How To Make/Create A Poll On Instagram Story & Add Questions-How To Vote Polls?-2019

Hello what’s up guys and welcome back to my YouTube channel “Teconz”.If you want to create the poll on Instagram stories section you can watch my tutorial from beginning to end. First of all you can open your Instagram application and complete your sign-in
process. After the login process is completed, here just tap on your profile icon, then my android mobile camera is turned on, so you can either take a photo or you can just use a photo in your gallery. Here I try to select one image file from my gallery. Once you select the image file and in this section i have one icon which is something new, like a square with a face, so I try to click this icon. Now i get the some options, and in this section you can select ” POLL”, so you can click to open it. Here you can type your questions, once you create the poll,what do you do?. Just select ” Send to ” icon and then select ” Share ” icon. And then you can click to “Done”. Finally you have created the poll on Instagram story section, then I try to check it, if this method is works or not. I press my profile icon, and this method works very smoothly. This is the way you can easily create your own poll on Instagram story section. For more videos you can subscribe my channel ” Teconz ” and thanks for watching…

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