How Likely Are Lawmakers To Actually Vote To Impeach President Donald Trump? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. This is going to backfire on the Democrats, no matter the outcome. If Trump stays, he'll be stronger than ever. This is the most likely outcome, by far. If they somehow impeach him and convict him, not only does Mike Pence become president, but at least half of the country will never, EVER trust the Democrats EVER again.

  2. Boy if the democrats put as much effort into anything else as they do trying to impeach President Trump all the worlds problems would be solved

  3. They just want to impeach Trump because he is succeeding as President, where Obama was a total and complete failure. Also I think it is interesting to note that only 2 President's have ever been impeached and they were both democrats. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

  4. How about permanent incarceration in a one person cell a mile underground with a couple cans a day of food dropped in from a tube leading to the cell, with a can opener and fork, with no outside contact or anyone to talk to ever. But the video would be fed to YouTube for us all to watch the spectacle as Trump descended into…

  5. Regardless, we are going to get the usual Democrat Hate Faced Rants screaming Racism, White Supremacy, free stuff. etc, etc lead by the fake news as usual. Yawn.

  6. Never underestimate this corrupt bunch of swine. I would wonder if the 'transcript' may be just that, a script, written after the fact.

    However, if the whistleblower and the supervisor are on hand to verify that what is presented to the investigation hasn't been altered, then the house will be able to do their job.

    Personally,I would be most concerned with the actual report being overhauled (whitewashed/sanitized) to shield any guilty party.

    This administration had shown a great propensity for underhandedness in the past, and we are constantly amazed at how brazenly they will stoop to any depth when motivated. (Caging children and inciting violence along the border is proof that they are totally untrustworthy when anything stands in their way.)

  7. they should broadcast on every channel the corrupt democrat party (example skid row) and condition of open boarded country's ,and the left behavior and violence towards our free speech and communist agenda

  8. Let's hear what the whistler blower interpretation of the actual word by word unredacted transcript says and we will impeach based on that. What a freaking joke! In the meantime, more millions spent on BS, and nothing gets done in Congress.

  9. Here’s their Hail Mary after collusion , obstruction Mueller report etc were total fails. It was also meant to overshadow the excellent speech he gave at the UN yesterday. Just bring on 2020 ASAP so we can administer the final death knell to the sick democrats

  10. Me, seeing the dislikes before watching: "I guess the republicans are upset by this."
    Me, with no political affiliation, after watching the video: Dislikes

  11. LOL! Based on a complaint they have not seen, which describes a call of a transcript they haven't seen LOL the desperation is real! This will backfire on the left just like everything else has. If impeachment ever actuakky happens the left will be stuck with ultra conservative Mike Pence LOL

  12. Please don't actually impeach him. The only thing worse than Trump would be Pence. Just shut up and ride it out to election y'all.

  13. Here we go another follow the yellow brick road distraction that might very well cost democrats seats who will they blame this time if it all goes bust? The Russians? The Chinese ? Aliens from outer space?

  14. This is the best thing that could happen for our president's reelection.
    I'm looking forward to what this is going to reveal, about Biden…. especially now that the Dems are screaming for everyone to pay attention to this "Ukrianian Conspiracy".

  15. How likely is it today that lawmakers actually vote to impeach in the future, when facts that are unknown today are revealed? Trying to answer that for the future is outright stupid if the probability of new smocking gun collusions are revealed. We can suspect at least four collusions beside the Russian one: collusion with Saudi Arabia, collusion with UAE, collusion with Israel and collusion with Turkey. Probably there are more …

  16. I don't see a single intelligent comment. Just people calling these guys losers and cracking jokes. Makes me sad how people's opinions are jokes now.

  17. The last hurrah for the Democratic Party is coming. Who are we going to put into prison to finance Europe's welfare state? The prisons will close soon as the daily supply of H1-B visas ends. The party of affirmative incarceration is being revealed as the architect of apartheid in our nation. What will happen when the convicts get the right to vote?

  18. As this goes along and Trump is proven to be guilty, I truly believe a majority of the Republicans in the congress and senate will get on board with the impeachment in order to save face for the sake of hanging on to their seats.

  19. The Ukraine Hunter Biden story had been in the media for weeks. The “whistleblower” is just another democrat looking for 15 minutes of fame and a book deal.

  20. Normally, I'd wait to see the evidence, but these are the Democrats. Donald Trump is a massive obstacle to their plans to completely take control of every aspect of our lives, justified by their never-ending series of hysterias. Radical environmentalism, radical immigration, radical usurpation of Constitutional rights. The biggest attribute of the president is attitude. He's the first one since their big pull left began a century ago who punches back hard. They need to wound him badly. They are prepared to throw everything against the wall, desperately waiting to see what sticks. This one will show how little support they have but for the most radical radicals, end Biden's candidacy (lead to his prosecution?) and bring Obama's leadership flaws into the light.

  21. Where is The Ukraine on a map I have never heard of that country only in the US “ media” There is Ukraine 🇺🇦 it’s a valid EU member but The Ukraine doesn’t exist

  22. I expect the Democrats will vote for impeachment of the corrupt president. The Republicans with only a few exceptions will probably vote against, but it isn't about winning or losing. Bringing tRump to book, by the Democrats will raise them up in the eyes of voters, and the refusal of Republicans to hold tRump to the standard required of a president will harm them seriously on the ballots by honorable voters.

  23. TRE45ON Trump should have been impeached long ago because he is violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution every day since he took office.

  24. It has been assumed that the Senate would never convict Trump, but one never knows from one day to the next what new revelations there will be about Trump. There may well be a point where 20 Republican Senators will vote to convict (assuming all the Democrats and two independents). We just don't know. I believe there may be 20 or more Republicans who will reach a point where they simply cannot continue enabling and covering up for a pathologically corrupt and mental deficient President.

    Let's remember, their party will still have a Republican President in Mike Pence. GOP Senators might just decide that their best chance in 2020 is with Pence. I think the first main problem may be that Moscow Mitch won't allow a trial at all.

    At that point, I wonder if Chief Justice Roberts will have any authority in the matter, since he will be the judge in that trial.

  25. Trump is a trailor; conspired against Joe Biden ( the citizens) with foreign powers (Ukraine).
    His punishment according to the constitution is execution

  26. Impeachment is a necessary procedure for removal of a unfit president in power. Is there to protect our best interest for our constitution. Our White House and Congress aren't seeing eye to eye and separation of power is definitely coming to play here. With the the obvious lawless conduct of our current president, I am just surprised of the lack of Republicans support to impeach. Are they so corrupt and blind, they can do anything for the best interests for our country? That's a crime in itself.

  27. Democrat philosophy If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” and this is how you get Impeachment with no evidence just hearsay

  28. I read the Muller report twice, the released Transcript just 10 minutes ago
    and follow this circus for 3 years.

    My observation:
    Best President during my lifetime. ( 7 decades).
    Dems are so corrupt and hypocrites.
    MSM is fully biased and worthless.

    President Trump will never be impeached not in his first term, nor in his second term!
    2020 Mr.Donald J.Trump will be reelected with an absolute Majority and so the House and Senate.

    God bless America and President Trump.

  29. If the Democrats had not fielded the warmongering and corrupt Hilary Clinton maybe they would have had a chance at wining the last election. I’m not keen on Trump but impeachment is a desperate move.

  30. See real lawyer YouTube channel – DuffLaw Digital for new impeachment video and decide for yourself what the Constitution provides with impeachment!

  31. So what still nothing will happen Pelosi need to show something with no intention of a time frame😂😂😂😂😂🤮🤮🤮🤮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  32. This has Hillary’s Machiavellian stench all over it. Consider the following timeline:

    September 24th: After weeks of heart-wrenching consideration, Pelosi caves to the congressional radicals and announces an impeachment inquiry.

    November 2019: Impeachment inquiry instituted in the House. Either the Republicans take the bait or the Democrats sua sponte release evidence of Hunter Biden’s getting $50K per month salary from Ukrainian oil company for doing essentially nothing (nice work if you can get it!). Eventually, evidence of Joe’s complicity surfaces. Biden’s numbers take a hit. This also deflects attention away from the Squad, the California Dems and their fellow travelers.

    December 2019: Joe’s poll numbers plummet well below those of Sanders and Warren.

    January 2020: Joe finds himself in a race with Williamson and those-other-guys-whose-names-we-no-longer-remember for the honor of not being last. Joe announces that, due to family and health issues, he is forced to drop out of the race. Now an increasingly acrimonious Sanders-versus-Warren catfight begins (kind of like the Bolsheviks vs the Trotskyites).

    March 2020: In the ensuing chaos, an “organic” Draft-Hillary movement emerges from the grassroots. Led by just ordinary people, somehow there is plenty of money to print signs, send mailings and bus in supporters from who-knows-where. Amazingly, none of the supporters are willing to talk much about why they support her and well laid-out portable fences keep them separated from the press.

    April 2020: Hillary makes an unequivocal statement that she is NOT running for President and that she will NOT accept the nomination. However, the Draft-Hillary movement still manages to pick up steam.

    May 2020: As polls have “Draft-Hillary” near the top, both Warren’s and Sanders’ stars begin to fade.

    June 2020: Hillary, after much consideration and soul searching (it’s just a metaphor – everyone knows she doesn’t have a soul), reluctantly announces that she will sacrifice herself for the sake of the Democrat Party and the country and that she will accept the nomination if the delegates demand it. Warren, in the hopes of getting the VP nod, announces her unequivocal support for Hillary. A Sanders associate mysteriously commits suicide and Sanders silently drops out; he’s finally sent out to pasture.

    July 2020: Super-delegates and other disillusioned participants push Hillary over the top at the convention and Hillary graciously accepts the nomination once again. Hillary screws Warren and chooses some unheard-of guy for the VP slot. Warren promised cabinet position and keeps silent.

    There you have it … and remember, you heard it here first.

  33. Antother Bombshell in fake news land. This is so laughable now its beyond pathetic. its like the US media is living in there own seperate world away from facts, logic and truth they basically playing the game as it was 1980 before the internet and social media and they wonder why people call them fake news?

  34. Fake news nothing there transcripts released in their entirety nothing redacted nothing there Democrats you are securing the win for Trump in 2020 good job Nancy Pelosi somebody must have dirt on you you didn't want to do this you knew it's not going to work but here we are thank you

  35. Nancy Pelosi wouldn't have made the announcement if she thought the Dems wouldn't vote for impeachment. The Nixon case was similar. The Dems were willing to look the other way on lots of things, but NOT breaking into their headquarters or shaking down leaders of other countries for dirt on their preferred presidential candidate for 2020.

  36. The Republican party is a crime syndicate. The whole lot of them ought to be impeached, convicted, imprisoned and fined into indigence. In a two party system where you have the party of the privileged class and the party for everyone else, the former can only win office by appealing to the fears, prejudices and hatred of the worst elements of the latter in order to turn them on one another. No Republican has ever won an office or seat except through deception and treachery, wittingly or unwittingly.

  37. Trump could drop bombs on Chicago and the repugs would still protect him. They are as disloyal and corrupt as Moscow Mitch and the Great Orange Mistake.

  38. The democratic establishment shows its true colors everyday. They slide further and further to the left. Its almost like I am seeing live the stories my dad and grandfather told me about growing up in Communist Hungary under Stalin's puppet regime.

  39. Lawmakers know the majority of Americans don't care about this! Trump is testing the ultimate power of the free world and we're willingly give it to him. This is the NEW America.

  40. that familiar moment when the full transcripts come out and dems are caught making up another story… when are u guys going to wake up already

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