How ranked choice voting could tip the scales in Maine’s tight 2nd District

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  1. This is standard in all Australian elections and helps prevent more radical views (see latest Economist articles). This form of voting to me is the most democratic because it captures my view of all the candidates. Also I strongly recommend compulsory voting like we have in Australia (we are fined if we don't turn up to do our democratic duty) as it ensures that our elections truely capture the nations opinion.

  2. Why are we putting up with this jackass traitorous backstabbing president Donald Trump? He brings Turks here who kick and beat innocent protesters in the street. He does business with Saudi assassins who were on a par with Idi Amin. Incites riots where innocent young people who are expressing their love and concern for their country are shot, beaten, run down by cars. Donald Trump is a sadistic dangerous Pig. I know everyone keeps saying let's be polite and deal with this by voting. I'll be doing that too. But nothing will stop me from calling Donald Trump what he exactly is, a sadistic traitorous Pig! I call on the business Community, as a businessman myself, to do everything they possibly can to end relations with anyone who supports the Republican Party. We have done it. It was incredibly easy to do. And I enjoyed every minute of it. Take down the people who support the Republican Party through starving them out of business. Cripple Wall Street. Move your Investments to companies that believe in democracy, not the bottom line at the cost of democracy and innocent lives. Stand Up You cowards!

  3. We will require both ranked ballot AND multi member districts to have fair democratic PROPORTIONAL elections. Ranked ballots on their own is window dressing. – fake change.

  4. All I know is a democrat won for congress and you now are supporting the anti America party. That’s what’s going on with big city democrats. That hate you and America. Great job with that. This party is no longer the party for the working class American.

  5. Maine took a step in the right direction by introducing ranked choice voting, it may make changing to a proportional system easier.

  6. The more convoluted you make something the easier it is to make it fraudulent. The republican got the most votes in this state and the dem won. You got 50 + age people that aren’t gonna get this voting system at all. Oh and by the way if you didn’t fill out the ballot correctly; for instance you didn’t put a check next to the other 5 candidates names on the ballot, the ballot was tossed! So much for counting every vote! Total scam!

  7. Meanwhile in fascist CA, "Legislation that would have allowed all cities in California to use ranked-choice voting, the system in San Francisco and three other Bay Area communities that lets voters rank candidates by preference and decide an election in a single round of ballots, has been vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown."


  9. Starting at 3:45, the melody from the background music was very familiar… It's from Tricky – Suffocated Love, from the album Maxinquaye (1995), but now I wonder if that melody was actually taken from another song before that, does anyone know?

  10. This is a manipulable voting system. It's a voter IQ and extremism test. What you should do… vote your party first, then all the ridiculous candidates who have no chance of winning, last the other major party candidate. Moderate voters (mostly Republicans) are the losers and their votes will have less weight, because there are fewer extremists in their ranks who will vote as I suggested above.

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