How to Request Your Absentee Ballot – Youth Vote Overseas

Overseas citizen and military absentee voting
is a simple, interactive process that you the voter, can successfully navigate. It’s gives you a way to participate in U.S.
elections no matter where you are in the world. Some steps you do, some your election official
does. At each step, we have tools to help you. Start the process of applying for your ballot
by entering your data into the Voter Registration Application. You can save your data in a Voter Account
for future use. Once this form is completed, it will also serve as your absentee ballot
request. Indicate how you intend to submit the form.
Your state’s options may include email, fax or post. Download the completed form and instructions.
Print and Sign it. The mailing address of your elected office prints with your instructions. Remember: you haven’t requested your ballot
until you submit your request to your election official either by post, e-mail, or fax. Even if you transmit your form electronically,
you should always follow-up by sending the printed, signed original form by post. Your
election official needs your original signature on file. Send it off right away! Your election official will process your registration
and ballot request form and put you on the voter roll. Check the Election Official Directory contact
details, and to find the online ballot tracking system for your state. Your ballot will be sent to you either online
or by post. Complete your ballot and sign the envelope-
this is your vote! Now, make sure your vote is counted. Send
your ballot back to your Election Official before the deadline. Congratulations! You are now an overseas absentee voter. Time
to get started!

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