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More than 15 million European citizens live and work in an EU country other than their own country. More than 60 million Europeans live outside the EU. Most of you have the right to vote in both your home country’s national elections and in elections to the European Parliament. But very few of you actually use that right due to outdated voting methods and complicated registration procedures. At Europeans Throughout The World we believe it’s crucial that your voices are heard and that you have the option to cast your vote. The ETTW is a pan-european NGO. Our members are national and regional expat organizations from all over Europe. We speak out for the 80 million European citizens living in another country than their own. So how can we offer you and easy way to vote? I am from the Emerald Isle also known as Ireland. Denmark, Romania, I’m from Serbia but I have Hungarian citizenship What’s quite sad in Ireland we’re not allowed to vote if we’re abroad and as someone who’s lived in Brussels for three years I’ve missed many important decisions, many important referenda because I’ve not been able to vote unless I’d been in the country. I know what online voting is. I know some countries have it like Estonia for instance. Sadly we don’t have it in Romania, yet. I would like to use it. I think it’s a better way to interact with people because many of us don’t live in the countries we’re from. It would be easier that you didn’t have to show up to vote manually, yea it’s easier to collect votes as well. As long as it’s secure I think absolutely makes voting easier and it certainly enables access of people everywhere to vote. I think the principle I think in the 21st century, it does make sense that I should be able to vote online. I-voting has proved to be an easy efficient and secure way of voting online. Almost all of us use internet banking everyday and we are used to handling confidential and sensitive matters online. So why don’t we just vote online? I-voting was already introduced in Estonia in 2005 and statistics show that the number of people voting online in Estonia continues to grow with every election. A euro barometer survey after the last European elections in 2014 showed that two thirds of European citizens find that internet voting would make it more likely that they would participate in democratic elections in the future. At Europeans Throughout The World we believe it’s time for action so in order to introduce and promote I-voting in the EU member states we have set up an online crowdfunding campaign allowing you to do a donation. You’re donations will be used to organize awareness events and campaigns. The European elections of 2019 will be our target. So let’s get started. Want to make a donation and give people a chance to vote online in an easy and secure way then click the donate button to register and make your donation

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