“How to Vote”

Hi. Just a friendly reminder that the midterm elections are on and you should vote. Why? Because you’re a grownup and that’s how democracy works. Because the people in power don’t want you to vote because that’s how they stay in power. Here’s how it works! Maybe you’ve never voted before, and you think it’ll be hard like taxes. Or you think it won’t make a difference. I voted! Or you think midterms are boring… …or you think I’m boring. First off: rude. Second off: your vote makes a huge difference. And I know you hear that all the time but… a lot of these elections are decided by a handful of votes. The good news is: ♪ trump ♪ This is very bad coffee. Get registered online at Even if you think you’re registered, do me a favor and double-check… …‘cause sometimes people pull a funny prank called voter suppression. Demi Adejuyigbe… D-E… Yeah, I got you, voter! God bless America. God bless America. Find your polling place. It might even be a weird room kinda like this one. Oh! And if you can’t get to the polls… …mail your ballot in. Can’t find a stamp? Yes you can. Personally? I like going to the polls on the big day. Feels like democracy. Why do I keep drinking this? Vote. It’s not a test. It’s okay to look at your phone, or bring a cheat sheet, or just leave stuff blank. Just vote for whoever you think is the right choice. After all, it’s a free country… …for now. So just vote. Vote because you can. Vote because old rich people have all the power… …but your vote counts just as much as theirs does. Vote because it’s your chance to make yourself matter… …in a world that doesn’t want you to matter. Vote because the more people vote… …the better democracy works. It’s that easy.

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