Head teacher highlights realities of school funding ahead of general election

So we’ve got gas engineers on site today. Here’s our school boilers – they provide all our hot water, heating for the school The boiler is so old that engineers are trying to find parts to repair the boiler that they’ve had to decommission today. The pressure we now feel as a leadership team and the governing body to provide the basics is increasing all the time. The resourcing now is impacting on the quality of education that we can offer the children. Last year – the year before – we decided as a governing body to go to parents and formally ask them for donations. That is not something I expected to do when I came into headship six years ago. and since then there’s been that dramatic change. So this is St Aiden’s’ learning bus – the only one in Haringey. So we were chronically short of intervention spaces. It’s only come to fruition because of lack of funding for a proper substantive building. If one of the party leaders was to come to St Aiden’s now and if they were to ask me what would get my vote for their party, I would say to value education. Reverse the cuts that there’s been since 2010 and properly commit to funding education in the long term, so that we know that we can set our budget comfortably and know ongoing that we’re not going to be back in this situation in a couple of years’ time.

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