How the Trump Election and Social Media Externalized America’s Dormant Hate | Oliver Luckett

If you look at any of the kind of countercultural
theorists that came out of the ’60s at the Berkeley, the Neil Postman’s, the Theodore
Roszak’s, they kind of fundamentally, even into the talking heads, they kind of fundamentally
they meant something to me when I was studying French literature at Vanderbilt, Renaissance
literature, which really was the period of literature that emerged after the invention
of the printing press. And at first it was pornography and comedy
and then it went into more secular literature, you know, stories, drama, et cetera, but it
was always kind of the first to colonize is pornography and comedy. And then I started getting really into these
kind of counter cultural theorists that were looking at the time at mass communications
like television and radio as these everything from big brother to numbing us to selling
desire in America to creating this kind of religion of capitalism. Twitchell wrote this amazing book called Adcult
where he equated modern advertising capitalism to a religion and it had its iconography and
it had its dogma and it had its if you do this then this will happen and if you use
the American Express card then you too will have three percent body fat walking down the
beach with this beautiful person on your arm. And so those were all these I think precursors
to what we’re experiencing now because I think we were really trained a set of values and
capitalism that meant that money ruled all. We’re talking about a troll president on Twitter
now but at the end of the day a majority of people think that a person that has a billion
dollars is smarter than everyone else. And so at a fundamental level if that’s our
religion then this guy won. He’s a winner. He’s got his billions of dollars and his airplanes
and his Twitter account and he can speak directly to the masses. So what I think is fascinating, you never
heard Donald Trump Facebook this because that’s not a raw feed anymore. That’s controlled by algorithms. So he saw that Donald Trump tweets this because
it’s still a raw fire hose and so it’s still a direct connection. And so we’re constantly seeing these arbitrages
of these new characters that emerge. I’ve represented 6,500 kids that had no fame
whatsoever in the world four years ago and then suddenly Vine came along and six seconds
lead to fame and Instagram came along and Acacia Brinley took the perfect selfie and
at 17 had a million followers on Instagram and so our value system changed overnight. All the things that we held valuable now we
suddenly saw, and maybe it was always that way, but now we just had camera phones recording
it. So when people make the comment about police
brutality, like well it’s always been there it’s just now we’re recording it, now we’re
seeing it. And so I think that we’re going through this
really interesting phase, especially after this election where we now have a majority
of people connected in these systems and we can now see a lot of different aspects of
the world that we might not have been privy to because of this top down media. The idea that the media was astonished that
60 million people in America voted a different way is kind of a joke. Like you weren’t listening? You were in such an echo chamber – so they’re
a victim of algorithmic, they’re a victim of social segregation, of algorithmic segregation. And so I think that we’re now starting to
see everything for what it is. I think that we’re actually starting to reabsorb
our society and we’re starting to see it and now we have these individual decisions to
make at a very granule level that I don’t think we ever thought of before and I don’t
think that we saw ramifications so vividly portrayed in real quantitative analysis. I mean we’re all getting data on ourselves
now that we didn’t have before. Maybe we mouthed off in class and said something
to another person and somebody said oh you’re a jerk or whatever, but we didn’t have large
scale lynchings like we have now in social media when you put something out there. I mean think about the polarization that happened
in this last election where people are like I’m unfriending you, I’m blocking you, that
just created a bigger schism in our society except we’re seeing it now. And I think that’s the fascinating thing that’s
happening. And that’s why I keep going back to this idea
of evolution. Evolution is not necessarily progress, it’s
one of the biggest themes of the book that I hope that people understand because they’re
very nuanced ideas but just because something is evolving and changing doesn’t mean that
it’s moving forward in a progressive manner. It doesn’t mean that it’s getting better necessarily. We have evolutionary moments throughout living
history where things kind of went this way and oh it didn’t work out so well and they’ve
died off. And so hopefully a lot of these directions
where we’re kind of seeing hate for what it is. In immunology there’s a great example of this
if you look at the HIV virus, we’ve now been grappling with this for over 30 years now
and scientists have gotten really good at containing it. You can take a combination of drug cocktail,
of heart treatment and you can go in and you can basically eliminate the virus from the
bloodstream. But the virus is tricky in that it hides itself
in dendritic cells and very deep kind of in stem cell layer of our bodies and it can hide
out for seven, ten, 15 years. And so the second you stop suppressing HIV
it pops back up, it mutates, it becomes more virulent, et cetera. And so there are two big theories right now
in modern kind of treatment for that. One is ferreting it out, trying to cause the
body to trigger, to release the kind of stored HIV by kind of shocking it and ferreting it
out. I look at that a lot like what’s going on
with the hate that’s buried inside of these people. We suddenly had a catalyst that’s ferreting
out these hate emotions in our society. And then the other thing and the other way
to really cure it if you look at the Berlin patient, for instance, or the Delta, I believe
it’s Delta 32 variant, was six percent of living northern Europeans that have a immunity
to HIV or to the most popular strain of HIV. And so what we’re doing is in science we’re
now taking stem cells from those people and trying to rewrite a person that’s infected
with HIV’s body so that they can recognize the antigen of HIV and so that they can use
their own immune system to either protect against it or to get rid of it, to either
inoculate yourself against HIV and change the actual T cells floating around in your
bloodstream or to actually teach it how to recognize that as a virus, as a foreign antigen
and to then rid itself by using the own body’s machinery. So you’re really re-teaching your body that
this is bad. I look at our culture right now as the exact
same analogy because we have to teach ourselves at a cellular level that this is bad. I start the book off with the confederate
flag, for instance. It took 150 years and a mass shooting in South
Carolina and a guy draped in the confederate flag saying he wanted to create a race riot
for us to suddenly realize that maybe that flag is racist. Maybe it’s a symbol of hate. Maybe it’s a symbol that we need to get rid
of in our culture. And so it then takes us as individuals to
learn that and to change ourselves and to not propagate that or to learn how to squash
it out at a local level. And so I think the exact same thing that we’re
learning now with immunotherapy for HIV, for cancer, for all those things about teaching
our body that this is bad, I think we’re now learning that in our society of maybe the
hail Trump is a pretty terrible thing that we should squash out pretty quickly in our
society and not let it happen. But had he not been there that would stay
underground and would it fester? Would it get worse? I think there’s a good moment that we’re seeing
this for what it is so that we can act upon it in a very organic natural way and hopefully
get rid of this in our society as fast as possible without letting it rise up and fester. And the notion that our media or us we’re
surprised that 60 million people around us felt differently is a big warning sign. Who would be surprised that 60 million people
thought differently if you were aware of what they were thinking and you weren’t living
in a bubble? So that’s what I think is the biggest opportunity
right now with what we’re seeing in the new social culture emerging.

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  1. is amusing for a channel with the most hated videos ever and yet 1 million subscribers? oh that's right the retards that are clicking and hating the video just to point why they are right, are the same making this channel successful

    america is full of retards

  2. Did you guys see the whole video? I mean the start with the "french literature" was really weird, but just get through half of it

  3. sees the title of the video, dislikes it.. xD

    man these triggered Trump supporters really can't take a dissenting opinion huh.. weren't ya'll for free speech and rational discourse? oh not when its your turn, i see..

  4. More than 50% of educated white men voted for Trump. Why does nobody ever speak about that? Where are those people in media who explain themselves? They hide because freedom of speech is no more. If you are pro-Trump you are a bad person. You get hated on. This is in my opinion one of the biggest reasons Trump won.

  5. Walk around the whitest areas you know with a sign saying 'I hate white people.' or 'I hate Americans'. Record it.

    Now put on a sign saying 'All lives matter.' or 'I dislike black people' in a black area or another country. Try to survive, forget the camera.

    You really think America is racist? You're actually as dumb as a goldfish.

  6. we've always known the confederate flag was racist. The only people that were saying it wasn't were asshole southernes who knew admitting it was racist would get it taken away from them.

  7. They're not racist or bigoted, they just want all Muslims and mexicans gone. They're nice people that's why after every Trump rally people were beaten for the audacity of living in "Trumps America"

    Just ask all the Trump supporters rating this video, leaving an angry comment and leaving without watching a second of it. They'll tell you. Perfectly logical and reasonable folks.

  8. No. It's been the uprising of cultural Marxist progressivism that sparked the hate. Don't believe me? Watch The Young Turks post election attitudes to the US voting population. Moralistic identity ideologies, like preferred pronouns, that have no realistic bearing on day to day living brought the US to this. The left needs to clean it's act up.

  9. Pretty much nothing one could say would make a difference in the youtube comments, but why not. To put it simply, please stop associating Donald Trump and the right with hatred all the time. I feel like (if it exists at all) it is being magnified to outrageous proportions because of fear on the left (the party that talks about fear being bad). Too many people (that voted for him) do not care for him in order to accurately imply that they support hatred. Rather it is likely that just could not support Hilary Clinton.

    Plus all sides have hatred to mostly equal degrees (just not pointed at the same target).

  10. i don't know why i expected the youtube comments on a big think video (a channel that encourages people to think big and learn) to be void of people that think they already know everything and have feeble emotional security. i'm glad i kept an open mind and proved my assumption wrong. oh wait, no i'm not. because no one else thought to do that, apparently.

  11. And can we now agree that the media and people who are not in the every day, working class were sick of the change we were promised and never got in any way, shape, or form? And that they majority of voters lost their minds because they were so far out of touch with reality. That those same liberal geniuses will use any analogy they can think of to shock people into agreeing with them.

  12. The biggest problem here are the bubbles that we're putting ourselves in. The echo chambers that reinforce biases and make us think that our own views are the right ones and the only ones that are rational, while those that are not in lock step with those views are a minority, and are in the wrong, and are just bad people in general. Problem is, we're seeing that everywhere. Spaces where Republicans can bask comfortably in the glory of The Donald without anyone questioning whether he's actually going to bother doing anything different from any other President for the past thirty odd years. Spaces where Democrats can feel comfortable and safe in assuming that the only reason that Donald Trump got elected was because a large chunk of America is secretly racist. Spaces where sexual predators can feel safe to talk about the way they prey on women and children and even network with others who do the same. Spaces where wild conspiracies are discussed and people are frightened into rash action.

    Those bubbles can trap us if we allow ourselves to stay within the ones that are comfortable to us.

  13. Well, he got to where he is somehow, but that doesn't mean he's smarter than everyone else in every way, of course that "small loan" of a million helped.

  14. Just look at yourself. You are so sure in your own righteousness, that you compare to the AIDS people ,who have voted for a different candidate . This absolutely destructive world-view is exactly what led to Trump victory (completely legitimate ), when the selling point of a political leader is a vagina or lack of one. i would prefer a company of a thief to a company of one of you, social(ist) justice warriors, just because he knows that what he is doing is wrong .

  15. When you are putting feelings of people above their freedom to say their mind and be criticized, you are essentially creating a Cultural Fascism, where you are not allowed to think in a way, that differs from accepted one. Feelings are not important, actions are.

  16. Sheer delusion. Humans aren't "sick" with hate. They are hungry, status-conscious, anxious, and seeking satisfaction through Excess, the endless pleasure of death drive. Excess requires the ability to fantasize about the future, about using culture for deriving desire and its pleasures, and has nothing to do with ordinary, healthy contentment like being well fed or spending time with your family. Simpy put, the left and right are pleasing themselves by hating each other. It doesn't fill a void, it pretends it will one day fill the void and then conveniently never does, just like all pleasure through excess. The cure has nothing to do with hate, with learning, or with culture policing. The two sides have to a) be exposed to each other, b) rely on each other, and c) not be "allowed" to gain pleasure from hating each other, through either disincentives, mutual reliance or the end of news/forum/talk radio (alienation-celebration us vs. them technologies).

    None of these are currently possible with capitalism and technology, so none of it is going anywhere. There is NO cure on the horizon.

  17. So basically, American mass opinion online and Trump hate isn't bad, and actually a natural way to deal with anger, but we should not put ourselves in a bubble to why he was elected and why people elected him in the first place. right?

  18. This is pretty much on-point. If he was wrong in any way, and we were really just voting for anti-establishment candidates, Bernie, Jill or even Johnson would have won this election, but there's a specific reason why Trump won.

  19. “You are a slow learner, Winston."
    "How can I help it? How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four."
    "Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

  20. Haha he hates capitalism… oh wait he's serious?

    People freely interacting and investing money is a good thing. Beats Stalin, Bernie, or even Trump doing so.

  21. Ugh. This again. The left has got this so wrong and are so far off base. They have completely misunderstood why Trump was elected. Why Brexit happened. Why Italy rejected constitutional change. The little people are tired of being told what to do and being vilified for living small, quiet lives. They have seen that they have the power in the vote to reject all of this nonsense that is going on around them.

    Using 'hate' as your buzzword to sum this up is incredibly ignorant and narrow minded.

  22. I also find it hilarious that internet dwelling social outcasts that are more interested in removing consequences from their actions (AKA the Freedom from consequences of speech instead of the freedom of speech) think they are the majority of Trump supporters.

    Majority of Trump supporters are people in rural areas who wanted someone to turn shit back to how it used to be with manufacturing jobs. You guys just surround yourself in echo chambers and pretend 60 million people really give a fuck about others being PC or SJW or whatever catch all phrase you use to seal off your echo chambers.

  23. People use Crusades against so-called hate simply as a backdoor way of disassembling the strong, because for some reason, women minorities, and gays never get accused of engaging and hate. I myself have no problem with hate because nature gave us all emotions for a reason. But the weaker among us want us to lay down and be docile, just like them….

  24. So many clowns just hit dislike without watching the video. There is no Trump bashing in video idiots. Fucking lazy. Watch the video at least…smh

  25. This election was a classic tortoise and the hair scenario, the dems thought they had it in the bag so they took their foot off the gas and assumed people would bow their heads and pick Hillary. Meanwhile Trump kept on campaigning in key states and continues playing the media against it's self and he won.

  26. It's not like technology improving media hasn't changed the world before. The printing press made it possible to reach everybody with the printed word. Photography of WWI gave the public our first look at what war really was, spawning anti-war movements in the early 20th century. Live TV gave us live reporting from the front of the Vietnam war, arguably leading to the mass protests of the 60s and the US's eventually pulling out of the war.

  27. I would argue that algorithmic segregation is what allowed for racism to root back in. Most of the country found it all so ridiculous they refused to acknowledge the existence neo-nazis type groups. Even most of the people I know who voted for Trump simply wrote off his racist remarks as an overreaction to political correctness, and denied that he would could even passively benefit, what surly must be handful of backwater barbarians who still subscribe to the backwards belief in racial supremacy.

    Also really, Obamacare is why trump won. Yea it does some good things but it has also driven the price of insurance through the roof.

  28. Voting your interests is not hatred. I didn't vote for Trump because of racism or hatred. I voted for Trump because I am against illegal immigration, Sanctuary cities, never ending government growth, political correctness, establishment politics and the personality of Hillary Clinton.
    Hillary straight up belongs in prison. She is above the law, and was illegally selling access to her foundation for government favors, and she carelessly handled classified government information willingly so she could circumvent freedom of information requests to see what she emailed. This is why she carelessly used her private email address. This is a crime, but she will not be prosecuted because Obama ordered Comey and the Justice Department to not prosecute her, which is another crime.
    These are facts. They are not disputed by anybody reasonable person. Hillary is a criminal, and this is undisputeable. Only idiots don't understand this.
    So don't give me that bullshit about voting for Trump is because of hate. Bullshit.

  29. I'm glad the haters won because now they see no one was out to get them and now they will have to be responsible. It's easy to live on the outside and throw stones at the establishment, they'll find making the right decision is so black and white. Of course my criticism is that only in the US do things get fixed by cataclysmic political shifts, that definitely isn't healthy.

  30. Hate wasn't dormant, it was hidden behind the mask of mainstream media. Social media didn't hide this hate and mainstream media ignored it.

  31. If capitalism culture doesn't change, I don't think the hate virus will go away. Ads, TV, interent, money, consumerism: they all keep hate running steady.This is a fantastic video. I would love to here more from Oliver.

  32. Lol, people have been divided since 2008, the last 8 years didn't make it any better. The 2016 election was the 'fed up' push that just acknowledged reality. I was watching big think for a little while but after going through all the vids and seeing how often that fuck up Bill Nye makes retarded videos, and the ones with clear agenda make me realize how shit this channel is. Guess i'll keep watching it for opposing viewpoint though.

    Also, those schisms happen because people would rather be governed by large-emotive group think than have critical thought, and scrutinize ideas between people they disagree with.

  33. what is "forward" and "progress" and who determines that? because what is "progressive" for you, may very well be "regressive" for me. unless there is some type of consensus on what improvement looks like, or what goal we are working towards achieving, than there can be no real "progress".

  34. Some Americans voted/supported an accused orange rapist/child molester for president and I should join them. No thanks. I don't support rapists nor child molesters. I will never join those sinners who lack morals.

  35. The left hasn't learned a single thing from this humiliating defeat. Media pundits continue to repeat the some tired nonsense of identity politics and political correctness. If this continues, the Democrats will lose again in the midterms and then in 2020.

  36. I hate that 148.9 million Americans are working poor or in poverty. The Democratic Party's candidate was in favor of a world-wide trade agreement that would remove more jobs from the US than NAFTA. [TPP] I'm not sure why more Blacks and Latinos and Muslims voted Trump in 2016 over Romney in 2012, but they provided the winning margin.

  37. +Oliver Luckett I like the point about progress isn't always happening in a good direction but I get the feeling that this is a way to make excuses for Democrats losing and making perceived racism look like hate speech.

  38. There is so much backlash against any criticism of Trump online because /TheDonald and 4chan can't handle having their delusions exposed. Trump supporters are fucking morons, case closed.

    You have to be fucking insane to deny that Trump's campaign wasn't fueled by bigotry and divisive rhetoric. Stop acting like people voted for Trump because they thought he was some "anti-establishment" type of candidate. Thats bullshit, he's barely anti-establishment on any policy whatsoever. Just go watch Trump rally videos and listen to how many people are just there to jerk off to his immigrant and muslim hate speech rhetoric.

    Also, I don't buy the bullshit of people voting for him because they thought he was anti-PC. Trump is the ULTIMATE SJW. He gets so incredibly triggered at the smallest things, even jokes. He's always been like this. He's a self-important orange coated turd.

    There's not fucking way you can be anti-PC, free speech and support a guy who has sued or tried to sue so many people for making jokes about him, or threatening to sue journalists because they right things about him that are factual that he doesn't like, or his claims to change the first amendment to make it easier for him to sue people.

    Trump just exposes the true amount of bigotry that exists within people in this country. Cut the bullshit, its not about anti-establishment PC politics.

  39. I think that this moment in history is unique, in that we are just now entering an era where humanity has more or less perfect knowledge of itself. With the advent of social media and mobile technology, we have effectively entered an age where communication and transmission of data between individual people is is instant, perfect, and impossible to effectively prevent. This represents a fundamental change in the nature of our society. For the first time in our history, it is no longer possible to effectively suppress the truth. This election especially has opened up our democracy to reveal that it is barely even functional. With that knowledge, we as a society must be faced with the task of fixing it.

  40. how about the fact that Hilary Clinton was a poor selection for the Democrats rather than people voting for Trump because of racism, sexism and/or ignorance?

  41. The left will lose again in a big way come 2018 with this thinking. It's this thinking, and subsequent policies and rhetoric that comes with it, that got you Donald Trump. The left's inability to see people on the right as anything but Americans with a different philosophy, has created an intellectual elite who, rather than reflect on their failed policies, explain every failure on this mythical term "hate." People are people whether you are right or left. But it seems only in the eyes of the left that the right are the ones who suffer from this disease. They define anything they disagree with as hate or racist. A rebel flag is hate, a policy of personal responsibility and abiding by the law, is hate. But it's not hate to call half the country deplorables or to make fun of christians as they "cling to their guns and religion." It's not hate for the American President (Obama) to write in his book that he understands the desire to "boil the whiteness out of his blood." None of that is hate, because, much like his AIDS analogy, some people have a gene that makes them immune. In the world of the left, they are immune to these labels. Their real fear is that this last election may have shattered that facade, and they have no idea how to move forward when they are no longer immune. The people are their enemy when the people don't move en mass the way the have been told to move. I think his analogy and rhetoric has some truth to it. It's just that we as a people are finally shaking off the shackles of the left. We are no longer controlled by your labels.

  42. Despite the triggering of Trump voters ~ at least they do watch some worth while youtube… now, to get them to put aside their cognitive bias

  43. what's with the dislikes? he supported his opinions pretty well. he did have some good points too. heck, just like sjw's and all this misandry, it's best not to let it propagate and squash it out at a local level

  44. the evolution analogy is a false equivalency evolution always turns out better, mutations don't. Evolution isn't really a decent term for that miniscule part of the process, its fits more as a summation of the entire process. Maybe there is a political movement that ends up terribly and fails as we see time and time again, that was a mutation, the human race now can look back at that time in history and avoid similar movements, that is also a mutation. The process of humanity going through this cycle and the end product can be described with evolution.

  45. Scientist have always been on the side of progression who were the people who suppressed scientific studies during the French Revolution? Who are the people who still openly deny climate change? Who are the people that are still basing policies on one branch of creationism? It's been the same throughout history that the same groups that partook in these anti scientific progression. How can scientist not be biased when it comes to choosing a political position

  46. Watch it just be a case of the Russian's hacked the elections to make Trump win and all these armchair quarterbacks just make shit up. Also, what we call evolution is based on the success of a mutated strain, if it eventually fails it's not evolution, it's just another failed mutated strain.

  47. If Trump won because of a religion of money, then why do conservatives hate George Soros so much? It's not about money, it's about values. Money can prove ability, but without congruent values to the judger, you've got nothing. Then there's plenty of politicians that aren't known for being rich, but get elected anyway. Values are what people look for first and foremost.

  48. Hate is so bad, guys! Now, let's all hate on the old guy I used as a thumbnail because of his hat choice! I HATE HIM! I also hate these people who I think have hate (people who disagree with me) . . . they are like aids, man! I HATE THEM!

  49. The Confederate Flag is not "hate," for some, it REPRESENTS "hate." Take away the Confederate Flag and the "hate" is simply applied to some other object and on and on… until everything is banned due to political correctness!
    Leave the flag, parse the "hate" out from the object it is attached to, and expose it's true source — the person who is doing the "hating."

  50. Ow man..i see the word externalized in the title. I already know this is a social justice regressive..sees dislike bar. Odds in my favor, lets see!!

  51. I like what he is saying – he seems a little pompous to me – and I own that I am projecting some of my own stuff on to him.

  52. How long can someone speak, without saying anything of significance!?!?!
    Just come to BIG THINK… you'll find out!!!

  53. The entire world is laughing at the americans. and we deserve it. we elected a Hitler look-alike. Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him? Or John Wilkes booth. Or Jeffrey Dalmer? Ted Bundy? Godzilla? Or someone who is qualified to fumigate the Oval Office from parasites? God, can no one put this freak of nature in an urn?

  54. The hate that is so pervasive in the USA today isn't the fault of the media (except Fox "News") Don't blame the messenger for the bad news that the people who are currently in power don't represent the values which have made America the greatest and most respected country in the world. Want to witness more hate? Just go to a Trump rally.

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