HUGE Shift in 2020 Race

>>Big news out of a new poll display done
by Monmouth University and it’s out of New Hampshire. So recently we had a poll where Elizabeth
Warren had taken the lead in Iowa 22 to 20%. That was the Des Moines Register and CNN poll
at Sanders at number three at 11%. So now, the New Hampshire polling done for
Monmouth, we got a new leader in New Hampshire, Elizabeth Warren. 27%, the Biden 25% and Bernie is down at 12%. You know how much Elizabeth Warren is gone
up in the State of New Hampshire since May? Now, May was not long ago, she’s gone up 19
points. Wow, now, they’re pull out of Nevada, she’s
closing on Biden in Nevada. So right now, nationally Biden still leads,
but Warren is definitely closing in. And by the way, Warren and Sanders are very
close, nationally. So implications of this are three fold. Elizabeth Warren as things stand today is
in excellent shape, now, leading in Iowa and New Hampshire. Biden’s at a world of trouble, that’s conclusion
number two. I told you if Biden slips to number two, he
slips to number 20. There’s no comeback for Biden, his supporters
paper thin, it’s all based on name recognition. The minute that people find out about his
plans boom, like the Hindenburg. So we are in mid Hindenburg as we speak, Biden
is in a world of trouble. And then the third conclusion is not a positive
one for progressives and that is that Bernie Sanders is at this point struggling. So look, he’s still very much in the race
in the top three nationally and very close to Warren nationally. Warren just passed Bernie Sanders in the combination
of polls nationally. And everybody else is in single digits, so
this race is clearly between top three candidates Biden, Warren and Sanders. But our job is to be honest and objective,
and then give you our perspective. And then an honest objective analysis of these
polls is that Bernie Sanders has dropped to number three. And so, and it’s real, I don’t think that
it’s a they’re using the wrong kind of phone lines and they’re pulling the wrong people,
etc. Now, look, I’ll get to my perspective right
now, Elizabeth Warren has gone up for two reasons. Number one, she announced a whole heap of
progressive plans, so the voters actually care about policy. I told you that she would go up. By the way look, I know it’s tooting my own
horn and some of you are not fond of it, a lot of you think it’s fun, okay? But the reason I tell you is because then
you know we’re not Monday morning quarterbacking it, we’re not pretending we knew it after
it already happens. I told you that Warren would rise when she
was at the very bottom. Remember, after all the testing of the Native
American heritage, etc. Everybody had given up on Warren and I said
it on this program, no way she’s gonna make a comeback and she did. And what was it based on? It was not based on superficial stuff. It was based on her releasing one giant progressive
plan after another, after another, after another. She’s also done, been savvy politically and
positioned herself between Bernie Sanders and the rest of the establishment. Which is where a lot of democratic voters
are, so that was really smart of her and so, it is completely worked. And now, when I give you that context, by
the way, another thing that I said with Andrew Yang would be at number six. When he was down in number 20 or wherever
you was at, and right now, in every poll, Andrew Yang at number six. So when I tell you the next thing, understand
that it has a decent chance of becoming true. Bernie Sanders has a comeback in him, so it
depends on what he does next. I’m not ready to declare it yet, because it
depends on his actions. But he has been putting out a lot of progressive
plans that are even more progressive than Elizabeth Warren’s now, I believe that will
have an effect. That’s half of it, the other half the equation
is, is he gonna step up and fight even harder and point out the corruption within the Democratic
Party? If he does that, he will make a comeback and
this will be one of the most interesting races between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. That’s what I’m looking forward to, like I’ve
been saying all along. Warren and Sanders being at one and two is
a dream come true for progressives. Buying right now is hanging in by his fingernails
at number two in Iowa, New Hampshire, that will not last. So all of Washington, the establishment and
corporate democrats buckle up. This time, it’s your turn to brace for impact. Because here comes Warren and here comes Sanders.

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  1. War(R)en is a neo-liberals dream. She will begat a real fascist instead of bumbling Trump. The fascist War(R)en will give us will be a fascist with a plan. JFK said when you prohibit peaceful change you guarantee violent change.

  2. Bernie Sanders is definitely my number one choice, but I am okay with Elizabeth Warren taking the lead. So long as it's not Biden I can live with it

  3. I was at her rally in New York City, she was fabulous and on that day I became clear that she is the candidate who has my support. Anybody who thinks that she’s not progressive is likely making a sexist snap judgment based on comparing her to Hillary Clinton purely on the basis of gender, age, and hairstyle.

    She has the backing of the working families party, people. Not Bernie, Elizabeth.

  4. Cenk, if Bernie decides to make this a campaign on declaring the corruption of the Democratic Party, the only thing that he will do is to undermine our candidates and our credibility. We are not perfect, but we are not to be viewed the same way as Republicans, and to eat our own is a mistake right now.

  5. I started commenting on here, back in June, that she would be our next potus. Because I was getting "intuitively" that she would be (and long before her meteoric rise began, ha). I have no doubt though that WHEN she does, you'll totally discount such a prediction and, of course, say that you knew and "predicted" it all along, lol. Someday, just maybe you'll be gifted with such potent experiences of the "woo-woo," that you'll know that it's fo' real 😉 The power of that right-brain stuff…just so beyond what you can imagine. (Hint, you should try to imagine.)

    That aside, I save my comments (for writerly reasons, among so many others) and here's one of my previous comments where I make clear my prediction. Write it down, so you can then say, "oh, that's just coincidence," LOL 🙂 Or, totally ignore (or mock) what you can't comprehend, and your left-brain can't explain, AND that you fear (because of that "can't explain" thing).

    First line of my July 31, 2019, comment:
    "I'll state again that I predict Warren will win in 2020, and if that's correct, I hope Sanders is the VP. Dream team, yes."

    All human beings have this "sixth sense" right-brain knowing (but even those of us who know, we are just scratching the surface of it, and it's encumbered by our unhealed trauma, which most of us have…) And the only way our world is going to survive is if we "awaken" to it, this powerful (powerful) right-brain/feminine energy. Admittedly, it's a b*tch having to be one of the "pioneers" in this regard. I love my left-brain/masculine energy almost as much as you love yours, Cenk, lol, but I can't deny what I know, and what I feel a passion for others to know, to empower others, to help "save" our amazing planet.

    That's where (in the "right brain") the seed lies for us to discover our inherent value/power(same thing), and if we don't discover that soon, and we continue to see ourselves as garbage ("sinners" etc), or at best just ho-hum mediocre beings, then we're not going to make it. And that's because we are so powerful. It works like this, babe. Just like teaching the children their intelligence depended on their eye color, their BELIEF in that, it created that reality. But it isn't just us as children. Our beliefs are powerful, period. (If you believe you're sh*t, then going to be sh*t, etc. etc .. note, BELIEF is not an easy thing, except when we're children…) And if powerful beings have that "magic wand" that is their BELIEF, and they believe deeply that they aren't worth a sh*t, then you betcha' they have the power to destroy themselves. And they will, one way or the other (see a sick and dying ppl/planet). But that same power can also be used to save themselves. Wake up already. I promise ya', Cenk, your left brain (without a potent dose of the right-brain) is making you stupid and ignorant about a lot of things. Swallow your macho idiocy, and insecure need to be right, and just open and expand that mind… Because you do have a good heart, clearly better than what you believe…

  6. Mainstream media will keep pushing Warren because she is the new corporate darling, she takes corrupt corporation donations.

    Sad that TYT can not see she is Hillary 2.0! If TYT keeps ignoring her CORRUPTION I will have to get away from here.

  7. What is your opinion on money in politics?
    "You don't change a corrupt system by taking money from it" – Bernie Sanders
    "We should play just as dirty as Republicans in the general election." – Elizabeth Warren

  8. Warren is Hillary pretending to be Bernie. The DNC and the media screwed him before and they're doing it again.

    If Warren gets the nomination, I'm praying for Jesse Ventura to declare as an independent.

  9. Gag and spit my vote to Biden, only if I have to.
    Warren is better, but still a Half measure.
    Bernie is the one I will love to vote for.

  10. I don't think Warren or Sanders can get the votes needed to win the election, a lot of what they are talking is going to turn people off from voting for them. Biden playing it right, he can get some of the trump voters from 2016. He just keep tripping over his own feet.

  11. Gee Cenk, you say you're against corruption (i.e. $$$$ in Politics). So howcum you are not calling Warren out for using $10M of PAC money from her Senate campaign in this Primary? Howcum you are not calling her out for planning to take PAC money in the General?

  12. If there is a candidate who is able to bring together the progressive and the centrist wing of the party it's Warren , no body else; to be clear some or maybe most of Bernie's die hard supporters will never vote for her but the majority of progressives are very enthusiastic about her; on the other side she is very well loved by the majority of centrist; nobody else in this crowd come even close. That is the reason why she is rising and why Bernie is not able to expend his base significantly to take the lead.

  13. CHINA-LOVING Sanders failing? GOOD! We need a US president capable of holding China accountable to its actions. Imagine if China completely imposes its 9-dash line without the US doing anything especially when it comes to the Philippines "pivot." The US will lose its global military edge and give China the momentum. No to China-leaning candidates including BIDEN! Is Warren going to be strong against China? I'm not sure but I'm quite sure she's better than Biden and Sanders as she will likely listen to her defense ministers and intelligence community. She has no China business interests and communist allegiance.

  14. TYT has officially sold out. Warren is using corporate money to fund her campaign, she flip flops on Medicare for all, voted for that insane pentagon budget, and is in correspondence with Hillary. If you think you can trust her I’ve got a golden bridge to sell you. Bernie and Tulsi are the only ones you can trust.

  15. Cenk I like you but do not act like Warren is gunna bring the revolution, she will be marginally better than Obama, nothing more

  16. 'Progressive' doesn't mean anything anymore since Clinton and corporate use it to describe themselves. Warren is a fraud. She crossed a picket line in Las Vegas. Warren attended a fundraiser in the Hamptons and she's accepting corporate money thanks to an accounting trick. She's accepted more money from Kaiser than Harris. Warren is not an ally of working Americans.

  17. I think theres a greater chance that trump beats warren, i think bernie is better for a 1 on 1 with trump, she might cave to trumps childish tactics and he will find a way to use the Pocahontas thing, and the big donor money, and the thing with her and clinton in 2016

  18. I don't care as long as we get a progressive in office. Can't go wrong with Warren, Sanders, or Yang. I have a feeling those 3 will be working together. If Biden wins, I'll just stay home and not vote.

  19. She is dishonest if she just comes out with policies for the sake of votes how is she going to implement them she will have to uturn on 50%

  20. Why is Cenk so excited for Warren… i can't understand why Cenk isn't sure about Bernie… literally the only true progressive and all of a sudden he is questioning who to vote for? She has a heap of progressive plans? That she ripped off of Bernie. She is nothing like him and probs will never be. Such a disappointment

  21. Bernie released giant progressive plans one after another and Liz has used his policy stands to make her own. The real truth of why she is surging is because the media is promoting her day and night .

  22. I believe in Bernie, but his hateful fan base is going to be a real problem for him. They don’t understand that instead of being mean and calling everyone corrupt and stupid, they need to speak about Bernie’s vision. I don’t think I could vote for Bernie after the way I have been treated by team Bernie because if this is how he runs his campaign, I am not sure I want him running the country. Luckily, I have Warren to fall back on.

  23. Warren’s daughter charity gave Working family 45000 dollars which was 20% of their income last year. Lot of corrupt people use their kids to make donation. This smells really fishy. Plus she says she doesn’t get corporate money for primary but I think her donors are buying her air time directly.

  24. Warren is picking up the other centrist candidates support, as people like Harris fade. Sanders will pick up Biden’s support, as he fades, and this might propel him over the finish line.

  25. My gosh as soon as the Bernie channel mentions another candidate everyone accuses the Bernie channel of being a sellout!
    We certainly don’t need “progressives” who believe in fairness and reality around here. You tow the line or else!

  26. This is great news we’re close to get to The same bullshit we’ve been getting for years! If you’re not voting for Bernie Sanders you’re voting for the wrong person because you’re not voting for yourself clearly

  27. This is not a bad thing guys, Bernie has not attacked Elizabeth because his strategy is to have him be 2nd and then go for the taking once Biden is out of the picture. I'm not scared, Bernie has a high chance, and we will be there to help him slay.

  28. Establishment has 1 mission, prevent a progressive from being elected. They would prefer Trump to Bernie or Tulsi. Warren is exactly like Obama, a moderate Republican masquerading as a progressive.

  29. Bernie is not struggling, these polls are easy to manipulate based on who they poll and what questions they ask. And Warren is still not nearly as progressive as Bernie.

  30. you guys call yourself progressives but yet you haven´t covered how she is using big money from her 2018 senate race(she took big money donations back then) for her presidential run.She ain´t no progressive and no bernie sanders and it ought to be ur job to explain it and yet u don´t … U failed actual progressives

  31. I thought you guys were against money in politics, I really doubt that the establishment will be bracing for impact if they got Elizabeth.

  32. I'm sure Jeffrey Katzenberg is very proud of what you're doing Cenk! Selling out the progressive movement by touting fake polls like CNN and Monmouth? Why in the world would you trust a poll that comes from CNN? LOL the monmouth poll was given by 70% of voters 50 years or older! Yeah that's very fair isn't it lol?

  33. When is TYT going to cover how Warren is seeding her primary run with $10 million of corporate money? When is TYT going to cover the blatant corruption of the WFP endorsing Warren because they received $45K in donations from an organization that Warren's daughter is apart of?

    Where is the unbiased coverage? Do your job!

  34. Let's hope Bernie wins. But Warren is certainly 1OOOO better then tRump. Seeing the comments here I'm very disapointed in the short view progressive america is also caught in. Very disturbed by that. tRump changes are rising a lot now. Warren is certainly not gonna sell us out. Cerainly not!!!

  35. Warren's my top choice, Bernie's my second.

    Both of them need to finish Biden off by stealing his black support ASAP.

    I completely agree with Cenk; this race coming down to Elizabeth and Bernie is a dream scenario for America.

    But I disagree with Cenk that putting out a slew of aggressively progressive policies is going to move the dial for Bernie at all, let alone give way to a full comeback. Who hears the name Bernie Sanders and thinks "eh, that guys a little too center for me, ya know?" Everyone knows he's staunchly progressive, and still, a growing number of voters are choosing Warren. In my view, his main problem isn't being highlighted enough by the media. Going into this race, Bernie had a burden of recognition that Elizabeth Warren simply didn't have; everyone knows him after 2016 and has a solidified opinion of him. That recognition is both the reason his floor is high and his ceiling is low. I suspect there are a good number of Hillary's voters that simply will never vote for him. Currently, Elizabeth Warren is getting most of that support and stands to gain more of it when folks like Harris, Booker and O'Rourke drop out.

  36. I hope Tulsi kneecaps Elizabeth I-take-big-donor-money Warren the way she did Kamala Harris, and paves the way for Bernie. Bernie/Tulsi 2020!!

  37. For everyone who is complaining about: how inaccurate those polls are ; please show us 2 or 3 more accurate recent polls according to your standards where Bernie is leading; If you can't how are you able to know that Bernie is actually leading; The argument base on the fact that Bernie has the most small donors (around 1 million) is not a proof that could also mean that a greater ratio of his supporter are donating.

  38. Warren has shown herself to be disingenuous not just during this campaign, but also with her endorsement of Hillary over Bernie. She is no progressive and most of her policies that are progressive are based off Bernie's. I am not surprised she is surging since she has been quietly reassuring the doner class that she will play ball. Yet here we are referring to her like she has our backs. (In general, not specifically in this clip)

  39. A vote for Elizabeth is a vote for establishment. She might even have Bernie fooled. If she is the nominee Trump will win the election.

  40. I love Cenk, but he’s wrong on this. Warrens rise has nothing to do with policy. If you look at the poll trends, she skyrocketed as Kamala Harris nosedived, you can literally see the trend lines changing spots

  41. Elizabeth Warren is taking big money in the general. If you think she will actually change anything taking big money, then youre naive as hell. Obamas fake left rhetoric and taking big money led to Trump. Now the Democrats want to give us another Obama and think that wont lead to another Trump? Half measures arent going to save this country. Warren defended Joe fuckin manchin people ! on tyt , theres no single payer language in her "plan" for health insurance! what happened to the progressive litmus test of medicare for all and no big money ? Warren checks neither of those boxes, she hasnt even kept to her word of no big money in the primary with a sleazy accounting trick. Nothing will change !!

  42. Watch the Russian trolls start driving a division between Warren and Sanders supporters in order to demoralize them and suppress votes. Don't be surprised if an avalanche of fake news articles start getting shared on social media about Warren being a corportist hack and what not and just blatantly making shit up.

  43. Warren is just stealing Sanders votes and is only going to lose in the end it's selfish for her to be in this race. 3 years ago she didn't have the idea she does now. Bernie's had the same views for 30 years

  44. brace for impact here comes warren? SHES TAKING PAC AND CORPORATE MONEY IN GENERAL !! come on cenk.. people arent as dumb as you want them to be

  45. I also predicted Yang and Warren's rise months ago and put my money where my mouth was. I'm saying, and still stating, a hard No to a Bernie Sanders comeback.

  46. Emma and Cenk both like Warren, despite her coming ON THE YOUNG TURKS and saying to Cenk’s face “I will take corporate money and dark money and Super PAC money in the general elections”. Ana is the only sane person on this show who has not bought into Warren’s corruption.

  47. Bernie slacks because him and his followers are hardcore believers which is great but it really don’t win. There’s absolutely live in Lala land. No political savviness whatsoever.

  48. Such a totally screwed up analysis, but not surprising since it comes from Cenk who is incredibly biased. To start with the last part first, Cenk thinks the way to defeat Trump in 2020 is for the Democrats to get into a big war between the left-wing and moderate segments of the party — brilliant! Trump will be laughing all the way to his second inauguration. Second, the reason for Warren's rise in the polls is not due to any slippage by Biden; it's because Bernie's support is cratering (which Cenk acknowledges with a long face). Progressives (and I use that term loosely) are beginning to recognize that Warren has two chances of being elected President — slim and none — while Bernie has only one chance — none. Bernie has gone full Monte on socialism and his support is sinking like a stone. Naturally, you would expect Bernie's former supporters to move over to Warren (the only other left-wing game in town) and that is what is happening. Biden is in fine shape, not "hanging on by his fingernails" as Cenk puts it.

    As far as the appeal of all these progressive "tax and spend" (remember that phrase?) programs to voters, consider these words from respected New York Times op/ed columnist Thomas Friedman in a recent piece advocating that Democrats focus heavily on the environment: "I don't know who sold progressive Democrats on the idea that the way to beat Donald Trump is to abolish the private health insurance of 160 million Americans and offer instead 'Medicare for All' (and Mexico will pay for it), but it's a political loser and an easy target for Trump to feast on."

  49. Berniecrats need to swallow a bitrer pill…. Most of the party is right of Sanders. Smart of Warren to position herself right of him. Warren will scoop up all the establishment voters – Kamala, Booty judge

  50. @The Young Turks – NO! The MAIN reason that Warren has risen is due to the bashing of Bernie by the mainstream media… and the positive coverage of Warren by the media. change that… and you get bernie back into the lead.

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