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  1. This video does not tout or even mention the "green" feature of the program, which some people might not like. You must click a box, saying in part, "I understand that … A hard copy sample ballot will no longer be mailed to my registered address"

  2. Also, the text below the video should feature a direct link to the form so people don't have to watch the video if they can figure out the "how to" by themselves.
    "A brief video showing how to start from the LAVote.net home page and fill out the form (at [link]) to subscribe …

  3. And the video doesn't mention that you have to agree to this: "I also understand that my email address will be added to my voter file." So YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WILL BECOME A PUBLIC RECORD AND YOU'LL PROBABLY GET CAMPAIGN SPAM — AND MAYBE EVEN NON-CAMPAIGN SPAM — AS CANDIDATES BUY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FROM CAMPAIGN CONSULTING FIRMS. When you sign up for this, LAVote should keep your email address private and off your public voter record.

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