How will approval of ballot measure “4E” impact School District 2?

also following up on election results from Tuesday ballot measure for E and the Harrison School District to one of just a few local school funding issues it actually passed with 56% support news sites Jessica brett-o has a look at the plan in place on how to use that money and what happens next we first met folks campaigning for a ballot measure for a while they were canvassing neighborhoods in Southeast Colorado Springs they may have actually knocked on at least 30,000 doors campaign manager Anthony Carlson credits that outreach with the measures success we believe those one-on-one conversations and people are actually getting a chance to hear about the need was a big role in folks stepping up and being willing to support Harrison with this initiative the measure allows the district to raise their debt ceiling by a hundred and eighty million dollars the district was struggling in post recession state funding just wasn’t cutting it we lost almost 90 million plus dollars over these last few years that we should have gotten from the state we’ve been able to do basic maintenance in our district to keep things safe and secure but not truly upgrade but now a major upgrades are in the works we have one school that’s going to have a complete rebuild we’re going to have two schools that are going to have additions but every building will be modernized brought up-to-date not just from the less glamorous boilers and things such as that but to make sure that we have enough infrastructure to support our technologies were going forward four projects will get started by May of 2019 allowing students and staff to finally get up to speed instead of falling behind it’s exciting because it’s it’s transformative for the entire community for us to be able to put such a large investment and making sure that the kids in Harrison have the same opportunities as kids in other parts of Colorado Springs it means a lot for those kids but not just that for the community always watching out for you Colorado Springs Jessica barreto news 5 part of the measure also calls for a citizens Oversight Committee to supervise the projects the district will be sending out instructions on how you can join with postcards during the early part of Thanksgiving week you’ll also be able to track all the projects online have a link for you at

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