Hillary Clinton blames another group for her election loss

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  1. OK, this time I have to side with Hillary. She was not left enough for the Leftists. Point made and taken, and it absolutely hurt her and it WILL hurt anyone planning on running for the Presidency from the Left.

  2. Is she still working for the office she is good strong woman she should get in with trump presidential like. Working together gets the job done faster there are hard choose's and a lot off people working that are like a double spy this is why i don't shoot Martian Luther King.

  3. I believe that bills track record is what really caused Hillary to lose the election, he was in the business of busting his nut in anyone that came along Anytime Anyplace especially little fat chicks his fly was open a hundred percent of the time 90% for little fat chicks 9% to urinate and probably less than 1% when Hillary needed something, was you really want a wife of a man like that to be your president!??

  4. I didn't like her because of what she stood for. I judged that by the words that came out of her mouth. Unless Russia hacked her vocal cords and jaw bone it was 100% her fault I didn't vote for her. I suspect the only hacking of Hillary was self induced.

  5. Look the wicked witch of the east melted in nov 8 2016 when we dump a bucket of water on her ! What a world ! Lol hopefully in November we can finish the job by getting rid of the Warlock n the wicked witch of the west ! Bernie is the Oz ….. not that powerful n all an illusion ! Trickster !

  6. It’s the Russians, FBI, white males, Jews, blacks, lizard people, space aliens, gophers, shoes, the rain, global warming, underwear, water, who are to blame for me losing I swear! -hillary. Will the wicked bitch of the west ever go away? Find out next time on dragon ball z!

  7. God bless you, Hillary. You are the gift that keeps on giving. Please, please, PLEASE run in 2020. I beg you.

  8. Give her a change of diapers, a bottle, her binky, and a nap, and maybe she'll stop being such a crybaby. Worst. Looser. Ever.

  9. I love Hillary. Don't you have anything else to talk about, like Trump being the most corrupt person to ever reside in the White House? That is more important.

  10. Jesus has no one just shot her yet and put her out of our misery! Bill could take it “interns” with people!

  11. She blamed everyone, including the ones who supported her. She has a problem and needs many years of therapy!

  12. You herd her folks; 41% of Liberals want to steal from hard working rich people that usually give products in return. Products like computers & entertainment.

  13. Just lock her up ……. I don’t care if it’s a looney asylum or GITMO …… I hope I am not the only one being absolutely tired of listening to this corrupt pathological liar …….

  14. At this point, all I have to say to Hillary Clinton is this:
    Hillary, you ran in 2016. Its 2018 now, seriously, get a fricking life & grow up.

  15. It's great when your entire group of accociates lie, cheat and steal and guarantee an election…. And still lose, hahahaha. Evil always loses (we gave him 8 years though)

  16. What does that make it? Excuse number 87? OMG she's SO smug and condescending….. she stinks of entitlement.

  17. This is so wrong that wretched woman should have been in jail long long ago this is a disgrace for our country in front of the entire world Lady Justice is gone her blindfold has been destroyed she was the foundation of our country without her we will fall . … looks like YouTube is back to misspelling words for editing it is so disgusting when they make you appear illiterate , about to spell checking everything I guess, for instance I did not say about

  18. Ignorant twatwaffle! The reason you lost is because you're a fucking criminal. Days of FBI covering up your lawlessness is over and even if Russia helped Trump win then thank you Russia. However I'm pretty sure Russia didn't have shit to do with it but only reason they yelled collusion is because the system her and Obama bin laden corrupted turned against them. If not we never would've heard a damn word about it. TRUMP 2020

  19. Hey Hillary godamn Clinton, all these comments and literally not a single one in support of your nasty ass! Lock this bitch up, drain the swamp and flush this floater

  20. there's that heavy coat with the quilt wrapped up around her chin and down her back again. this is a very sick woman.
    she's also got a lot of health problems.

  21. I live in a socialist country, in the past we had guaranteed jobs, not anymore and that’s already for a long time! Under socialist rule, taxes are skyhigh and the citizens have to accept that the government throws their taxmoney down the drain. Socialism is a CHEAT! The greatest CHEAT on earth! Believe me, I live in Europe and I can only dream of a person like Trump, who cares for his People!

  22. What she should have stood up and said, I'm a psychotic corrupt b–ch who would have sold the country down the drain for money and influence.

  23. She blames Comey for costing her the election, BUT NOTHING about rigging and stealing the election from Bernie. Bernie should be doing a book tour on the DOJ protecting her on emails, super delegates, DNC, bought Media etc.

  24. Hilary is the poster child of poor losers. Watching her complain about her loss is better than seeing her in the WH.

  25. Juan is right tho,  just saying,  but even he knows, Hillary screwed Bernie in the primary,  let's not kid ourselves.

  26. I think of all the varieties of capitalist… then think of Hillary, capitalizing on being in the white house with the POTUS  going from "dead broke leaving the white house"  to worth hundreds of millions (as life long politicians) …  I see why capitalism frightens people.  She is the very definition of one of the flaws of our elitist system, that destroys the common concept, of being rewarded only for productivity.

  27. Clinton favours 2nd amendment with every regulation attached to it to render 2nd amendment useless as a protection. CLINTON can not open her mouth WITHOUT being a LIAR . That's all she knows

  28. She forgot to blame Klerp and MopNop the two Plutonions who teleported to earth on election eve to change the minds of millions of registered voters . Those sneaky aliens .

  29. She needs to take a good long look in the mirror and realize that she is hated in America! And America is so sick of the Clinton cartel! Go home and stay there skank!

  30. Why do we still care about what she has to say? After losing the Presidential elections, all the ones who lost, disappeared for good. Why hasn't she? Fox, please don't show Hillary anymore!

  31. I interrupted viewing an actual newsworthy event about the capture of the Golden State Killer suspect, to come here and say screw you Fox 'news' ! Yeah, there ya go! Now back to something useful.

  32. Clinton wanted to win the Presidency so she could avoid being prosecuted for her TREASON in the Uranium One debacle.

  33. socialism is terrible i wouldnt have realized just how bad it can get if its like super radical without have reading the giver.




  37. Now hear me out! The real reason hildardy lost is the sun. It shows up every morning and stays around all day long, then it leaves and goes who knows where only to come back the next morning! The sun caused her to loose!

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