the Australian Labor parties are no longer for the working citizen. They are for the inner-city, affluent, champagne-socialists. It would not be surprising to see Labour loose badly.

  3. Remain didn't need to be there. When Leave won the election, all the parties should have been fighting over how they will each deliver Brexit….not how they will go against the will of the people.

  4. The underlying fact here is that large number of the population because of the education system are ignorant of anything except from what they read in newspaper headlines. So we get politicians like boris who speak in a way to con those people into voting for his party.

  5. Johnson and Corbyn attacked by sidelined party leaders ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/20/johnson-and-corbyn-attacked-by-sidelined-party-leaders

  6. Jo Swinson, the youngest MP in the House of Commons, included receipts for eyeliner, a “tooth flosser” and 29p dusters with her parliamentary expenses claims.

  7. Most Liberals are on another planet re their thinking… They seem to think that 'because they agree between themselves re this or that..' then it goes without saying that.. 'their agreeing..' is proof positive they must be right..????
    Such activity is 'Narcissistic…' So deluded and sad…

  8. I can just picture Swinton stamping her feet and folding her arms in anger, after being told she CAN'T be the Princess in her junior school play.! WHAT A FRECKIN LOOSER !!!!

  9. Did not watch it what was the point most people have made up there minds , I had months ago
    And Farage what's your game, backing Corbyn

  10. Tv debate was not democracy where was the party's 😒 People need to awake up . 2 leader talking about what? Need new ideas 😒 keep talking about the same thing again and again . People are losing there job's and house's .

  11. Sorry guys but real the perpetrator behind all this – the smooth operator himself – Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. He became "The Man for All Seasons" and brought both the Left and the Right to the Centre and blurred the lines. Remember the Third Way!

  12. She looks like that psychobxxxch girlfriend of your mate who cut all his clothes up when he dumped her.
    BEcause basically thats what she is.
    "Oh I love being famous, I'm going to get a job on telly and makes LOTS of money after this silly gig".

  13. Nicola Krankee the txrd that just won't flush!
    She's obviously suffering from Post Traumatic Shock Disorder after a visit to the BBC Crackerjack studios in 1982! : D

  14. They all tell people what they want to hear, but they are only looking after themselves, as for the live debates, they should have renamed it to The Muppet Show.

  15. jo swinson by far the most deluded woman ive ever heared, all she cares about is her husbands money from the eu, i actually feel sorry for any person that would actually vote for her, im pretty sure she has serious mental health issues jo swinsane

  16. Whats that green party lady even talking about? Global warming or something? "Everyone must have been at home crying out for Caroline Lucas" … uh no, sorry, can't say that I was.

  17. wasnt impressed? well thats because its the same questions, we all heard answers for before… All MPS answer the questions in a tired of way.

  18. the other party leaderd werent impressed, shock horror!!! even if they were impressive, the other leaders wouldnt admit it. waste of a report

  19. 1:03

    'Everyone must have been at home calling out for Caroline Lucas or me or Jonathan Bartley to be on the stage' ….

    Don't flatter yourself Sian Berry

    The Greens are deluded

  20. As a centrist you would think Swinson is the obvious choice for me but her patronising feminism- bringing gender into this, is very off-putting

  21. Why does Sturgeon and Berry want to be in a PM debate when neither believe in the UK and the former wants to break it up!

    Sturgeon wants to be in a PM debate when she has no intention of being PM. That makes no sense.

  22. England without it's ruling class is pretty pathetic, isn't it? It's political leaders are now all native proles, are they not? And they look like it too.

  23. PEOPLE at home know You and other Remain mps Are Tratiors. 498 mps Voted too start art 50. DENY us Democracy and regret it forever….

  24. I don't like Sturgeon or Farage much but I must say they are decent politicians. Jo Swinson is just so weak, she's no Nick Clegg

  25. I can't wait until this women's political career is dead and buried and we never have to see her lying scummy face again.

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