Howard Schultz Says He WON’T Ruin 2020 Election If Democrats Nominate A Centrist

Howard Schultz, the billionaire, former CEO
of Starbucks, has basically resulted to extortion in an attempt to get the Democratic Party
to do exactly what he wants them to do. And in an interview published in the Washington
Post this past Thursday, Schultz laid out his plan very clearly. He says, if the Democrats will just nominate
a centrist, I won’t blow up the 2020 presidential election. How about that folks? I won’t destroy everything and helped reelect
Donald Trump as long as democrats nominate someone who is not going to raise my taxes. That is what Schultz is saying here. Now, here’s the exact quote, the word for
word here. I would reassess the situation if the numbers
change as a result of a centrist Democrat winning the nomination. Now, Schultz claims in this interview that
his internal polling shows that he is a strong contender, that he totally has a shot at winning
the presidency. Uh, which is funny because I’m wondering what
polling data he’s using because what we see on the national scale right now as he has
4% 4% and yet he says his internal polling is totally so much better than that, but it
would likely go down if a centrist Democrat were to get the nomination. Um, that’s a lie. That is 100% not true. And Howard Schultz knows that Howard Schultz
again is trying to extort the Democratic Party, telling them to push out progressive’s people
who want the change that a majority of people in this country are clamoring for all because
he doesn’t want to pay higher taxes. That is 100% what this is about. And that is the only reason why hire Howard
Schultz is even considering running for president right now. Now again, he is still, has not announced
that he is officially running for president, but he has hired staffers, he’s hired advisors
and he’s got this whole little internal campaign going right now. But he has not yet officially said, I am running
for president. I have filed the paperwork, let’s do the damn
thing. And that’s good. What he’s trying to do right now, because
I don’t believe this man actually wants to run for president. I think he knows he has no shot, but he wants
to try to use what little bit of sway he has to convince the Democrats to push out the
progressive’s. You know the people who say we were going
to have medicare for all the people who say, we’re going to raise taxes on the wealthy,
we’re going to put a wealth tax in place. We’re going to put a new marginal tax rate
in place of 70 to 80% maybe even higher. Who knows? And that’s what terrifies Sholtz. He does not want these progressive policies
to become a reality in the United States, even though a majority of the public from
both sides actually want these things to happen. See, here’s my take on the whole thing. I don’t think if Schultz ran, he would blow
up the democratic side. What Schultz is going to do, because let’s
it, the guy’s a moderate Republican. He’s going to siphon votes away from Donald
Trump. Now I know he would get some democratic votes. I understand that, but I believe he would
draw more votes from the Republican side than he would from the democratic side because
we have seen how energized and happy the Democrats are with these new progressive politicians,
the new progressive policies and the left word lurch of the overall political system
that we’re building right now. They like that. They don’t like Howard Schultz’s. Meanwhile, on the Republican side, they hate
Donald Trump. Yeah, he’s got a pretty high approval rating
just among Republicans, but the whispers, the stirring, the people out there being interviewed
saying, I can’t believe I voted for this guy. I feel like I was tricked by. The devil was a quote from one former Trump
supporter. They would be far more likely to support a
Howard Schultz than they would to completely cross the aisle and go vote for a democrat. And that is why I believe that Howard Schultz
would ended up drawing more votes off Trump, thereby helping the eventual democratic nominee. But who knows. The bottom line is, I don’t want this guy
to run for president at all. He is a jackass. He is a greedy multibillionaire who only wants
to preserve himself and his fortune, and that is why he wants to run for president. And that is why he should immediately be disqualified
from ever seeking the office of the presidency.

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