How to Use Instagram POLLS

Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could use Instagram to do polls within Instagram stories So let me jump into Instagram And show you how to take polls you could do yes or no polls or you could ask people different questions within the polls and people could tap it on their story and vote on that so let’s jump in a set of poll and see how it works. Okay, I just launched Instagram here So I’m gonna go to my home here and then tap the camera icon to go to my stories And I want to take a picture of this Rubik’s Cube And I’m gonna run the poll against this picture so you need to take a picture first and then up here the sticker icon You have this poll option so all you got to do is click that poll and Now you could ask you a question and you could give two options for the answer to that question so I’ll just type out my question and Your answer could be anything it doesn’t have to be yes or no in this case yes or no makes sense But you could really have anything in those two options. There is a character limit Let me just type this out for example just to show you So that’s your character limit for your options for your answer so in this case it’s a yes-or-no question, and this is a great way to get engagement from your Followers on Instagram so now I’m just gonna press done here And you could place this anywhere so make sure It’s somewhere. That’s easily readable, and you could resize it just like you would with any other sticker I’m gonna put that here, and you could write more text on it. You could put additional stickers on it But next what you want to do is you want to send this to your story just like you would with any other story post? So I’m gonna go ahead and send it you could send it to your friends as well I’m gonna just send it to my story and now if I go to my story here I Could answer the poll, so I’m just gonna say yes here And I’m the only one that’s answered so far so it’s only gonna have my answer, but as people starting to view it Let me just show you when I’m on the poll I could actually scroll up like this to see who voted yes or no And I could see how many eyeballs how many views is had So far II it doesn’t have any views or votes just the one that I voted on just to show you and you could share The results and you could always delete it here in the garbage Can you could just press the garbage? And to delete it if you wanted to delete that all right a few minutes has passed so I’m gonna jump back into my story And I’m gonna scroll up here to see who else voted and it looks like I have to revote for yes one for no The people who viewed it, so you can see the eyeballs on it, and then you could share the results the same way But this is what it looks like when you start getting results after you post a poll on Instagram stories And that’s how you create a poll in Instagram. I hope you found this useful Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel. I’ll be posting a lot more how-to videos Just like this one on Instagram and social media, and I hope to see you on the next video. Thank you so much for watching

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