How Hackers Can Target Voting Machines | NBC News Now

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  1. Sad it is the same old story in 2019. On related avenue of grave concern about what is left of our so called Democracy; I also wonder who is using software, I think originally developed by the CIA (and possibly stolen by who knows who?) to impersonate multiple online persons. How many fake identities can be managed by just one person? I read up to 20 recently in Guardian, and believe up to 200 from past research as 68 year old.

  2. 🔴🔵⚫️Voting Machines in 16 States Tied to "George Soros" Ally

  3. #Democrats at Cal-Tech California and #Facebook #Employees just hacked #kenutcky vote..#Coordinated ,…500,000 #Trump voters conveniently "Forgot" to #Vote 2019 during #Trump low taxes era and #GreatEconomy while in a #RedState, the #Dems "increased " nearly 100,000 votes over what #Hillary clinton got 2016 ,..that's impossible ! NOT POSSIBLE ,…AND Alex Jones was showing this before he was banned,.. #Alabama @Doug jones fraud 2017

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